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Wilbur Soot

listen to wilbur soot your new boyfriend

Will Gold , known professionally as Wilbur Soot is a British internet personality, Twitch streamer, and singer-songwriter.

(born 14 September 1996)

He first became known in 2017 for his work with the group comedy YouTube channel SootHouse, where he made recurring appearances and was the lead editor and a co-founder. He later started his own channel, Wilbur Soot, on 29 March 2019.

He released his first single, “The ‘Nice Guy‘ Ballad”, in January 2018.

His sixth single, “Your New Boyfriend“, peaked at No. 65 on the UK Singles Chart.

5 best Minecraft videos by Wilbur Soot

Will “Wilbur SootGold is an English musician, Minecraft YouTuber and streamer.

He is mostly known for his contributions to the infamous Dream SMP, although now he is gaining popularity as a musician.

Wilbur was amongst the team of developers for SMP Earth, alongside JoshA20, chippledipple and a few others.

His YouTube career has been rather long, starting with a channel called “Settings66”, which a boy named Ben. The first video on their channel dates back to May 6, 2008. Ever since then, he has had at least 2 other channels, of which date back to the mid 2010’s.

He now focuses on his main YouTube channel, where he usually posts Twitch highlights (although some content is recorded off stream, it’s mostly on Minecraft) and his music channel.

So, listed below are the 5 best Minecraft videos made by Wilbur Soot!

Wilbur Soot Minecraft Videos

Terraforming the Moon in Minecraft

In this video, Wilbur is accompanied by Philza, TommyInnit and Technoblade as they have 100 random players attempting to terraform the moon to look like the earth.

They give the players dirt, trees, and other materials that they need in order to successfully recreate earth. As the video progresses, things become more chaotic and off the rails. Will the players succeed in recreating Earth, even though they’re on the moon?

This video has 338k likes and 7.7 million views!


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Rebuilding Civilization in Minecraft

In this video, Wilbur decides to rebuild civilization from scratch in Minecraft. He begins by creating the “The 6 Commandments,” which include: hospitals, police, schools, food, housing and leadership. He creates a jail, affectionately naming it “simp jail”.

He allows dozens of players to join the server, in which he begins giving them commands to restore humanity. He splits people up based on which of the six commandments they’d like to be a part of. By the end of the video, will Wilbur be able to successfully rebuild civilization, or will it crumble?

This video has 294k likes and 7.9 million views!

I Made a 100 Player Laboratory in Minecraft

In this video, Wilbur draws inspiration from rat laboratories as he takes 100 Minecraft players and places them inside a maze built by Technoblade. Wilbur and Technoblade take viewers through the puzzle map, explaining what players will need to do in order to successfully get through the mazes.

Once the players are released, chaos ensues. Will the players be able to reach the end, or will they fail the ‘experiment’?

This video has 298k likes and 8.1 million views!

DreamSMP but we all have Mutant Superpowers

In this video, Wilbur is joined by TommyInnit, JackManifold, Ranboo, Nihachu, Philza and Tubbo as they try out a new mod that allows the players to pick a ‘class’ to play as, each coming with their own unique abilities.

Watch as Wilbur tries to make a living while having a unique power, while also causing chaos and scaring his friends as they try to do the same! This is a good video to showcase an interesting mod for Minecraft.

This video has 449k likes and 8.3 million views!

Minecraft, but Every 5 Minutes the Sea Level Rises (ft. jschlatt)

Last but certainly not least, Wilbur and Schlatt begin by working together to try to beat Minecraft. There’s a catch, however – the sea level rises every 5 minutes, causing hardships in trying to obtain materials close to the ground.

As the water rises, the relationship between the two friends becomes tense. Will both Wilbur and Schlatt make it out of the video alive, or will only one prevail?

This video has 351k likes and 9.2 million views!

List of EPs Wilbur Soot

  • Maybe I Was Boring
  • Your City Gave Me Asthma

List of Wilbur Soot singles as lead artist

  • “The ‘Nice Guy’ Ballad”
  • “I Am Very Smart”
  • “Maybe I Was Boring”
  • “Karen, Please Come Back I Miss the Kids”
  • “I’m in Love with an E-Girl”
  • “Internet Ruined Me”
  • “Your New Boyfriend”
List of Wilbur Soot EPs, with selected details
  • Are You Alright?

