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HAWKEYE Episode 6 Recap. Watch Ending Explained Spoiler Review

HAWKEYE Episode 6 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review + MCU Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

Hawkeye Episode 6 Finale Review: Bird on the Wire

Episode 6 of Marvel’s Hawkeye, “So This Is Christmas”, sticks its landing with a thrilling finale only slightly marred by its mixed messaging on accountability in the MCU.

Hawkeye Episode 6 Breakdown


In this video, sits down to watch episode 6 of Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye on Disney Plus!

Episode 6 of Marvel’s Hawkeye, “So This Is Christmas”, sticks its landing with a thrilling finale only slightly marred by its mixed messaging on accountability in the MCU.

With 2021 grinding to a halt, Marvel Studios had one final gift to offer fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of its Hawkeye finale on Disney+.

The episode, entitled “So This Is Christmas”, leans into the lyrics of the John Lennon song it appears to be referencing and hopes that the fighting will stop, and that the war will be over. “What have you done?” seems to have been a little out of the show’s reach, but we’ll get to that.

Yes, the war against Thanos may have ended some time ago, but it lingers in the hearts of survivors Yelena Belova and Clint Barton, neither of whom have truly recovered from Natasha Romanoff’s death. Yelena wasn’t even there during that fight, having been snapped out of existence with half the population, but she aches for what she has lost, and that misplaced grief hit Clint square in the face during this finale.


Does Hawkeye Episode 6 have a post credit scene?

The answer is: no, there’s no second end credits scene in Hawkeye, or even any “Hawkeye will return” message, as Marvel is often prone to do.

Is kingpin dead at the end of Hawkeye?

As I mentioned, the Kingpin is in a league of his own and doesn’t die so easily. This is a scene taken from the comics as Maya really did shoot him in the head. It didn’t kill him. Instead, it blinded him.

Is Hawkeye’s wife a shield agent?

Either way, it’s exciting for fans of Cardellini, who finally get an explanation of how she and Clint met (as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents), and are able to officially confirm what we knew all along: she’s a certified badass, Rolex watch and all.

Is Fisk Dead Hawkeye?

That is, until it’s revealed that Kingpin is alive… But that Maya blinded him. Keeping Kingpin alive — somehow — would also open up a lot of story possibilities, particularly with the Hawkeye spinoff series Echo already in the works, which will follow the continuing adventures of Maya Lopez.

Was Hawkeye deaf?

For not only does Hawkeye include a Deaf character, Maya (played by Deaf actress Alaqua Cox), it also focuses on Hawkeye/Clint Barton’s own hearing issues, making him one of the first hard of hearing (HOH) characters whose symptoms are explored on TV.

Is Hawkeye married in Age of Ultron?

Character information : Laura Barton is a Marvel Comics character that appears in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Endgame. Laura is the wife of Clint Barton/Hawkeye. She is kind, gentle, friendly and supportive. She lives at the Barton Family Farm with her (and Clint’s) children, Cooper and Lila Barton.

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Bishops in debt

It turns out that the Bishop family owed Fisk a pile of money when Kate’s dad was killed in the Battle of New York back in 2012. With the debt long paid, Eleanor wants out of the arrangement – she let her ditzy fiance, Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton), take the fall for Fisk’s front company and killed Jack’s uncle Armand.

However, Kate’s investigation into the criminal doings has put her in danger, and Eleanor wants out. It’s a tough situation Eleanor is in, but Fisk fans likely had one thought after this scene: “She’s dead.”

Kate and Clint see a video of the meeting, and he promises to help her, before acknowledging her as his partner. At last.

Kingpin unleashed

Fisk realizes Maya has turned on him as well, so he tasks her underling Kazi (Fra Fee) with taking care of her, Eleanor and Clint.

