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What is Charli XCX Best Song and Album? + Lock it TikTok Remix

Who is Charli XCX

Charlotte Emma Aitchison, known professionally as Charli XCX, is an English singer and songwriter.

(born August 2, 1992)

Born in Cambridge and raised in Start Hill, Essex, she began posting songs on Myspace in 2008, which led to her discovery by a promoter who invited her to perform at warehouse raves. In 2010, she signed a recording contract with Asylum Records, releasing a series of singles and mixtapes throughout 2011 and 2012.

Charli XCX Musical style

Music critics have described Charli XCX’s music in a variety of terms including dance-pop, electropop, pop punk and alternative pop.

Her early recordings were described as a blend of dark wave and witch house. As her career progressed, she showcased several other musical styles such as gothic pop and synth-pop in her debut album, her second album was described as pop punk containing elements of punk rock, new wave and power pop.

Her latest projects explored an avant-pop direction, Vroom Vroom contained elements of Eurodance, meanwhile Number 1 Angel showed influences of trap, R&B, electropop, synth-pop and experimental pop.

Charli XCX’s singing voice has been compared to that of Gwen Stefani and Marina and the Diamonds.

Charli XCX has recently been described as a figurehead of the 2010s “hyperpop” style, though she rejected the term on social media, stating that she does “not identify with music genres.

What is Charli XCX ethnicity?

Charli XCX was born in Cambridge to an ethnic Indian mother from Uganda and a Scottish father.

She grew up in Start Hill, Essex. Her first album, 14, was released in 2008. Her second album, and her first major label studio album, True Romance, was released in 2013.

Charli XCX – lock it (TikTok Remix) + Lyrics. I can see it in your eyes

The Best Charli XCX Songs

Charli XCX flies in opposition to all that. She follows the logic that you can’t get caught in a rut if you zig-zag fast enough. I don’t think that’s how cars work, but the theory has proven to be successful in her career. Charli’s pop is meticulous yet carefree, big and ambitious and hard to pin down. It’s founded in an appreciation of the pop canon and a forward-looking vision.

“I Got It”

(From Pop 2, 2017)

For the final installation of her pre-LP3 mixtape/EP trilogy, Charli enlisted A. G. Cook to executive produce Pop 2. Together, they recruited an eclectic roster of collaborators and finished recording just a few months ahead of its release. The chemistry is palpable; Charli thrives as a silent leader behind Cook’s genius production.


(Single, 2017)
Never has a song so strongly embodied the act of doodling a crush’s name in your diary with a fluffy pink pen. A Nintendo buhlip adds a wink to Charli’s simple refrain: “I was busy dreamin’ bout boys.” Its music video is like a mid-’00s teen magazine cover, filled with hot dudes and famous dudes eating cake and holding puppies. The cast presents an updated, inclusive dreamboat definition, their hunkhood not (always) defined by a six pack.


(Single, 2018)
“Focus” shoots you straight into Charl’s universe, no intro. Synths build and beam around a single request: “I just want you to focus on my love,” repeated roughly 30 times. But it doesn’t get stale. Charli’s soft chant envelopes you in squiggles and lights, like a fembot siren. By the fifth “Just focus on my” you’re zooming through the sky in a flying pink car. “Focus” was released as a double single with “No Angel” as part of a series of monthly drops in 2018. Working with the freedom of a loose release strategy, Charli came away with no-strings-attached bops.

“Nuclear Seasons”

(From True Romance, 2013)
Charli XCX’s debut album opens with thick fog and neon lights, industrial buzz and lush synth. “Nuclear Seasons” demonstrates Charli’s knack for stylish melodrama.

The end of a relationship crashes and burns like the end of the world, leaving behind a plume of sparkling smoke. “Cause you taste the blast and it shook your bones/ I’m a warrior all alone,” her brooding erupts into a yelp at the sound of a whip-crack. “In the shelter I survived the storm.”

Critics drew comparisons between True Romance’s darkwave electro-pop and similarly timed breakthrough albums from Grimes and Marina And The Diamonds, citing unconventional production and a bubblegum edge, respectively. But Charli’s emotional work set her apart, and still does.


(From Sucker, 2015)
Sucker was like an initiation slumber party for Charli XCX’s girl gang, packed with songs for dancing around your bedroom and anthems for going out and getting blasted with your best friends. “Obviously, it’s about not giving a fuck,” she said in an interview ahead of the album’s release.