List of Wilbur Soot other charted songs, with selected chart positions

  • “Cause for Concern”
  • “One Day”
  • “Sex Sells”
  • “Taunt”

What is Wilbur Soot real name?

Will Gold
Wilbur Soot/Full name
Will Gold (born 14 September 1996), known professionally as Wilbur Soot, is a British internet personality, Twitch streamer, and singer-songwriter. He first became known in 2017 for his work with the group comedy YouTube channel SootHouse, where he made recurring appearances and was the lead editor and a co-founder.

Is Wilbur Soot dating Nihachu?

Twitch streamer/YouTuber Nikki “Nihachu” has been rumored to be dating British internet personality William “Wilbur Soot” Gold. … However, they will be disappointed to learn that both Nihachu has previously confirmed that she and Wilbur Soot are just friends.

Is Wilbur on Spotify Wilbur Soot?

Never miss a Moment

@WilburSoot’sYour New Boyfriend” debuts at #183 on the global Spotify chart with 841K streams. Wilbur’s first song to chart. who? His name is wilbur soot and he’s great at music!

Niki Nihachu and Wilbur Soot Breakup

They are good friends and even have developed mutuals in a short span of time. Now, every fan of theirs saw Niki declaring Love for Wilbur at the show. Despite that, the two have clearly stated among the followers that they are just friends.

Wilbur Soot Wiki/Biography

He was born and raised in a middle-class Christian family from Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. He is British and English by nationality and is an atheist. He completed his early schooling at the Local Suffolk School in Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Where does Wilbur soot live now?

Wilbur was born in London on the 14th of September 1996, but he grew up in Brighton. He attended Sussex Downs College in Lewes and finished a degree in film editing in London in 2020. He has since moved back to Brighton.

What happened Wilbur soot?

As the war drew to a close, Wilbur chose to commit suicide by a grenade and logged out.

Who is the girl in Wilbur Soot songs?

Pandora Braithwaite
In the video, the female Twitch streamer’s name appears on screen as “Pandora Braithwaite”, the name of a fictional character in the Adrian Mole series of books by Sue Townsend. The video was edited together by Elodie Grenville, an English youtuber best known for being the editor for both Wilbur Soot and Tommyinnit.

Is Wilbur soot an English major?

Wilbur was born in Suffolk, England on September 14, 1996, but he grew up in Brighton, East Sussex. He attended Sussex Downs College in Lewes, England and recently finished a Bachelor’s degree in Editing and Post Production.

is Wilbur soot related to Technoblade?

Wilbur Soot Confirms Technoblade is Older Sibling in SBI Family Dynamic AU.

Is Wilbur soot Lovejoy?

He later started his own channel, Wilbur Soot, on 29 March 2019.
Years active 2021–present
Members Ash Kabosu Joe Goldsmith Mark Boardman Will Gold

Does Wilbur soot have a album?

Title Year Album

  • “Maybe I Was Boring” 2019 Non-album singles
  • “Karen, Please Come Back I Miss the Kids”
  • “I’m in Love with an E-Girl” 2020
What happened to Wilbur soot your city gave me asthma?

After moving to London, Wilbur developed post-nasal drip, which later led to his asthma. It also exacerbated his health anxiety (hypochondria), which he was diagnosed with at the age of 6. As a result, he had panic attacks and was unable to sleep at times.

Is Wilbur soot Romanian?

He hails from the United Kingdom. His real name is Will Gold.

What genre is Wilbur?


Wilbur Soot/Genres

What is Wilbur soot’s new song called?

Your New Boyfriend” is the sixth single by English singer-songwriter, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer Will Gold, better known online as Wilbur Soot.

  • Your New Boyfriend.
  • “Your New Boyfriend”
  • Producer(s) Will Gold
  • Wilbur Soot singles chronology
  • “Internet Ruined Me” (2020) “Your New Boyfriend” (2020)
    Music video

Is Wilbur soot still making music?

He later started his own channel, Wilbur Soot, on 29 March 2019. He released his first single, “The ‘Nice Guy’ Ballad”, in January 2018.

  • Wilbur Soot
  • Musical career
  • Genres Comedy satirical indie pop
  • Instruments Vocals guitar bass guitar piano
  • YouTube information

How much money does Wilbur soot make?

Wilbur Soot earns an estimated $1.23 million a year.

If a channel is monetized through ads, it earns money for every thousand video views.

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