What the LG Star Wars C2 OLED TV Offers? How much does it cost?

LG has announced that it is releasing its C2 OLED evo 65-inch Star Wars edition. The special edition television unit is available exclusively on LG’s site for $3,000, starting from 8 a.m. PT (11 a.m. ET) on June 21.

Last month, during the show floor of the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, LG revealed that it would release an ultra-limited C2 OLED evo 65-inch Star Wars edition unit. According to the company, they will only sell 501 units of the said special edition OLED television.

What the LG Star Wars C2 OLED TV Offers?

Expect some flashy design touches with LG’s Star Wars C2 OLED TV. You can also find an imperial logo on the back of the TV. There’s also “stealthy, glossy touches around the bezels that recall Darth Vader’s helmet,” as per the Digital Trends report.

Moreover, prepare to receive “some software features like Empire-skinned navigation screens and the sound of Vader’s breathing upon startup,” according to the Digital Trends.

According to CNET, “the LG’s Star Wars C2 OLED will include a themed Magic Remote, and its user interface will mimic the look of a lightsaber.”

But, what’s actually worth the $3,000 price is the special-edition numbered certificate and the overall collectible nature of this television unit. This is probably what fans of the franchise are after.

However, with the C2 OLED TV, watching any Star Wars content, including the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series, will be a great experience.

What are the features of The LG C2 OLED

The 2022 LG C2 comes in six sizes: 42-inch, 48-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch and 83-inch. Launch pricing is broadly in line with the C1, and actually cheaper in some cases – though remember being an older set, the C1 will be available on all kinds of tempting deals.

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