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Watch Hawkeye Spoilers Viral Videos on Twitter. Hawkeye Recap: Girl Talk Plus, [Spoiler] Is Revealed Ahead of Finale

The moment when every Comic Book fan in the world screamed late at night #Hawkeye #Kingpin.

The fifth episode revealed who the mastermind behind that underworld plot is. It’s time for Netflix and SPOILERS for an episode entitled “Ronin.”

Will Clint make it home in time for the holidays? Episode five of Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye starts streaming tomorrow on DisneyPlus

Hawkeye episode 5 recap: Marvel show takes a wildly exciting turn

The Black Widow assassin has Clint Barton in her sights, but her employer’s shadowy boss is even scarier.

After the return of a superspy last week, episode 5 of Marvel Cinematic Universe series Hawkeye dropped onto Disney Plus Wednesday.

Avenger Clint Barton is trying to save Kate Bishop from consequences of his slaughtering New York City’s criminal underworld as the masked vigilante Ronin in Avengers: Endgame, before returning to his identity as Hawkeye.

Clint and Kate briefly teamed up to face off against Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) and her Tracksuit Mafia goons, but the surprise appearance of Black Widow assassin Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) turned the danger level up too high for Clint. He told Kate to go home, but that doesn’t seem like a solution since her family is wrapped up in the criminal conspiracy.

The Big Guy

Their partnership seemingly repaired after Kate rescued Clint from Maya, the Hawkeyes chill out with their firefighter buddy Grills and the unnamed Pizza Dog (who’ll absolutely be called “Lucky” at some point).

However, Kate gets a series of texts from her new assassin pal (and boxed mac and cheese cook) Yelena, revealing that her mom Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga) hired the Black Widow to kill Clint. She also receives a slightly blurry video of Eleanor with a familiar man in a white suit jacket.


Hawkeye Recap: Girl Talk Plus, [Spoiler] Is Revealed Ahead of Finale

This week’s Hawkeye featured some unlikely bonding over mac and cheese, and teased the arrival of yet another familiar face.

Episode 5 of the Disney+ series kicked off with a flashback to 2018, in which Yelena attempted to help a Black Widow who didn’t need to be saved.

She also looked forward to reconnecting with her sister Natasha, until she found herself Blipped while rinsing her hands.

Though five years then passed for the rest of the world, it was only five seconds for Yelena, and she returned in the same spot utterly confused and wanting to let Natasha know that she was OK. Well, we all know how that went…

Back in the present day and following that rooftop battle which ended with Clint sending her home, Kate returned to her mom’s penthouse apartment bruised and defeated. Eleanor tended to Kate’s wounds while Kate beat herself up for not living up to this superhero image she had in her head. She also confessed that she and Clint uncovered evidence incriminating Jack and his company Sloan LTD, and asked Eleanor to look into it.

Maya, meanwhile, realized that that something bigger was at play with Yelena now in the mix. Kazi urged her to stop her hunt for Ronin, but there was no way she was backing down after coming so close. Kazi agreed to help her kill him, but after that, they would be done.

Over at Kate’s charred apartment, the hero-in-training arrived to find Yelena already waiting for her with a “tasty” pot of mac and cheese. It was time for some girl talk, which included Yelena criticizing Kate for having only one fork, drowning her macaroni dish in hot sauce, and cackling at Kate thinking she can kill her. (Side note: Who do we talk to about getting the extended cut of this scene?
The conversation then turned to Clint, who Yelena blamed for Natasha’s death. Firm in her belief that Clint would never let that happen, Kate insisted that Clint isn’t perfect but still a good person. But to Yelena, nice words are meaningless because people are defined by their actions. Realizing that Kate didn’t know where Clint was, Yelena thanked her for the girls’ night and warned the young archer not to get in her way again.
Clint found a hiding spot with Grills, the firefighter and LARPer he befriended back in Episode 2. Plus, Missy dropped off the new suits she made for Clint and Kate, not that he was at all interested. He had more important things to do, like bear his soul to Natasha in front of an Avengers memorial plaque. Still remorseful over her death, he vowed to earn the second chance she gave him — and apologized for what he’s about to do.

Eleanor did follow up on Kate’s tip about Jack, and had him taken into custody after uncovering his shady dealings. Jack remained calm while denying any involvement with Sloan LTD and insisting that he had been framed.

Clint, on his way to do the thing he needed to apologize for, called his wife Laura to fill her in on their very big problem, which includes Maya (who has the watch from the Avengers compound) and a Black Widow hired to kill him. He vowed to end this tonight before the “big guy” gets involved, and Laura urged him to do what he needs to do.

Suiting up as Ronin, Clint called a meeting with Maya at the location where they first met aka the site of her father’s murder. After taking down her Tracksuit entourage (including Kazi) one by one, his long-awaited battle with Maya ensued. Yet when Clint had the opportunity to kill her, he chose to show her his face instead, and issued a warning to stay away from him and his family. The ex-Avenger also revealed that Maya’s boss is the one who wanted her father dead. Maya refused to believe that and picked up the Ronin sword to kill him… before Kate arrived just in time to shoot the weapon out of her hand.

Maya fled to meet up with Kazi, who apologized for getting knocked out by Clint. Kazi seemed suspiciously upset that Ronin was still alive, and Maya asked why he didn’t attend the Tracksuit meeting the night her father was killed, since he was William’s second in command. Kazi claimed he wasn’t called for that meeting, but does Maya really believe that?

Kate and Clint left the scene in a rideshare (really, girl?), and during the ride Kate broke the news that she spoke with Natasha’s sister. But Clint already knew who Yelena was, even calling her by her name. Speaking of, the Black Widow assassin followed Kate’s mom to her Park Avenue apartment.

As our heroes wound down at Grills’ apartment, Kate received a text that changed the vibe. Her mother is the one who hired Black Widow to take out Clint. A stunned Kate showed Clint the photo she also received: Eleanor with Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin (again played by Marvel’s Daredevil‘s Vincent D’Onofrio). And yes, he the same “big guy” Clint has been worried about all along.


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Hawkeye Episode 5 Review: Fianchetto

Episode 5 of Marvel’s Hawkeye is a masterclass in building tension, as all the players in the game move to their final positions.

Episode 5 of Marvel’s Hawkeye, “Ronin”, finally let most of our intrepid not-quite-heroes discover that they are just pawns in a bigger game between very some strategic players.

It also saved its last shot for the reveal that fans of Netflix’s Daredevil have been waiting for: the return of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, in his very first MCU appearance.

But before that, some conversations needed to be had, and these extended chats occasionally found me checking the remaining episode time. Not because I was bored – far from it – but because I felt like my brain needed some kinda additional confirmation that this installment of the series was actually planning to spend most of its penultimate episode building tension, rather than releasing it.

Though I can already tell that some Marvel fans are going to be screaming at their screens when the credits roll on this on this one in pure frustration, forced to wait another week for a showdown between Clint, Kate, Echo, Yelena, Eleanor, Kazi, the Tracksuit Mafia, and possibly Wilson Fisk, that’s sort of the whole point of the episode. The players are now right where they need to be for an explosive climax, and that climax wouldn’t be as effective without us knowing what is at stake. As Hawkeye informed us from the start, this isn’t about another MCU apocalypse. It’s not the end of the world. It’s about family, and what you’re willing to do for them and without them.