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Frozen honey tiktok trend ! What is the Frozen honey challenge?

TikTok Trend : Eating Frozen Honey !

What is the honey TikTok trend?

In the past few weeks, the social media platform TikTok has been flooded with videos that show people filling plastic bottles with honey and putting them in the freezer. … Some users then squeeze out the golden, now solidified substance and sink their teeth right in.

What is the Frozen honey challenge?

According to those partaking in the challenge, frozen honey is a delicious and fun treat. Just fill a plastic bottle or popsicle mold with honey and optional add-ins, like corn syrup for a thinner consistency or food coloring or powdered drink mixes for visual appeal. Then wait anywhere from eight hours to overnight.

TikTok users are freezing entire bottles of corn syrup to eat as a snack, but a nutritionist says that much sugar can cause body shakes, sweating, and heart problems

TikTok Trend: Eating Frozen Honey and Risking Ill Effects

Like some social media trends, this one has its problems, including stomach aches, diarrhea and bad teeth, health experts said.

Dave Ramirez squeezed the frozen bottle with both hands, watching the golden goop come out like toothpaste. Then, he took a big sticky bite. “I’m not going to lie,” he said in a TikTok video. “That was pretty refreshing.” Thus, the frozen honey trend was born. The trend on TikTok has garnered about 900 million views, with creators uploading videos that show them putting honey in an empty water bottle, placing it in a freezer and then, hours later, squeezing viscous chunks into their mouth, sometimes in agony and often in delight. The movement has quickly evolved since Mr. Ramirez’s July 9 video. The concoctions are now made from different types of corn syrup and decorated with candies and flavors. Other versions include Chilitoloco spicy sour, bubble tea and sriracha. Some creators, including Mr. Ramirez, have partnered with candy businesses offering their products as the next sweet treat to be placed in the half-frozen, half-gelatinous mixture in the videos. Still, honey remains the foundation on which all other flavors were created. “I guess this got so much attention and traction because everyone has honey at home,” Mr. Ramirez said on Saturday. “People can say: ‘Oh, I have honey in my house. Let’s try it.’” But like many social media trends, eating frozen honey comes with risks, health experts said. Sarah Rueven, a dietitian in New York, said eating large amounts of honey could lead to stomach aches and diarrhea — consequences that some people on the app can attest to having experienced. “I think like most viral videos on TikTok, it’s kind of, you know, shock value, and kind of silly, but it’s a cool concept, I guess?” Ms. Rueven said. “But I feel like people could be doing better things with honey.” Eating large amounts of honey for a long period of time can be unhealthy, she said. It can lead to weight gain and be harmful to teeth. Editors’ Picks Leïla Slimani Has Written About a Sex Addict and a Murderous Nanny. Next Up: Her Own Family. 5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Stravinsky Paying the Price for Premier League Riches Continue reading the main story “When you eat something that’s so high in sugar, you’re going to have an equally high insulin response, which often leads to you having that sugar high and then getting really shaky afterward as your blood sugar drops,” Ms. Rueven said. Mr. Ramirez, who has about 5.5 million followers on TikTok, said he did not set out to start a trend. He had seen many people eat delicate, cylindrical candy on YouTube videos devoted to autonomous sensory meridian response, or A.S.M.R., but had failed to create his own version of that candy. He later learned honey could help create the gooey texture he was aiming for. He placed some in a small bottle, froze it, recorded himself eating it and then read comments from followers asking what he had just eaten.

frozen honey trend

Two days later, he told his audience his secret. “This stuff is just honey,” he said. From there, other TikTok creators curious about the texture filmed their own A.S.M.R.-like videos. Eloise Fouladgar, who has about 3.6 million followers on the app, said she takes only one bite from the cold sweetness. She first wanted to try it, she said, because everyone was raving about it. “I definitely was apprehensive at first because I was like, ‘This is so random, but it looks satisfying at the same time,’” Ms. Fouladgar said, adding that her boyfriend had tried some and felt sick afterward. When Daniella Shaba, 20, tried it for the first time, she said the initial bite was cold, but then the honey melted in her mouth and the chewy ooze tasted good. Ms. Shaba owns a candy company and has infused her own products into the mixture. “I really like it, and it’s way different from my other videos, and there’s so many options,” Ms. Shaba said. “You can do a million other videos with this trend.” For Mr. Ramirez, who other TikTokers call the “frozen honey king,” the opportunity to be creative is what makes the trend interesting. In one of his latest videos, where he made a bottle of cotton candy flavor, one commenter suggested taking the trend to the next level: “Can you do pickle juice?”

@alanaskylerrMaking the oozy bottles but with nerds ?? I’m so excited to see the results !!! ??? ##foryou ##cornsyrup♬ original sound – Alanaskyler

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A new trend is taking over TikTok in which creators freeze corn syrup and eat it.

A nutritionist said eating excess corn syrup can lead to health issues. The corn-syrup craze follows the frozen honey challenge, another controversial food challenge. Business Insider: A daily selection of curated stories A new trend is taking over TikTok in which people are consuming frozen corn syrup. But like many other food-related TikTok trends, this one might not be the healthiest. In the viral videos, which began popping up toward the end of July, a creator will empty out a plastic bottle of water and fill it with corn syrup. Then, they store the bottle in the freezer for several hours, giving the syrup a gelatinous texture that the person can squeeze into their mouth. Many of the people eating frozen corn syrup have used pink, blue, or another bright food coloring to make the syrup appear more appetizing. When it comes out of the bottle, it looks like a gleaming pillar of color. Creators like @alanaskylerr, who has 400,000 TikTok followers and made one of the most popular videos associated with the trend, have said the chilled syrup tastes delicious. Some of the creators have added their own riffs on the trend, like blending in Hi-C, Kool-Aid, or Starburst drink packets to add flavor to the frozen syrup. Others have dumped in Nerds candies and sprinkles. The most popular videos associated with the trend have amassed hundreds of thousands of views and the hashtag most commonly used with corn syrup challenge videos, #frozencornsyrup, has reached more than 17 million views.