“The people need to be reminded that this city belongs to me,” the Kingpin says, with his signature dramatic midsentence breaths.
Before his appearance in this show, our last encounter with Fisk was in Netflix’s canceled Daredevil. We saw him being dragged off to prison in that show’s finale, which took place before Thanos’ genocidal Snap in Avengers: Infinity War.

Echo alone

After Fisk gets his much deserved beatdown, Maya tries to convince her childhood friend Kazi to escape the Tracksuit Mafia life, but he asserts that it’s the only life he knows and forces her to kill him. Rough.

Before getting the heck out of dodge and into her own Disney Plus show, she tracks down a wounded Fisk and confronts him about her father’s death. She seemingly shoots him in the face, but it cuts away before we see if he’s dead or alive.

Battle with Black Widow

After tussling with super best frenemy Kate, Yelena confronts Clint on the Rockefeller Center ice rink. She won’t accept that Natasha sacrificed herself rather than Clint killing her, but is ultimately convinced when he uses her and Natasha’s secret whistle.

He reveals that Natasha told him about events of the Black Widow movie’s opening flashback – as her and Yelena’s undercover family escaped the US – and how Yelena’s safety was always her top priority. With the hatchet buried, she walks away from Clint. It’s unclear where she’ll show up next.

Drivin’ home for Christmas

With Fisk defeated, Maya in the wind, Eleanor in jail and Yelena off Clint’s tail, the Hawkeyes and the newly named Lucky the Pizza Dog return to the Barton house on Christmas Day.

Clint returns the Rolex to his wife, Laura, and she turns it around to reveal a SHIELD logo – confirming that she used to work with the super-secret agency.

Kate and Clint then burn the Ronin suit on the barbeque, ending its dark legacy for good. She suggests a bunch of bad aliases she could adopt – Lady Hawk, Hawk Eve, Hawk Shot, Lady Arrow – until Clint suggests simply “Hawkeye.”

Mid-credits musical number

We don’t get any major plot revelations in the mid-credits sequence, just a full rendition of Save the City from Rogers: The Musical, which Clint and his kids attended in the first episode.

It retells the story of the 2012 Avengers in fabulous form, with added Ant-Man (he wasn’t part of the team at that point in the timeline, but he did travel back there in Endgame).

Observations and Easter eggs

A bunch of the cast shared messages via the show’s official Twitter ahead of the finale hitting Disney Plus, including Vincent D’Onofrio. It’s a nice reminder that he’s much less scary than his character.
Clint’s encounter with a cute owl in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is presumably a reference to Rocky, a saw-whet owl discovered in the real-life tree in 2020. She was rescued, rehabilitated and set free – hopefully the same thing happened to her MCU counterpart.
Eleanor tries to weasel out of her crimes right until she’s hauled away in cuffs.
Jack is quite the swashbuckler. I’m glad he survived, and I hope we see him again.


I’m also happy that the final hour of Hawkeye didn’t use itself to set up the next Phase 4 thing coming. There was no Daredevil tease or big cameo. Everyone got closure, even if in some cases that closure likely leads directly to their futures in the MCU.

Echo and Kate will no doubt be back, and so will Yelena. Hawkeye? Well, maybe he’ll finally get that retirement he’s been hankering after for years knowing he’s got such a great replacement ready and willing to fight the good fight, and one who believes she can confidently come to the rescue without the added bonus of super strength or a flying suit that shoots lasers.

Hawkeye, as it’s become clear during this show, is just dog tired. Kate, Echo and Yelena are only just waking up.


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Christmas arrived in the final episode of Hawkeye and Marvel fans will be thrilled with their presents this year.

The hour-long finale featured almost non-stop action and a post-credit scene that fans have been clamoring for since Episode 1 of Hawkeye dropped. Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld’s six-episode series has now come to an end, but there was plenty of drama and action saved for the final episode.

Episode 5 had unveiled the show’s new villain, who was familiar to fans of the Netflix series Daredevil, and Episode 6, “So This Is Christmas?” showed us all why we should be so scared.