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The Best PC Shooters to Look Forward to in 2023

PC gaming continues to be the pinnacle platform for first-person and third-person shooter games, thanks to cutting-edge hardware, precision input methods, and modding communities. 2023 looks set to continue that trend with a diverse array of new shooters on the horizon, from blockbuster triple-A titles to innovative indie shoot-em-ups. Here are some of the best PC shooters to look forward to next year.

1-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

The highly-anticipated sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot, Modern Warfare II promises to raise the bar for the iconic FPS franchise with a gripping single-player campaign, large-scale multiplayer across various environments, and a new DMZ extraction mode. Advanced graphics, animation and physics engines bring the game to life.

Review for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  • Story 

The campaign continues the gripping narrative of 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot. A large cast of characters returns for a globe-trotting mission fighting a grave new threat. Early details suggest thrilling missions with moral choices that impact the story.

  • Gameplay 

Modern Warfare 2 refines the fluid, tactical gameplay of the previous game. Revamped gunsmith and AI systems aim to deliver the most realistic combat experience yet. A new “Tactical” difficulty forces players to think strategically.

  • Multiplayer 

Large-scale multiplayer across land, air and sea promises substantial variety. The return of fan-favorite game modes, new maps and operators, along with seasonal content drops aims to keep multiplayer fresh.

  • Special Ops 

The new DMZ mode brings an extraction-based co-op experience whereupon dying players lose all gear. Higher stakes and more player agency could provide a departure from traditional zombies modes.

  • Graphics/Sound 

Advanced graphics, animation and sound technologies leverage next-gen hardware. Life-like weapons, environments and detailed normal mapping on characters all promise to further immerse players.

In summary, though release is still months away, everything we have seen and heard about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 indicates the game looks to reinvigorate the famed FPS franchise by refining the formula that made 2019’s Modern Warfare a hit, while also introducing innovative new modes. If Infinity Ward can stick the landing, Modern Warfare 2 may rank amongst the best entries in the long-running series.

2-STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl


Fans have waited over 15 years for a proper sequel to the classic STALKER series, and Heart of Chernobyl looks ready to deliver. Featuring an expansive open world set in the hazardous Exclusion Zone, STALKER 2 promises brutal gunplay, RPG mechanics, crafting, factions and dangers lurking in the shadows. Gorgeous Unreal Engine 5 visuals showcase the Chernobyl wasteland.

Review-Stalker: Heart of Chernobyl

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl attempts to revitalize the classic survival shooter series after more than a decade. Does it succeed in bringing the bleak world of the Zone to life in an immersive and thrilling fashion? Here are my thoughts after spending time in the Exclusion Zone.

  • Story and Atmosphere:

The game does an excellent job setting the mood of a post-apocalyptic Chernobyl where supernatural anomalies and mutated creatures lurk. The return to narrative freedom with multiple factions vying for power is a welcome aspect. The trailers hint at a chilling and memorable story, though it remains to be seen how the full plot will unfold.

  • Gameplay:

Playing as a Stalker exploring and surviving in the Zone feels authentically difficult and dangerous. Scavenging for supplies, managing radiation exposure and taking cover during firefights all help recreate the survival shooter simulation the series is known for. Early combat showed potential, with gunfights tense and impactful.

  • Graphics and Visuals:

The Unreal Engine 5 powered visuals truly bring the dilapidated and irradiated world of Chernobyl to life. The authentic depiction of rusting Soviet-era infrastructure, mutated plantlife and eerie fog create a visually stunning backdrop for exploration. Character animations and enemy designs impress as well.

Overall, the pre-release materials and limited gameplay of Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl hint at a title that can successfully revive and continue the survival shooter mechanics popularized by the original STALKER games. The blend of first-person shooting, role-playing and survival promises an engrossing and atmospheric experience, if GSC Game World can stick the landing. Fans of the series and its bleak but thrilling vision have good reason for cautious optimism..

