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Digital PR

Digital PR (Reportage Ads), the best technique for SEO & Online Advertising


VIRLAN announced releasing of  Digital PR ( Reportage ) in highly- visited news websites as the best technique for SEO and online advertising .

Advertising is not only used for brand-making and marketing affairs of the companies nowadays , but many political figures also apply various advertising methods to present themselves to their audiences  among the public .

Digital PR is one of the newly-invented methods for providing information as well as making the advertising across the world , particularly in Iran .

What is Digital PR ?

Advertising reportage or the same , News reportage ,  also known as Digital PR all over the world , is actually advertising news which is released in valuable and highly- visited News Agencies through Virlan company in Iran .

Great companies and major brands globally all utilize advertising reportage as one of the most influential marketing and branding methods and this is while many superior brands as well as smart start-ups in Iran also benefit from the services  Digital PR offers.

On some occasions even the political figures , artists , and eminent individuals  enjoy the benefits of Digital PR in order to provide information to the public for their intended aims.

In Digital PR campaign , producers of  well-known  brands hold a meeting in advance to survey the ways of  providing information aiming at attracting audiences.  After that , the news content of  their purposive advertising  is released  in form of  an advertising reportage in mostly-viewed news websites .

Releasing advertising reportage ( Digital PR ) in the Iranian valuable News Agencies ‘’ Press Hits ‘’ after the expert surveys have been conducted for online advertising is what Virlan company is consistently seeking  .

The privileges and benefits of Advertising reportage for online marketing and branding

As you know the number of advertising banners in websites have increased considerably nowadays , in such a way that most of the users disregard such advertisings but Digital PR continues to be released as News in websites and users refer to such websites be put abreast of  updated news. So , this is in fact Digital PR or the same  advertising reportage that is frequently read by the public .

The headlines of advertising reportage are normally published on the first pages of news websites just like other common news , and therefore can be overviewed  by many users. Services and products of  brands tend to be presented completely in a few paragraphs inside the content of advertising reportage.

Releasing of Digital PR in News Agencies generate a high credit for brands and online users can place more confidence in brands on observing such advertising news.

Public relations of the organizations and companies can use the services of  Digital PR and keep more audiences informed of  their own advertising activities and programs .

The benefits of Digital PR for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Some key words inside the content of Digital PR may be referred to the website of the person who has advertised the ‘’Follow Back link ‘’.

Digital PR is also inserted in the News website archive, and since the valuable news websites in Google enjoy extremely high range and authority , it would enhance the rank of  the website advertising in Google search engine .

These particular qualities have prompted Digital PR to be turned into the most superior strategy for SEO sites in the world.

The websites advertising various brands are placed on the first range of Google search engine once Digital PR is released , and this would motivate  prime customers to go and observe the contents of the website which is advertising .

The importance of releasing DPR  in form of a campaign

The main point the Digital PR focuses on is to act more effectively in terms of the advertising that is to be released in various news websites in form of  a  News- campaign , so that more audiences can become aware of  that.

SEO also contends that receiving even one more link in frame of Digital PR from various websites would multiply it’s effectiveness .


VIRLAN , the company in charge of releasing advertising reportage in News Agencies as well as on specialized News websites.

Virlan Digital Media Agency bears responsibility for releasing the advertising reportage ‘’ DPR ‘’ for distinguished figures as well as superior brands in the most highly- visited news websites in Iran.

Virlan Digital Media Agency has always been trusted by public figures as well as all products bearing well-known brands on various aspects such as ; producing content for websites ,  releasing Digital PR in valuable News Agencies and on highly- visited News websites in different  scopes of economic  , technological , information technology ( IT ) , application  , medical & health , tourism , automobile , and  sports  issues.

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