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Breathe in…Breathe Out! How Gaming Can Alleviate Anxiety

When you’re feeling anxious, it can be difficult to think of ways to relax and unwind. Many people respond to stress or anxiety with activities that involve more stress or anxiety, such as hitting the gym or rushing home from work to get dinner on the table before collapsing into bed. But what about healthy ways to cope with stress?

These are some unconventional solutions for staying calm – and not just drinking a glass of wine after work every night. New research suggests that gaming is one potential way to reduce stress and anxiety in our day-to-day lives. There are many benefits from playing video games that go beyond simple escapism. The behaviors they cultivate can positively impact our day-to-day lives in ways we might not expect.

The plain and simple answer is yes, gaming can indeed help reduce your stress levels and anxiety, and it should come as no surprise, really. Think about it, whether you love your trusty console and the gadgets it comes with or prefer registering at a real money online casino, the fun is real. After all, people play games in their free time precisely to relax and unwind, which has the added and much-needed advantage of reducing stress levels.

What is Gaming for Anxiety?

This refers to the use of video games as a way to manage your stress and anxiety. The idea is that playing video games can help improve your mood, reduce stress, and help you relax. So if you are feeling stressed or anxious, playing a video game can be a helpful way to unwind and relax. Video games have been shown to have several benefits for people who suffer from anxiety. They provide an escape from daily worries, can be very immersive and engaging and can help people improve their focus and reduce their stress.

Benefits of Gaming to Relieve Anxiety

One of the more obvious benefits of playing video games to relieve anxiety is that they are entertaining activities. When you have anxiety and feel like you have too much time on your hands, you might find yourself ruminating over your stresses. There are a number of ways that video games can help you manage anxiety, including:

An excellent distraction

Anxiety often stems from focusing too much on the things you’re worried about. When you feel anxious, you may find yourself thinking about a bad situation at work, a problem in your relationship, or a difficult conversation you have to have. This can lead to a vicious cycle of worrying, which can make you feel more stressed and anxious.

Aids in relaxation

When you’re feeling anxious, it’s difficult to relax. But relaxation has been shown to be effective in managing anxiety. Some research has found that playing video games can reduce your blood pressure. Gaming may not be as effective as other relaxation techniques, but it’s still a helpful strategy.

Improve your focus

Anxiety often comes with an inability to focus on work or other daily activities. If you feel like you can’t pay attention to anything, gaming can be a helpful way to improve your focus.

Build Confidence

While gaming has numerous benefits for managing anxiety and helping you be more confident, it’s important to choose the right kind of game. There are many games out there that can help you manage your worries. If you’re looking to find the best games, here are some to keep in mind:

  • Multiplayer Games – Playing multiplayer games can be a good way to help build confidence. If you are naturally shy, then you might find that you struggle to engage with people. Playing online multiplayer games can be a good way to meet new people who share the same interests as you and can help you to build up your confidence.
  • Sports Games – Sports games can also help to build confidence. If you are new to a sport, then you may find that you lack the confidence to play in public. Sports games are a good way to practice and gain confidence without putting yourself in a situation that makes you feel anxious.

Benefits of Gaming: Improves Cognitive Functioning and Focus

It might sound strange to hear that gaming could improve focus and cognitive ability, but these two things are crucial to being able to manage the everyday ups and downs of life. With the rapid rise in mobile gaming, many people are likely engaging in games on the go and while they have free time. This is a great way to squeeze in some gaming time while also doing other things.

Virtual Reality Gaming Could Be the Key to Managing Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you’ve likely tried different methods to try to manage your symptoms. You might have signed up for therapy or meditation classes, or you might be on medication. But what if there was an alternative form of therapy that could make a difference without having to sit in a therapist’s office for years? Virtual reality is a technology that is growing in popularity, there are new companies popping up that specialize in VR for therapy, including for anxiety and PTSD. VR can help users feel present in a world without the triggers that cause anxiety and panic attacks for some people.