Oryen is a Fast-Growing Cryptocurrency Exchange that has Recently Gained Popularity

Oryen is a Fast-Growing Cryptocurrency Exchange that has Recently Gained Popularity.

What is Oryen Network?

Oryen is a community-governed and censorship-proof DeFi platform for staking. The protocol’s developers have built an intuitive staking platform that simplifies staking via the Oryen Autostaking Technic or OAT.

This system powers yield-rich staking with returns of up to 90% per year. Further, investors holding Oryen’s native token ($ORY) are eligible for interest payouts every hour. Oryen Network is the best staking protocol with a high-frequency passive income generation.

To build the best, Oryen has made its framework safe for holding users’ assets. For example, the platform keeps its smart contracts secure through regular audits with SolidProof.

This way, Oryen fends off hackers from the network. Additionally, Oryen utilizes an anti-whale tax mechanism to keep the network 100% decentralized, avoiding potential malice by would-be whales.

Oryen Manages to Attract SHIB and DOGE Holders to Its ICO

Oryen is a promising and fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange that has recently gained popularity. Recently, they announced their third presale phase on November 10, attracting many investors to join the ICO.

The company has also recently gifted its ICO investors with 110% profits. This move has helped them gain their investors’ trust and attract more investors to their platform.

Oryen features 0.177% daily, 90% annual percentage yield (APY). This is a very attractive offer for most investors looking for profitable investments in cryptocurrency exchanges. This makes Oryen appear in the list of best crypto to buy now among Reddit users.

Oryen’s Fast Pace Against Other Crypto Projects

Oryen’s price surge indicates that investors are looking for an alternative way to earn rewards from their crypto assets. The Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) provides an easy and convenient way for users to earn rebase rewards from their Oryen tokens.

Oryen’s unique approach is based on a protocol called OAT, which offers the holder of the ORY token an automatic staking and compounding interest feature. Users who buy ORY automatically get staked and are qualified to receive rebase rewards, making it the easiest auto-staking in DeFi. The appeal to investors of this technology was demonstrated when ORY gained 110% in profits for their ICO investors.

The recent listing has driven the price surge of ORY tokens on Business2Community as the list of top DeFi tokens for 2022. The main reason for this price rise is what investors and traders see as a good investment opportunity. This opportunity comes from investors earning up to 110% ROI on their initial investment after purchasing ORY tokens during the ICO sale period.

The project offers a fixed yield of 0.177% daily, which makes it one of the highest rates currently available on the market. Additionally, holders who hold ORY tokens can earn 90% annually on their holdings through compounding interest.

Early Backers of Oryen Profits up to 110%, How Will Big Eyes and BNB Holders React to That News?

Investors who were quick to get in on the ground floor have already seen their investment increase by as much as 110% since they bought ORY tokens. And that’s just the beginning: there’s still plenty of room for growth. Read on for some of the benefits of investing in a project like Oryen—and how Big Eyes and BNB holders might react to these benefits.

Big Eyes and BNB Holders

As the primary utility token for the larger Binance Network, BNB Coin provides its owners some advantages. With the recently released BNB Vault, BNB holders can now take advantage of staking and passive income benefits, lowering entry barriers for crypto yield earnings.

On the other hand, Big Eyes is also a good investment. Contrary to technical and complex projects, BIG is based on creative and appealing artwork and brings joy back to cryptocurrency.

However, Big Eyes (BIG) and BNB are witnessing a steady decline in value and popularity. Oryen’s ICO presale results have spurred interest from BIG and BNB users looking to invest in the new project. This is because the price of the ORY token rose from $0.05, currently $0.11 in Phase 3, resulting in a 110% gain.

The bottom line

Oryen Network Continues To Increase In Price During ICO Event

As the Oryen network continues to surge in price, the project launch, which is set for December, is increasingly becoming more exciting. ORY could quickly rise in the market, bringing more rewards and benefits to people who purchase the token during its ICO event.

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