Eating too much corn syrup can lead to health issues

According to CookingLight, regular corn syrup — which most TikTokers doing the trend appear to be using — is not nearly as unhealthy as high-fructose corn syrup, which uses fructose instead of glucose and is much sweeter than table sugar. Still, the website notes that both forms of the syrup are refined sugars and should not be consumed in excess. Amy Shapiro, a New York City-based registered dietitian and nutritionist, told Insider that “from a nutritionist’s perspective,” eating a load of corn syrup is not healthy. “Eating a little bit of corn syrup such as a serving, which is a tablespoon, is not detrimental,” she said. “However, the amount that is being squeezed out of the bottle is way more than 1 tablespoon. When you add color and Kool-Aid to it, children will likely eat more than one serving, especially if they’re making multiple colors.” Shapiro said eating corn syrup will lead to a fast burst of energy, which then quickly fades and could lead to body shaking and a sweat increase. Shapiro added that consuming too much corn syrup can inflict a score of health problems, including diabetes , heart disease , fatty liver disease, and further illness. According to Shapiro, the corn syrup gets a gelatinous texture when left in the freezer because it doesn’t readily freeze — it only gets “harder and thicker.” The corn-syrup craze follows the recent viral honey challenge in which creators devoured bottles full of frozen honey, which can also be unhealthy if eaten in excess. NBC News reported that downing too much frozen honey can give a person diarrhea and stomach cramping, among other potential effects.

What is Frozen Honey Tiktok Trend?

How To Make Frozen Honey Recipe Tiktok Trend Explained!

There has been a new TikTok trend that is surfacing the internet in which people are freezing honey and it seems like experts are pretty concerned about what is happening. It has been stated by the experts, eating too much honey can be a cause of stomach pain, diarrhea and can cause many other complications, this has been told by many of the doctors who have told this to multiple news outlets during this week. Here is what is going on and should you jump on this trend or not.

What is Frozen Honey Tiktok Trend?

If we talk about the past few weeks, TikTok has been flooding with videos which are showing people who are filling plastic bottles with honey and then they are putting the plastic bottles in the freezer and the users seem to squeeze out the golden substance which has been created of the honey and are putting their teeth right into it. and it seems like people cannot get enough of this kind of clip and on Wednesday, about 10’s million people have been watching the videos with the hashtags #frozenhoneychallenge and #frozenhoney.

Frozen Honey Tiktok Trend Recipe Explained

It has been stated by Dr. Niket Sonpal, he has seen some of the videos, he is the assistant professor at Touro College at the Osteopathic Medicine in New York and is a gastroenterologist based in New York, he has told Nexstar studio Media Group, the minute he saw it, he thought to himself, this a lot of sugar which is being consumed by the people, it is a lot of honey to get consumed and it is a lot of diarrhea too.

TikTok Frozen Honey Challenge Goes Viral; But Experts Warn It Will Make You Sick!

The TikTok Frozen Honey trend introduces a new and fantastic way to enjoy the sweet treat. Unfortunately, follow-up comments and disclaimers for the viral challenge have also come with warnings. Experts have warned against the TikTok Frozen Honey Challenge, saying it could create an upset stomach, unwanted bowel movements and even hypoglycemia!

TikTok Frozen Honey Challenge Goes Viral

User daveyrz started the Frozen Honey trend on TikTok, per New York Times. For reference, the influencer initially had 1-5 million average views on his uploaded videos. However, his frozen honey video was recorded to have 19.3 million views as of time of writing, and it continues to snowball in popularity on the internet. Many viewers were fascinated by this simple but very creative way of eating honey. Another big factor in its popularity is the easy steps involved in the procedure. You only need honey poured on a squeezable water bottle and frozen overnight (3-8 hours).

The results show a gel-like honey that could be chewed like candy.

The hashtag #frozenhoney was initially a trend for TikTok users who wanted to try eating frozen honey for the first time. As the trend gets even more popular, other TikTok users started a “challenge” by posting creative new concoctions for the sugary substance.

The TikTok #frozenhoney hashtag already has 810.7 million views at the time of writing.

Unfortunately, the frozen honey trend has some serious health risks. TikTok Frozen Honey Trend Makes You Sick To emphasize, TikTok users who join the frozen honey challenge often eat their bottle-squeezed honey in a gel-chewy candy state. Eating frozen honey is generally harmless. Honey has numerous health benefits often promoted by many nutritionists. The problem is found when eating honey in large amounts. Honey is often consumed in tablespoons. In comparison, TikTokers gobble a crazy amount in one video take. Ruben from Eminetra said that “Eating something very high in sugar gives you the same high insulin response, which often makes it very unstable when your sugar is high, and then your blood sugar drops.” According to Healthline, low blood sugar levels, also known as hypoglycemia, could be life-threatening. Symptoms could include suddenly getting:

  • Blurry vision
  • Dizziness
  • Pale skin
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Headache
  • Sweating
  • Trouble concentrating.

A significant number of TikTokers who tried the craze were also recorded to have excessive bowel problems after the frozen honey consumption. According to Tag24, frozen honey has caused major digestion problems and sharp stomach pains. TikTokers joked “needing their stomachs pumped after eating it.” It is important to note that symptoms and health problems might vary for each person. Not everybody would suffer from the same effects. Some people who have high metabolisms could easily absorb the sugar and feel no after-effects. The Frozen Honey TikTok challenge continues to go viral even up to date. Therefore, TikTokers and viewers are being warned to do this trends with caution for their own safety.