“Famous” is bratty and euphoric with lyrics you have to scream; Charli’s dreams of superstardom are painted in splashy tabloids and stretch limos and champagne towers. She craves the rebellious celebrity fantasy that doesn’t really exist anymore, the iced-out diva behavior that she wears so well. “Music playing loud/ Tripping through the crowd,” she beams. “Put your sunglasses on/ Don’t care if we look dumb.”

“What I Like”

(From True Romance, 2013)

“What I Like” is the most understated song on True Romance.

Charli strips back the glitter and drama for casual bliss and daydreaming. She’s blunt and low-key, somewhere between a smirk and a giggle, half-rapping about a new relationship: “All along, I wanted someone to vibe with/ Ha, we on some husband and wife shit.”

It’s the calm before the storm. Some light thunder rolls in when she reaches the pre-chorus, the tension in her voice building and contracting: “When the last heart’s been broken/ We’ll be sitting on your bedroom floor still smoking.”

The attitude-forward, lo-fi mashup sounds like a relic of the 2010s, with a music video that radiates eyeliner-smeared teen girl Tumblr in its prime. It’s like bedroom pop, but recorded in a hotel suite with all your friends.

Songs Written by Charli XCX

English singer Charli XCX has written tracks on her four studio albums, four mixtapes, three extended plays, and has written songs for other singers.

She started her career with her self-written and produced small-distribution debut 14 in 2008.

Charli XCX had her big break through Swedish duo Icona Pop’s single, “I Love It”, as the collaborator and songwriter.

Charli XCX released her debut studio album, True Romance in 2013, followed by Sucker a year later. In 2016, Charli XCX released her second extended play, Vroom Vroom. She released two mixtapes in 2017, Number 1 Angel and Pop 2, the latter received universal acclaim from music critics, ranked fortieth by Pitchfork in the list of “The 200 Best Albums of the 2010s”.

Charli XCX began working on her third studio album from 2015 to 2017. The initial third studio album was delayed multiple times before ultimately leaking in August 2017, causing its release to be cancelled. The album would initially include singles “After the Afterparty” and “Boys”.

Charli XCX then worked on a new project, eventually released as her self-titled studio album in 2019. She then worked on and released her fourth studio album, How I’m Feeling Now, during the COVID-19 lockdown. Charli XCX is set to release her fifth studio album, titled Crash on 18 March 2022.

Some artists applauded Charli XCX for her songwriting skills, including Olivia Rodrigo, Izzy Camina, Girli, and Lolo Zouaï. Apart from her own music, Charli XCX also wrote for other artists, including Blondie,, Selena Gomez, Iggy Azalea, and Camila Cabello.