3-Hogwarts Legacy


Though not strictly a shooter, Hogwarts Legacy puts players in control of their own witch or wizard in the world of Harry Potter. Melee and magical combat features prominently alongside exploration of the sprawling Hogwarts castle and surrounding environs. Crafting spells and brewing potions adds RPG depth to the immersive wizarding world experience.

Review for Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy shows promise of delivering an enchanting RPG set in the magical world of Harry Potter. With a narrative that explores a new era of wizarding history and expansive gameplay features, this much-anticipated title could be the perfect game for Potter fans. However, with a release likely still a year away, there are still many unknowns. Here are the early impressions:

  • Story and Setting:

The game is set in the late 1800s Hogwarts era, a time period not explored in the Harry Potter books or films. This new branch of the wizarding world’s history could provide a fresh backdrop for an epic adventure. Early details suggest a story of rising threats and mysteries that will span the game. The chance to fully inhabit the famed castle and its surroundings looks extremely appealing.

  • Gameplay

The developer has discussed a variety of gameplay mechanics including spell crafting, potion brewing, magical creature taming, and character customization. The promise of tackling quests using either stealth or magic-fueled combat adds to the prospect of flexible, systemic gameplay. However, many details are still unknown at this point.

  • Visuals and World

The trailers show an impressively detailed and massive recreation of Hogwarts along with illustrative takes on recognizable locations like Hogsmeade. A day-night cycle and changing seasons also aim to bring the magical world to life. However, the visuals are quite stylised so it remains to be seen how they hold up in practice.

In summary, though details are sparse and the game remains a year out, Hogwarts Legacy shows enormous potential to immerse players in an engrossing magical adventure set within the rich Harry Potter universe. If the developers can deliver on the promises of flexible RPG gameplay, choice-driven storytelling and an expansive version of the beloved world of wizardry, this title may cast a spell on Potter fans for years to come

4-Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

warhammer 40000

Developed by Fatshark, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Vermintide games, Darktide looks to deliver a grimdark FPS experience set in the Warhammer 40K universe. Co-op gameplay sees squads of 4 armored spartan warriors blasting through hordes of enemies using lasguns, chain weapons and flamers. Gore-filled melee combat completes the brutal package.

 Review of Warhammer 40,000

  • Setting

 The game is set on the industrial hive world of Atoma Prime, which has fallen into chaos after an invasion by the alien threat known as the Ogryns. Players take on the role of penal legion enforcers fighting to reclaim the planet.

  • Gameplay 

Up to 4 players can squad up to take on missions together. Players choose from different classes with distinct abilities and loadouts. Missions involve battling hordes of enemies across various locations on the planet. Melee combat and finishing moves allow for up-close brutality. Ranged weapons include lasguns, flamethrowers and heavy guns.

  • Graphics and Visuals 

The Warhammer 40K franchise is known for its dark aesthetic and gothic sci-fi visuals. Early screenshots show grimy industrial environments, heavily armored characters and monstrous xenos enemies. Improved visuals over Vermintide are promised.

In summary, while details are still limited at this point, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide shows promise to deliver the brutal shooter experience fans of the franchise are looking for. A grimdark setting, focus on co-op gameplay and variety of ranged and melee combat options hint at an action-packed shooter experience. If developer Fatshark can maintain their track record of personality-filled worldbuilding and satisfying moment-to-moment combat, Darktide could be a worthwhile addition to the Warhammer 40K universe.

5-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

counter strike

Counter-Strike has long defined competitive FPS gaming and Global Offensive continues that tradition. With simple yet intense 5v5 team gameplay, CS:GO focuses on gun skills, communication, and strategies. Ultra-competitive matchmaking, an ever-evolving esports scene, and frequent updates keeps this CS entry fresh. Its highly-skill based multiplayer ensures that players continually improve.

