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Is BTS World Game Free? What is Jungkook Favourite Game?

What is BTS World

BTS World is a mobile video game developed by South Korean studio Takeone Company Corp and published by Netmarble.

Players take the role of BTS‘ manager, going through various journeys with each of the seven members from 2012, prior to their debut, to 2019.

Is BTS World true story

BTS WORLD is a fictional game based on real events. Much of BTS’s pre-debut history was condensed or changed for storytelling purposes. The real members may not have met each other exactly like the fictional ones did, but there’s truth to each BTS WORLD recruitment story.

Veteran ARMYs know just about everything about BTS, but newer fans are still learning all the facts. BTS’s mobile game BTS WORLD takes players back through BTS’s debut history, but much of that history is fictionalized for story purposes. Here are 5 major differences between the fictional BTS and the real BTS.

BTS World is a visual novel Styled Video Game

where most of the story relies on clicking through interactions between the user and game characters. The game is based on conversations and choices that impact the later chapters. The player can also style the characters and play a card game to achieve a specific score.

The game uses real photos and voice recordings of the BTS members.  Its official website has galleries of photos and videos of the members as the game characters.

Another mode, called “Another Story”, has similar gameplay but has different stories, as each of them focuses on the player and only one member of BTS as if they were not together back then.

How do I join BTS World?

You can sign up for BTS World by downloading the app on any iOS and Android devices. Interested users can also go ahead and sign up through this link.

How do I sign up for BTS World?

For now, players can enjoy the pre-registration site, where players will get an introduction to the game, a BTS story, as well as a “special sneak peek” of the game’s “mobile function” which lets users interact with the group members.

BTS World also lets you be BTS’ manager and features a “mini-game” that pairs players with the member they match with best based on a series of questions.

BTS WORLD Tutorial

how to play bts world

Are you a member of the BTS ARMY? If so, there’s a good chance you already know all about BTS World (Free), the mobile game from Netmarble that makes you, yes, you, the manager of the insanely popular seven-member Korean group.

Played out as an ongoing narrative, the game sends you back in time to the far-flung past of 2012, when the group members first signed to Big Hit Entertainment, and gives you the task of not messing things up so that they come together to form BTS.

How to Get Free Wings and Gems

If you’re playing a lot of BTS World, you can go through Wings pretty quickly. Fortunately, they refill on their own at a rate of one Wing for every six minutes.

You can also buy some for Gems; either 10 Wings for 10 Gems or 30 Wings for 30 Gems. Gems can be purchased in the Shop, which you’ll find in the bottom navigation bar of the main screen.

Play daily – The Daily Check-In Calendar provides you with a variety of rewards the first time you log in each day, including Wings every week or so and Gems a few times a month.

Complete Daily Missions and Achievements – This should be a pretty familiar concept to anyone who’s spent some time playing mobile games, but just in case: Daily Missions are tasks you need to complete within a single day, while Achievements are cumulative goals you are working toward all the time.

Both of them can offer Wings as rewards, as well as experience toward leveling up, Gems, Blossoms and more. To find both Daily Missions and Achievements, tap on the checklist icon in the upper-right portion of the main game screen.

Complete Quests – The Quest icon looks like a book with a bookmark in it and can also be found in the upper-right portion of the main screen. While you can only have one Quest active at a time, you may very well find that you have completed the requirements for subsequent Quests just by continuing to play. Quest rewards tend to include experience and Gems.

What is Jungkook Favourite game

B2ST‘s Doojoon is another idol that has a passion for gaming.

From futsal to board and video games, Doojoon’s competitive spirit never fails to shine through. Although he enjoys both board games and video games, Doojoon is currently more drawn to video games.

During a recent interview in ELLE, he revealed that he loves Overwatch and often plays on his off days. When asked about his ideal girl, Doojoon replied, “A girlfriend that knew how to play Overwatch would be amazing.” Unlike most K-pop idols who want to play on the same team as VIXX’s Hongbin, Doojoon is willing to take the challenge and battle against him.

BTS‘s Jungkook is a gamer who is constantly seen playing mobile games.

One of his favorite mobile games for killing time is Piano Tiles 2, a game that requires speed and concentration.
Although Jungkook is the maknae of BTS, he is the most skilled when it comes to games. Recently, the idol has been playing Overwatch with Suga and V. Jungkook’s favorite character is McCree, so fans have given him a cowboy hat and a toy gun so he could match with his heroic character.
In fact, Jungkook loves games so much, he even has a physical “battle” scar. The mysterious scar on his left cheek actually came from fighting with his older brother to play computer games when he was little.

Which games BTS play

BTS-Approved Video Games To Play During Quarantine

Obviously, the first game on this list has to be BTS’s official mobile game, BTS WORLD. In this game, players act as BTS’s managers in an alternate timeline where BTS is being formed in 2012.

SuperStar BTS

If BTS WORLD isn’t your thing, but you still want a BTS-themed game, try this one. SuperStar BTS is a rhythm game developed by Dalcomsoft Inc. and distributed by Big Hit Entertainment in 2018. It features songs by BTS from 2 Cool 4 Skool, all the way up to Map of the Soul: Persona.


Suga, V, and Jungkook are all fans of this multiplayer first-person shooter game. Choose your character, join a team, and restore peace to a war-torn world without leaving home!


When asked to choose between StarCraft and League of Legends, RM and J-Hope chose the former. If you like military science fiction and intergalactic gameplay, you’ll love the whole StarCraft franchise.

The Lion King

Jin played this surprisingly challenging, classic kids’ game on his computer during his birthday broadcast.

Did Taehyung play PUBG?

Straight from the squad chat of the lucky ARMYs who got to play PUBG with V! On January 15, 2020, BTS’s V asked ARMYs to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) with him — after posing a series of rules on how to be invited on Weverse.

What is V PUBG ID?

Koreaboo reports that fans know that whenever a BTS member logs into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), it’s usually V (player ID TATA) often inviting fans to join him.

What online games do BTS play?

Other members of BTS are also known to be gaming fans. Jungkook has consistently shared in interviews that his dream before joining BTS was to become a professional gamer. The group has been spotted playing video games like Pyke, Teamfight Tactics, StarCraft, and Overwatch.

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