All Charli XCX Songs

  • “!Franchesckaar!” Charli XCX 14
  • “1 Night” Mura Masa featuring Charli XCX Mura Masa
  • “100 Bad” (Remix) Tommy Genesis featuring Charli XCX Tommy Genesis
  • “14” Charli XCX 14
  • “1999” Charli XCX with Troye Sivan Charli
  • “2099” Charli XCX featuring Troye Sivan Charli
  • “3AM (Pull Up)” Charli XCX featuring MØ Number 1 Angel
  • “5 in the Morning” Charli XCX Non-album single
  • “7 Years” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “911” (Remix) Lady Gaga featuring Charli XCX and A. G. Cook Dawn of Chromatica
  • “After the Afterparty” Charli XCX featuring Lil Yachty Non-album single
  • “Alcoholic” Charli XCX 14
  • “Ali” N/A N/A
  • “Angry All the Time” Charli XCX N/A
  • “Anthems” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “Atomic” N/A N/A
  • “Baby” Charli XCX Crash
  • “Babygirl” Charli XCX featuring Uffie Number 1 Angel
  • “Backseat” Charli XCX featuring Carly Rae Jepsen Pop 2
  • “Bad Tattoo” N/A N/A
  • “Bang Bang” DJ Fresh and Diplo featuring R. City, Selah Sue and Craig David Non-album single
  • “Be Right Here” Kungs and Stargate featuring Josh Golden Non-album single
  • “Beg for It” Iggy Azalea featuring MØ Reclassified
  • “Beg for You” Charli XCX featuring Rina Sawayama Crash
  • “Bel Air” N/A N/A
  • “Black Roses” Charli XCX True Romance
  • “Blame It on U” Charli XCX Number 1 Angel
  • “Blame It on Your Love”[note 3] Charli XCX featuring Lizzo Charli
  • “Blow You Up” Yogi featuring AlunaGeorge and Less Is Moore Non-album single
  • “Body of My Own” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Boom Clap” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Bounce” Charli XCX featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu N/A
  • “Boyfriend Material” Bella Thorne Jersey
  • “Boys & Girls” featuring Pia Mia Non-album single
  • “Break the Rules” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Breaking Up” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Bricks” Tommy Genesis with Charli XCX Non-album single
  • “C2.0” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “Call Him” N/A N/A
  • “Can You Hear Me” N/A N/A
  • “Caught in the Middle” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Charger” (Charli XCX Rework) ELIO with Charli XCX The Remixes
  • “Chas’s Song” Charli XCX 14
  • “Cherry Pie” N/A N/A
  • “Claws” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “Click” Charli XCX featuring Kim Petras and Tommy Cash Charli
  • “Cloud Aura” Charli XCX featuring Brooke Candy Super Ultra
    True Romance
  • “Come to My Party” Charli XCX N/A
  • “Cold Nites (Remix)” Charli XCX Super Ultra
  • “Crazy Crazy” Yasutaka Nakata featuring Charli XCX and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Digital Native
  • “Cross You Out” Charli XCX featuring Sky Ferreira Charli
  • “Dance 4 U” Charli XCX Super Ultra
  • “Dance for Me” Alma featuring MØ Heavy Rules Mixtape
  • “Deadstream (Rostam Version)” Jim-E Stack featuring Charli XCX and Rostam It’s Jim-ee
  • “Delicious” Charli XCX featuring Tommy Cash Pop 2
  • “Detonate” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “Diamonds” Giorgio Moroder featuring Charli XCX Déjà Vu
  • “Die Tonight” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Dirty Sexy Money” David Guetta and Afrojack featuring Charli XCX and French Montana 7
  • “DIV” N/A N/A
  • “Doing It” Charli XCX featuring Rita Ora[note 8] Sucker
  • “Drama” (Remix) Bladee with Mechatok featuring Charli XCX Good Luck (Deluxe Edition)
  • “Dream Glow” BTS with Charli XCX BTS World: Original Soundtrack
  • “Dreamer” Charli XCX featuring Starrah and RAYE Number 1 Angel
  • “Dreams Money Can Buy” Charli XCX Heartbreaks and Earthquakes
  • “Drop That Kitty” Ty Dolla $ign featuring Charli XCX and Tinashe Non-album single
  • “Drugs” Charli XCX featuring Abra Number 1 Angel
  • “Drum” MØ Non-album single
  • “Emotional” Charli XCX Number 1 Angel
  • “End of the World” Alex Metric with Charli XCX Non-album single
  • “Enemies” N/A N/A
  • “Enemy” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “Explode” Charli XCX The Angry Birds Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • “Eyes Wide” N/A N/A
