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Diablo 4 Gets a Weird Ad Complain Comparing to the ‘Hell’ of Lockdown

The Australian Ad Standards Community Panel rejected a complaint regarding the Diablo 4 “Welcome to Hell” billboard that was exhibited in Melbourne.

An anonymous individual filed the complaint, claiming that the billboard reminded them of the difficulties of the two-year lockdown in Melbourne.

The complainant also accused the advertisement of offending Christians and Catholics and promoting satanic paraphernalia.

“The words ‘welcome to Hell Melbourne’ as part of the advertisement for this game and a picture of a devil are offensive to me as a Christian,” reads the complaint.

“The imagery is also inappropriate for my children to see and has already given them nightmares.

“The imagery is frightening to children as the demonic looking character is staring at the camera, creating the effect of staring at the observer. It is located in an prominent position beside a busy freeway where children have a clear view of the very large Billboard.

“It’s scary for young children who see it, but even as an adult it brought back memories of the hell of the two years of lockdowns in Melbourne. The language and words used are not necessary to get across the message about the release of this game.”

The Ad Standards Community Dismisses the Bizzare Diablo 4 Complaint Out of Hand

The Ad Standards Community Panel amusingly dismissed the complaint and emphasized the importance of a properly placed comma, regarding the religious offense claim.

The panel did not consider the advertisement to contain any violent content, comparing the antagonist, Lilith, to Disney’s Maleficent and pointing out the nickname of a Melbourne Australian rules football club, The Demons.

This is just one of the peculiar stories surrounding Blizzard’s action role-playing game, Diablo 4, including players believing rats bring better loot and searching for a nonexistent secret cow level.

Despite the eyebrow-raising cost of microtransactions, Diablo 4 has been a critical and commercial success, with fans generally pleased with the game. But even Whoopi Goldberg has requested Blizzard to release Diablo 4 on Mac.

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