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What Do Streamers Think of Fortnite No Building Mode?

Fortnite saw a drastic change when developer Epic Games decided to remove one of the key features of the game “building” and naturally, players were shocked about this sudden change and the impact that it would have on the game. A few days in, the no-building mode made headlines in the gaming community, and for very good reasons, many players actually loved Fortnite now more than ever.

Of course, streamers were super thrilled to try it out and let their fans know what they think about this change and some of them loved it so much that they wanted it to be permanent. No building made a lot of streamers come back to the game who left Fortnite for being too sweaty with players obsessed with building massive skyscrapers and making everything less fun.

Here’s what the streamers have to say about Fortnite’s No Building mode and the future of Fortnite.


Ninja is the poster boy for the Twitch community and one of the most popular Fortnite streamers in the world. He spent quite some time playing Fortnite but eventually quit a while back because Fortnite became a little too boring for streaming with all the sweaty players spamming the builds all around the map.

However, when Epic Games announced the no-building update, Ninja came back to try the game and he actually loved it. He even said that No Building should be a permanent thing in the Fortnite and I couldn’t agree more. According to Ninja, this might just be the future of Fortnite as it makes the game more fun and less sweaty.


Myth has been a huge part of the Fortnite community and has played in a number of competitive Fortnite matches all around the world. And just like many other streamers, Myth too decided it was time to wave Fortnite goodbye and stream other games. However, the news of Fortnite’s no building got him to come back to the battlefield and see for himself how it changes things in the game.

Myth had a blast playing the game after a while, especially with this new change. He enjoyed the new features that came with this update including the extra shield and wall climbing. He tweeted that “Fortnite has no right being this much fun with no building” and I mean he’s absolutely right.


Sypher is yet another Fortnite Star in the streaming community, and he is also one of the few streamers who actually carried on playing the game even after many big names in the streaming industry started leaving the game. However, just like many other Fortnite streamers and players, Sypher loved the no-building mode and he too thinks that no-building actually makes Fortnite much better to play without the feature.

Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect is another big name of the streaming community and he too left Fortnite because of the same reasons as other streamers but came back when the new season update dropped with no building mode. Dr Disrespect streamed the Fortnite once again after a very long time and he had a blast with this new mode. In his tweet he said that Fortnite’s new building mode is made for him.

While many streamers enjoyed the new no building mode, some of the streamers didn’t really like it and wanted Epic Games to bring back the old building mechanic. However, Fortnite saw a big spike in number of players and even streamers coming back to join the game once again because of the no building update.