  • “Famous” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Fancy” Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX The New Classic
  • “February 2017” Charli XCX featuring Clairo and Yaeji Charli
  • “Flash Pose” Pabllo Vittar featuring Charli XCX 111
  • “Float On” Danny Brown featuring Charli XCX Old
  • “Focus” Charli XCX Non-album single
  • “Forever” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “Forgiveness” Charli XCX Super Ultra
  • “Four by Four” N/A N/A
  • “Friss Meine Shorts” N/A N/A
  • “Fruit Salad” N/A N/A
  • “Genjitsu Camera” Kalen Anzai N/A
  • “Girls Like Us” Twice Fancy You
  • “Girls Night Out” Charli XCX Non-album single
  • “Glow” Charli XCX Super Ultra
  • “Gold Coins” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Gone” Charli XCX with Christine and the Queens Charli
  • “Good Girls” N/A N/A
  • “Good Ones” Charli XCX Crash
  • “Got No Love” N/A N/A
  • “Gravity” Blondie Pollinator
  • “Grins” Charli XCX Heartbreaks and Earthquakes
    True Romance
  • “Hand in the Fire” Mr. Oizo featuring Charli XCX All Wet
  • “Hanging Around” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Hard 2 Love” Gwen Stefani N/A
  • “Haunt” N/A N/A
  • “Heal My Heart” N/A N/A
  • “Heatwave” Charli XCX Super Ultra
  • “Hell Yeah Baby” Gwen Stefani N/A
  • “Her Body” Nasty Cherry The Movie
  • “Here to Stay” N/A N/A
  • “High Maintenance” N/A N/A
  • “How Can I” Charli XCX Heartbreaks and Earthquakes
    True Romance
  • “Hurts Like Hell” Madison Beer featuring Offset Non-album single
  • “I Don’t Care” N/A N/A
  • “I Don’t Wanna Know” Charli XCX Charli
  • “I Finally Understand” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “I Got It” Charli XCX featuring Brooke Candy, Cupcakke and Pabllo Vittar Pop 2
  • “I Love It” Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX Icona Pop
  • “I Wanna Be with You” N/A N/A
  • “I Wish” N/A N/A
  • “I’ll Teach You a Lesson” Charli XCX 14
  • “I’m a Dream” BC Unidos featuring Charli XCX Bicycle
  • “I’m Not Sorry” N/A N/A
  • “I, U, Us” RAYE Second
  • “If It’s Over” MØ featuring Charli XCX Forever Neverland
  • “Illusions” N/A N/A
  • “ILY2” Charli XCX Number 1 Angel
  • “Jealous” AlunaGeorge I Remember
  • “Joan of Arc” Ricky Reed Non-album single
  • “Jungle” N/A N/A
  • “Just Desserts” Marina and the Diamonds with Charli XCX Non-album single
  • “Kingdom” Charli XCX with Simon Le Bon The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1
  • “Ladder” N/A N/A
  • “Leave Me” Charli XCX 14
  • “Light It Up” N/A N/A
  • “Like This” N/A N/A
  • “Lipgloss” Charli XCX featuring Cupcakke Number 1 Angel
  • “Live Forever” Nasty Cherry Season 1
  • “Live Life” Charli XCX 14
  • “Lock You Up” Charli XCX Heartbreaks and Earthquakes
    True Romance
  • “London Queen” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Love Gang” Whethan featuring Charli XCX Non-album single
  • “Lucky” Charli XCX Pop 2
  • “Lucy” Charli XCX 14
  • “Machines” Charli XCX 14
  • “Mauritius” Charli XCX 14
  • “Mess” N/A N/A
  • “Midnight” N/A N/A
  • “Miss U” Charli XCX 13 Reasons Why: Season 3
  • “Moments in Love” Charli XCX Super Ultra
  • “Moments Noticed” Jim-E Stack It’s Jim-ee
  • “Moonlight” Lil Xan with Charli XCX Total Xanarchy
  • “My Heart” N/A N/A
  • “My Sex” Brooke Candy featuring Mykki Blanco, Pussy Riot and MNDR Non-album single
  • “Naked” N/A N/A
  • “Nasty French” N/A N/A
  • “Need Ur Luv” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Neon Fashion and Glowstix” Charli XCX 14
  • “New Shapes” Charli XCX featuring Christine and the Queens and Caroline Polachek Crash
  • “Next Level Charli” Charli XCX Charli
  • “No Angel” Charli XCX Non-album single
  • “No Romeo” N/A N/A
  • “Nobody to Know” N/A N/A
  • “Not in Love” N/A N/A
  • “Nothing Too Serious” N/A N/A
  • “Nuclear Seasons” Charli XCX You’re the One
    True Romance
  • “OctaHate” Ryn Weaver The Fool
  • “Official” Charli XCX Charli
  • “OK” Madeon Adventure
  • “OMG” Camila Cabello featuring Quavo Non-album single
  • “Out of My Head” Charli XCX featuring Tove Lo and Alma Pop 2
  • “Out Out” Joel Corry and Jax Jones featuring Charli XCX and Saweetie Non-album single
  • “Paradise” Charli XCX featuring Hannah Diamond Vroom Vroom
