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How High Does The Sky Go in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a huge map. It is even bigger than Breath of the Wild. In this game, you can climb very high up into the sky and jump down anywhere in Hyrule. There are no loading screens to stop you! I wanted to find out just how high you can go.

It turns out there is a limit. On the mini map in the corner, the Y axis goes up to +3300. When you try to go higher, a message pops up that says “You can’t go any farther.”

Sea level is 0 on the map. The highest point you can reach is around 2600 meters. The underground goes down to around -1166. I won’t say where though, it’s kind of a spoiler.

Just for fun, I tried jumping from as high as I could go all the way down to the lowest point. I didn’t use a paraglider until the end so I wouldn’t die. I managed to jump from 3288 down through a crevasse to around -1130 meters deep.

There isn’t actually anything special at the very top of the sky limit. But it is cool to experiment and see how high you can climb. I’m amazed at how much vertical space there is in this huge game!

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What is the sky limit height in Tears of the Kingdom?

The sky limit height is +3300 on the Y axis as shown on the mini-map. When you try to go higher than that, a message pops up saying “You can’t go any farther.”

What is sea level height in the game?

Sea level height in Tears of the Kingdom is 0 on the Y axis.

What is the highest point you can reach without equipment?

The highest point you can reach on the map without using equipment like paragliders or divine beasts is roughly 2600 meters above sea level.

How low does the underground go?

The underground areas in the game go down as far as around -1166 on the Y axis. The exact locations are considered spoilers.

Did the authors find anything at the sky limit height?

No, there isn’t actually anything special waiting at the very top sky limit height of +3300. The authors experimented with reaching that height just for the challenge of it and to see how high they could climb.