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Can I play Prodigy for Free? Does Prodigy Game actually Teach Math?

What is Prodigy Math Game?

For kids, Prodigy is a fun video game that lets them explore virtual worlds, complete quests and battle friends to win exciting rewards.

For Educators, it’s a useful tool that helps them reinforce math lessons and support students’ learning differences.

And for parents like you, it’s an easy way to encourage your child to learn independently in a positive way. As they play, you’ll get data on their progress to better support them.

Prodigy is web-based, so kids can play through a web browser or app in school, at home, or even on vacation!

It’s also:

Engaging — The game makes learning fun, so they never want to stop!
Motivating — It helps kids build a growth mindset and boosts their confidence in math.
Safe — You can trust Prodigy to help your child learn and grow, while knowing the platform is safe and secure.

Free Prodigy Game for Students

Prodigy Math Game is an interactive and engaging adventure that helps build 1st to 8th-grade math skills. With frequent in-game updates, children love to spend time practicing math!

Free Prodigy Game for Teachers

Engage your class and differentiate learning with easy-to-use teacher tools. While students play, real-time data creates progress, comprehension and coverage reports for you – no grading required.

Free Prodigy Game for Parents

Celebrate your child’s successes and never miss the moments when they need support. A parent account gives you access to a Curriculum Progress report and monthly report cards, delivered straight to your inbox.

The Wizard is the main protagonist and the only playable character (excluding pets) in Prodigy Math. They are controlled by the player with certain UI features.

How do you become a Prodigy?

How-to: Log in and play Prodigy

1. Navigate to Prodigy at
2. Select the “Play the Game” button on the upper right-hand side of your browser window.
3. Select “Log in” then enter your Username and Password. If your account was created with (or is linked to) Google or Clever, select from those options.
4. Select the “Log In” button once more and the game will begin to load!

Who is the highest level in Prodigy?

Prodigy is a Role Playing Game (RPG). This means each player creates a character that represents them as they explore the Prodigy world and start their online adventure.

These characters, or wizards, embark on a unique journey, taking players from level 1 all the way up to level 100! The higher the level, the more powerful they become. As kids invest more time into Prodigy, their wizards get stronger, collect more items and unlock more zones!

Kids can explore multiplayer worlds where they’ll (safely) interact with other characters and players, choosing from pre-defined sentences so users can’t send out personal information.

Play Prodigy Math Game! Getting Started S1E1

This is the first video showing you how to start off on the greatest math adventure ever! Come back and join me as I add videos targeting specific skills across multiple grade levels.

Can I play Prodigy for free?

Prodigy is free for students to play, and there is no cost at all for teachers to implement it.

However, a premium membership is available for families to purchase for $8.95 per month or $59.88 per year. This premium membership does not provide any additional educational content, but instead gives students access to more in-game content, such as items, treasure chests, and pets.

Does Prodigy actually teach math?

Prodigy may keep children quiet and happy while teachers or parents are busy, but it doesn’t teach them math.

Research indicates that kids must spend hours in the game to improve their math achievement scores by just one point. That might not be so terrible, perhaps, but during those hours they endure emotionally abusive marketing until they convince their parents to shell out money for a membership. Under a pretense of teaching math, Prodigy is using schools to access and manipulate a lucrative child market.

What happens when you get 100 old socks in Prodigy?

It was previously traded to a Peddler for Gold.png Gold. Now it has no use at all, except for getting the achievement, Pack Rat.
There was once a rumor that if players collected 100 Old Socks, they would reach level 101. It has been proven to be false.

How do you get the Prodigy 2?

Enter Prodigy’s New Year, New Class contest — Round 2!

This year, make math fun — whether together in the classroom or virtually from home. From October 5 to October 31, enter for a chance to win amazing prizes when you go back to school with Prodigy.

  1. Log in to your Prodigy teacher account and create a new class
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to add your students
  3. Have students play, and you’ll be automatically entered!
  4. Plus, earn one bonus entry when you send parent invites, and another two entries when your class completes the Placement Test.
What is wrong with Prodigy?
Child protection nonprofit alleges ‘manipulative’ upselling with math game Prodigy

“Schools are signing up for this and not understanding that the commercial pressure is going to happen when kids are at home,” said one expert.

The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, a nonprofit advocacy group, on Friday accused a popular math game used in thousands of elementary schools of using “deceptive marketing and manipulative tactics” in a letter of complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

Prodigy is a role-playing game aimed at first through eighth graders where players create customized wizard characters that enter “battles” to earn stars and prizes for solving curriculum-aligned math problems.

The game has been downloaded more than 7.3 million times in North America since the start of 2019, according to the app researcher App Annie. Prodigy said that more than 90,000 schools globally — two thirds of them in the United States and the rest mostly in Canada, Australia and India — have used it to assign math homework.

what is Child prodigy?

A child prodigy is defined in psychology research literature as a person under the age of ten who produces meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult expert.

The term is also applied more broadly to young persons who are extraordinarily talented in some field.

The term Wunderkind (from German Wunderkind; literally “wonder child”) is sometimes used as a synonym for child prodigy, particularly in media accounts. Wunderkind also is used to recognize those who achieve success and acclaim early in their adult careers.

What is the IQ of a child prodigy?

First, the researchers from Ohio State and Brown Universities searched news sources for mentions of art, music and math prodigies. Then they went to prodigies’ homes to run them through the ringer of the Stanford-Binet 5th ed. full scale intelligence test.

Drilling down into the test results strikes the black gold of much cool information, but let’s start with the headline of overall intelligence: child prodigies are smart, with an average IQ of 126 putting them in about the 96th percentile.

And if you were going to guess, would you imagine that math, music or art prodigies have the highest IQ? Actually, the IQs of math and music prodigies are a statistical tie, with the IQ’s of kids tested ranging from 134-147 for math, and 108-142 for music. Art prodigies lagged a bit behind their prodigious peers with IQs between 100 and 116.

And so right off the bat, here’s one interesting sidenote: something other than overall IQ must define the brains of art prodigies. And the study has at least a partial answer for what this special something might be: the authors write that, “The art prodigies displayed a surprising deficit in visual spatial skills, obtaining scores much lower than both the math prodigies and music prodigies.” In fact the art prodigies’ scores were even below the scores of average test-takers at an average of 88.

How do you get Dragic in Prodigy?

How to Obtain. Currently, there is no way for the player to obtain Dragic. However, prior to June 5, 2019, the player could choose Dragic as a starting pet.

Is Prodigy math good for kids?

Common Sense Media, a nonprofit based in San Francisco that vets children’s media for quality and appropriateness, rates the game five stars out of five. “Prodigy does a great job of both entertaining students and providing them with valuable math lessons,” its website declares.

Does Prodigy have reading?

And all of Prodigy Math and Prodigy English’s educational content is free! In Prodigy English, players answer reading and writing questions to gain energy that allows their in-game character to build their own world.

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