  • “Party 4 U” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “Phases” Alma with French Montana Non-album single
  • “Pink Diamond” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “Porsche” Charli XCX featuring MØ Pop 2
  • “Raining in Miami” N/A N/A
  • “Red Balloon” Charli XCX Home: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • “Reflecting” N/A N/A
  • “Repeat” Karen Repeat
  • “Rhinestone Hearts” N/A N/A
  • “Ringtone (Remix)” 100 Gecs featuring Charli XCX, Rico Nasty and Kero Kero Bonito 1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues
  • “Roll with Me” Charli XCX Number 1 Angel
  • “Same Old Love” Selena Gomez Revival
  • “Save Me” N/A N/A
  • “Scar Tissue” Camila Cabello N/A
  • “Señorita” Shawn Mendes with Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes
  • “Set Me Free (Feel My Pain)” Charli XCX True Romance
  • “Shake It” Charli XCX featuring Big Freedia, Cupcakke, Brooke Candy and Pabllo Vittar Charli
  • “Shut Up” N/A N/A
  • “Silver Cross” Charli XCX Charli
  • “Six Six Six” Nasty Cherry The Movie
  • “Smile” Benga Chapter II
  • “So Alive” Neon Jungle Welcome to the Jungle
  • “So Far Away” Charli XCX Heartbreaks and Earthquakes
    True Romance
  • “So Much Harder” N/A N/A
  • “So Over You” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “Someone New” Astrid S Trust Issues
  • “Spicy” Herve Pagez and Diplo featuring Charli XCX Non-album single
  • “Spinning” No Rome with Charli XCX and The 1975 TBA
  • “Spoons” Charli XCX Heartbreaks and Earthquakes
  • “Stay Away” Charli XCX True Romance
  • “Sucker” Charli XCX Sucker
  • “SuperLove” Charli XCX Non-album single
  • “Supernova” Charli XCX N/A
  • “Supermodels and Holiday Stunners” Charli XCX 14
  • “Take My Hand” Charli XCX True Romance
  • “Taxi” Charli XCX N/A
  • “Tears” Charli XCX featuring Caroline Polachek Pop 2
  • “Tears & Tantrums” Xylø Non-album single
  • “Telephone” Charli XCX N/A
  • “Theme Park” N/A N/A
  • “Theme Tune” N/A N/A
  • “Thoughts” Charli XCX Charli
  • “Tonight” Blondie featuring Laurie Anderson Pollinator
  • “Track 10” Charli XCX Pop 2
  • “Trophy” Charli XCX Vroom Vroom
  • “Unlock It” Charli XCX featuring Kim Petras and Jay Park Pop 2
  • “Velvet Dreaming (Luv)” Charli XCX Super Ultra
  • “Violins” N/A N/A
  • “Visions” Charli XCX How I’m Feeling Now
  • “Vitality” N/A N/A
  • “Vroom Vroom” Charli XCX Vroom Vroom
  • “Warm” Charli XCX featuring Haim Charli
  • “Warrior” N/A N/A
  • “Watch the Rain” Charli XCX 14
  • “We Lost the Summer” TXT Minisode1: Blue Hour
  • “What I Like” Charli XCX True Romance
  • “When I Find Love Again” James Blunt Moon Landing
  • “White Mercedes” Charli XCX Charli
  • “White Roses” Charli XCX Number 1 Angel
  • “Win” Nasty Cherry Season 1
  • “X-Ray Spex” Bella Thorne N/A
  • “Xcxoplex” A. G. Cook with Charli XCX Apple vs. 7G
  • “XXXTC” Brooke Candy featuring Charli XCX and Maliibu Miitch Sexorcism
  • “Yet Again” Charli XCX 14
  • “You (Ha Ha Ha)” Charli XCX True Romance
  • “You for Me” Sigala featuring Rita Ora Non-album single
  • “You’re Not Made for Love” N/A N/A
  • “You’re the One” Charli XCX You’re the One
    True Romance

Who is Charli XCX dating?

Charli XCX has been in a long term relationship with video game producer Huck Kwong. Their relationship has reportedly been on and off.

Charli credits the pandemic for keeping her and Kwong together.

“For some reason, today in particular I feel extremely lucky and privileged that I have found myself in a situation where I’m quarantined with him and 2 other people I care about deeply,” Charli wrote on her instagram back in 2020.

What was Charli XCX first song?

In late 2013, “SuperLove” was released as the lead single from the album, and reached number sixty-two on the UK Singles Chart, becoming Charli’s first solo entry on the chart. In January 2014, she released a song called “Allergic to Love” on her SoundCloud.

Why is Charli XCX net worth so much?

As of 2022, Charli XCX Net Worth is a whopping $10 Million US. She is among one the top female singers and songwriters in the music world, who has got a lot of fame in a brief period. She has earned a vast chunk of that worth via the music industry such as album sales, touring, and live concerts.

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