 Review of Counter-Strike

  • Gameplay 

CS:GO stays true to the CS formula with 5v5 bomb defusal matches. Players choose from terrorist or counter-terrorist factions and play across a variety of maps. Gunplay focuses on accuracy, economy management and team tactics. Matches reward strategic thinking and skillful execution.

  • Competitive Mode 

The heart of CS:GO lies in its ranked competitive mode where players can climb the skill ladder from Silver to Global Elite. Matches are tense, requiring players to make high-stakes decisions and hit clutch shots. Professional CS:GO esports rival the biggest sporting events.

  • Weapons 

CS:GO features iconic FPS weapons each with their own stats and spray patterns to master. Everything from pistols and rifles to SMGs and grenades make an appearance. Weapon skins provide weapon customization.

  • Graphics 

While not the most visually impressive shooter, CS:GO’s art style has aged well and remains perfectly functional. Models are still highly detailed and weapon animations are smooth. Consistent visuals are important for a competitive game.

In summary, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains the undisputed king of tactical FPS due to its perfect blend of simple yet deep gameplay mechanics, a high skill ceiling, iconic weaponry and maps, and a competitive mode that rewards practice, teamwork and precision. Regular updates and a thriving esports scene have kept the title fresh for over 9 years, cementing its place as an all-time FPS great.

6-Doom Eternal

doom eternal

High-Octane Demon Slaying at its Finest

Doom Eternal ups the ante with even more gruesome demons, ever-more-creative upgrades, and the series’ trademark breakneck speed. Focusing on pure shooter gameplay, Doom Eternal perfects the formula that made the 2016 reboot a hit. Fluid movement, devastating combat options, and hordes of demons ensure players are always in the middle of non-stop action. Highly technical gameplay makes this modern classic uniquely challenging.

 Review of DOOM 

  • Gameplay 

DOOM’s gameplay is all about speed and aggression. You’re encouraged to constantly move, strafe, and circle demons while unleashing a creative arsenal upon them in gruesome fashion. Resource management and tactical use of tools like the chainsaw are crucial to survival.

  • Weapons 

The huge array of weapons prominently features the classic DOOM arsenal while adding modern twists. Favorites likethe shotgun, chainsaw and plasma rifle join updated choices likethe gauss cannon and remote detonation bombs.

  • Enemies 

A wide range of deadly demons offer varying threats and require different strategies to defeat.From the agile imps and cacodemons tox the tanky barons of hell, enemies flood arena battlegrounds in vast numbers.

  • Graphics/Soundtrack 

DOOM utilizes a gorgeous retro-futuristic art style perfectly complemented by a pulse-poundingmetal soundtrack. Visual and auditory stimulation contribute to the non-stop thrill ride.

In summary, DOOM (2016) expertly captures what made the original so reveredwhile infusingit with contemporary gameplay refinementsand production values.By prioritizing brutal, fast-paced combat above all else and marrying it with a creative weapon sandbox, DOOM delivers an exhilarating old-school shooter experience for the modern age.With its perfectly executed shooter fundamentals and that fantasticmetal soundtrack, DOOM remains the gold standard for the genre. Rip and tear!

In conclusion, the PC shooter genre looks set for another strong year in 2023. Blockbuster franchise entries, creative new visions and evolution of competitive aspects indicate the innovative spirit at the heart of PC gaming remains alive within FPS development. As hardware and software continue to progress, the potential for new heights of immersion and interactivity within first person shooters remains vast. The best is yet to come.


What are some of the most anticipated upcoming PC shooters? 

Some of the PC shooters that gamers are most looking forward to in 2023 include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl, Hogwarts Legacy, and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. 

What types of innovations are upcoming PC shooters bringing?

Upcoming PC shooters are innovating in various ways, such as introducing new settings and worlds, experimenting with gameplay mechanics like extraction modes, crafting systems and magical combat, utilizing the latest graphics and physics engines, and offering new takes on cooperative and competitive multiplayer.