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OSRS Free To Play Money Making Guide Part 3

Free to play OSRS money making guide to help you buy a bond.

This guide contains free to play money making methods in Old School Runescape. The easiest and quickest way to get OSRS Gold is by buying it at an online store, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:

Making Pastry Dough

This is a really easy way to make money on free to play since it has no requirements. You only need to have around 100K to start doing this efficiently. Buy yourself 2,400 buckets of water and 2,400 pots of flour then combine them together to create pastry dough. Each inventory of 9 dough can be made in around 15 seconds and all 2,400 can be made in one hour.

GP/H: 160K

Crafting Diamond Jewellery

This is another great way to make some money on free to play while training your crafting at the same time. You need to have level 43 crafting for this method. Before starting check the grand exchange prices to figure out what the best diamond jewellery to craft is. Buy yourself your desired mould (in this case necklace), 1,200 gold bars and 1,200 diamonds. Since Edgeville has the closest furnace to a bank, go there and start crafting some diamond necklaces. Each inventory takes around 40 seconds to complete.

GP/H: 156K – EXP/H: 108K

Mining Adamantite Ore

This is a pretty self explanatory method. You will need to have level 70 mining to start doing this method and the higher your mining level the more profit you can expect to make from this method. Buy a rune pickaxe and go to the mining guild. Mine the two ore spawns there and hop worlds to repeat.

GP/H: 140K

Crafting Sapphire jewellery

Another great way to make money while training your crafting is crafting sapphire rings. These rings are always on demand since they can be turned into rings of recoil. For this method you just need to have level 20+ crafting. Get yourself a ring mould, 1,200 gold bars and 1,200 sapphires. Head to the Edgeville furnace to start crafting your rings.

GP/H: 140K – EXP/H: 48K

Making Uncooked Berry Pies

This is a low level cooking money maker that gets easily overlooked. You only need level 10 cooking to start doing this method. Buy yourself 2,450 pie shells and 2,450 redberries and combine them together. The process is a little bit different:

  • Withdraw 14 pie shells and 14 redberries
  • Hold down spacebar
  • Left click (use) a pie shell
  • Left click a bunch of redberries
  • Release spacebar once pies start being made (not necessary)
  • Wait until inventory completes
  • Deposit
  • Repeat

GP/H: 140K

Collecting Nature Runes

This method takes place in the Wilderness so a decent combat stats alongside 43+ prayer are recommended. You will also need to have level 33 magic to cast telekinetic grab. Bring a staff of air alongside your armour of choice, fire and law runes to teleport to Varrock and some food to survive the pkers and make your way to level 42-43 Wilderness. The spawn is located south-east of the demonic ruins on an island in the middle of lava. Tele-grab the nature runes and hop worlds and repeat. It is recommended for you to bank every hour to avoid getting killed and losing all your work.

GP/H: 131K

Collecting Tinderboxes

This is a very simple process without any requirements. Make your way to the Wise Old Man’s house in draynor. There is a bookshelf next to a landscape painting stand near it and search the shelf to find a tinderbox inside it.

  • Search the bookshelf
  • Drop the tinderbox
  • Repeat steps 1-2 until there are 27 tinderboxes on the floor + one in your inventory
  • Pick up all tinderboxes from the floor
  • Deposit them in the bank nearby
  • Repeat

GP/H: 120K Once you have sufficient gold available, you can also sell osrs gold or swap osrs to RS3 gold!