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Top 10 Video Games That Teach Financial Skills and Money Management

Video games are not only a source of entertainment, but also a way of learning new skills and gaining knowledge. Some video games can even teach you about financial literacy, such as how to budget, save, invest, and manage your money. Here are 10 video games that can help you improve your financial skills and money management.

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1. The Sims

The Sims is a popular life simulation game that lets you create and control your own virtual characters and households. You can choose their careers, hobbies, relationships, and lifestyles. You also have to manage their finances, such as paying bills, buying furniture, upgrading their house, and saving for their goals. The Sims can teach you about money strategy, budgeting, income and expenses, and the trade-offs between different spending choices.

Some of the money lessons you can learn from The Sims are:

  • How to live within your means and avoid overspending on unnecessary items
  • How to plan ahead for future expenses and emergencies
  • How to balance your work and leisure time
  • How to invest in your skills and education to increase your income potential
  • How to pursue your passions and dreams without compromising your financial security

2. House Flipper

House Flipper is a simulation game that lets you buy, renovate, and sell houses for profit. You can use various tools and materials to fix up the houses, such as painting walls, installing appliances, repairing plumbing, and landscaping the garden. You can also decorate the houses according to your own style and preferences. House Flipper can teach you about real estate investment, market research, renovation costs, and profit margins.

Some of the money lessons you can learn from House Flipper are:

  • How to evaluate the potential value and return of a property
  • How to budget for the purchase and renovation costs
  • How to prioritize the most important and profitable improvements
  • How to negotiate with buyers and sellers
  • How to deal with unexpected issues and challenges

3. Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is an adventure game that lets you explore a distant planet and run your own slime farm. You can collect different types of slimes, feed them, breed them, and sell their plorts (the products they produce) for money. You can also upgrade your farm equipment, expand your land, and discover new areas and secrets. Slime Rancher can teach you about investment strategy, supply and demand, risk and reward, and diversification.

Some of the money lessons you can learn from Slime Rancher are:

  • How to research the market and find the best prices for your products
  • How to manage your inventory and storage space
  • How to balance your income and expenses
  • How to take calculated risks and experiment with new combinations
  • How to diversify your portfolio and avoid putting all your eggs in one basket

4. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a social simulation game that lets you live in a village populated by anthropomorphic animals. You can customize your character, house, and island. You can also interact with the villagers, visit other players’ islands, and participate in various events and activities. You can earn money by selling items such as fish, bugs, fossils, fruits, and crafts. You can also use money to pay off your mortgage, buy furniture, clothes, and accessories, and donate to public works projects. Animal Crossing can teach you about debt management, saving and spending habits, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

Some of the money lessons you can learn from Animal Crossing are:

  • How to pay off your debt in installments and avoid interest charges
  • How to save up for big purchases and goals
  • How to spend wisely and avoid impulse buying
  • How to give back to your community and support causes you care about
  • How to create value and generate income from your hobbies and skills

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5. FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is a soccer simulation game that lets you play as your favorite teams and players in various modes and competitions. You can also create your own custom team in the Ultimate Team mode, where you can buy, sell, and trade players using coins or FIFA Points (a premium currency). You can also earn rewards by completing objectives, challenges, and tournaments. FIFA 23 can teach you about currency exchange rates, market fluctuations, trading strategies, and team management.

Some of the money lessons you can learn from FIFA 23 are:

  • How to compare different currencies and exchange rates
  • How to monitor the market trends and anticipate price changes
  • How to buy low and sell high to maximize your profits
  • How to build a balanced team with the right chemistry and skills
  • How to manage your resources and optimize your performance

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6. Capitalism Lab

Capitalism Lab is a business simulation game that lets you create and run your own corporation in a competitive market. You can choose from various industries, such as manufacturing, retail, agriculture, mining, and technology. You can also research and develop new products, set prices, manage marketing, hire and train employees, and deal with competitors and customers. Capitalism Lab can teach you about business strategy, economics, finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship.

Some of the money lessons you can learn from Capitalism Lab are:

  • How to analyze the market demand and supply
  • How to set optimal prices and profit margins
  • How to allocate your budget and resources
  • How to monitor your income statement and balance sheet
  • How to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences

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7. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulation game that lets you design, build, and launch rockets and spacecrafts. You can explore the solar system, conduct scientific experiments, and complete missions. You also have to manage your budget, reputation, and contracts with various agencies and organizations. Kerbal Space Program can teach you about physics, engineering, math, and project management.

Some of the money lessons you can learn from Kerbal Space Program are:

  • How to estimate the cost and feasibility of a project
  • How to optimize your design and performance
  • How to test and troubleshoot your prototypes
  • How to negotiate and fulfill your contracts
  • How to balance your reputation and funding

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8. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game that lets you inherit and restore your grandfather’s old farm. You can grow crops, raise animals, craft goods, mine ores, fish, and interact with the villagers. You can also join the local community center or side with a corporate entity that wants to take over the town. Stardew Valley can teach you about agriculture, ecology, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Some of the money lessons you can learn from Stardew Valley are:

  • How to plan your crops and harvests according to the seasons
  • How to diversify your income sources and products
  • How to use natural resources efficiently and responsibly
  • How to form relationships and partnerships with others
  • How to make ethical decisions that affect your community

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9. RollerCoaster Tycoon

RollerCoaster Tycoon is a theme park management simulation game that lets you design and operate your own amusement park. You can build various attractions, such as roller coasters, rides, shops, stalls, and scenery. You also have to satisfy your guests’ needs and preferences, maintain your park’s safety and cleanliness, and balance your income and expenses. RollerCoaster Tycoon can teach you about creativity, customer service, and financial planning.

Some of the money lessons you can learn from RollerCoaster Tycoon are:

  • How to attract and retain customers with appealing designs and offers
  • How to set prices and admission fees that are fair and profitable
  • How to manage your staff and operations
  • How to deal with accidents and emergencies
  • How to expand your park and invest in new attractions

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10. Civilization VI

Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game that lets you lead a civilization from the ancient era to the modern age. You can choose from various leaders and cultures, each with their own unique abilities, units, and buildings. You also have to manage your cities, resources, diplomacy, trade, culture, science, and military. Civilization VI can teach you about history, geography, politics, and culture.

Some of the money lessons you can learn from Civilization VI are:

  • How to develop your economy and infrastructure
  • How to trade with other civilizations and benefit from mutual exchange
  • How to use diplomacy and alliances to avoid or resolve conflicts
  • How to advance your technology and innovation
  • How to achieve your victory goals and leave a legacy

How can I find video games that teach financial skills and money management?

There are many video games that teach financial skills and money management available on various platforms, such as PC, console, mobile, and online. You can search for them on the internet, read reviews, watch gameplay videos, or ask for recommendations from friends or experts. You can also check out the list of 10 video games that we have compiled in this article.