Ezra Miller

Will WB Still Release The Flash Movie Amid Ezra Miller’s Controversies?

‏With more controversy coming Ezra Miller way, Warner Bros. is no doubt facing a difficult decision regarding The Flash movie set to release in June of next year. What also remains to be seen is #TheFlashMovie, which begs the question: with everything that’s going on with the movie’s main star, what’re WB going to do? #EzraMiller would not be the first troubled actor to be replaced, but we explore what avenues WB could possibly take for the upcoming Flash film and the #DCEU. In much lighter news, a documentary on the Nintendo 64 classic, GoldenEye 007, is set for release. And finally, get ready to snag tickets to see Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero! Crunchyroll has announced that tickets for the global release of the movie will go on sale July 22nd for the US and Canada.