Halo Infinite Season 4 Battle Pass: What You Need to Know

Halo Infinite, the latest game in the epic sci-fi shooter saga, has kicked off its fourth season of multiplayer content. Season 4: Infection brings a lot of new features, modes, maps, and customization options to the game. Here’s what you need to know about the Season 4 Battle Pass and how to get it.

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What is the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is a reward system that allows you to earn customization items, credits, XP boosts, and challenge swaps by playing matches and completing challenges. The Battle Pass has 100 tiers of rewards, each with a free and a premium version. The free version offers a limited selection of items, while the premium version offers more than 180 individual items.

The premium version of the Battle Pass costs 1000 credits and never expires, meaning you can complete it at your own pace. It also grants you bonus match XP throughout Season 4, a fourth challenge slot, and two exclusive items: the FLASHBLIND weapon model for the MA40 assault rifle and the Genesis Bloom armor coating for all armor cores.

Alternatively, you can purchase the premium Battle Pass bundle for 2800 credits, which includes everything from the premium version plus 25 level grants in the reward track, saving you 64% of the cost.

What is new in Season 4?

Season 4 introduces a new theme: Infection. This is based on the fan-favorite mode that pits survivors against zombies in a frantic fight for survival. Infection mode is available in Halo Infinite from June 20, along with two new maps: Scarr and Forest.

Scarr is a brand-new map set in a Forerunner facility that has been overrun by Flood spores. Forest is a remake of the Halo 5 map Plaza, featuring a mix of urban and industrial environments. Both maps are designed to support Infection mode as well as other modes like Slayer and Capture the Flag.

Season 4 also brings enhanced weapon customization to Halo Infinite. You can change the appearance of your weapons by applying different models, coatings, charms, and stickers. These customization items can be earned through the Battle Pass or purchased from the Shop.

Halo Infinite Season 4

Speaking of the Shop, Season 4 also overhauls the way it works. The Shop now offers more variety and value for players, with rotating bundles, daily deals, and weekly specials. Additionally, all new premium coatings (from the Battle Pass or the Shop) include individual versions compatible with all armor cores, giving you more freedom to mix and match your styles.

How can I get started?

To get started with Season 4, you need to update your game to the latest version on June 20. Once you do that, you can access the Battle Pass menu from the main menu or the customization menu. There, you can purchase the premium version or the bundle if you wish, or just start playing with the free version.

You can also check out the new Infection mode and maps by selecting them from the playlist menu or creating a custom game. You can also try out the new weapon customization options by going to the customization menu and selecting your weapons.

If you want to learn more about Season 4, you can visit the official Halo website or join the official Halo Discord server for updates and discussions. You can also watch the Season 4 Infection Battle Pass trailer on YouTube for a glimpse of what’s coming.

Halo Infinite Season 4: Infection is set to be an exciting and rewarding season for fans of the game. Whether you’re a survivor or a zombie, a veteran or a newcomer, there’s something for everyone in this season. So grab your weapons, suit up your armor, and get ready for some action!