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Instagram Money Calculator ; What Can You Earn From Your Post ?

Instagram Money Calculator helps you to calculate the estimated income, earnings, and wealth of any Instagram influencer account. You can also find Instagram followers, likes, followings, engagement rates, biography, comments, and more. You need to take a look at your earning and income in any kinds of digital marketing.

What is Instagram Money Calculator?

We all know that Instagram is a clear winner when it comes to business. And, being a part of Facebook, their number of users are even increasing manifold. Therefore all you need is a good engagement and followers list over this platform to be rocking. No doubt, engaging content is a necessity! Well, you are probably having an Instagram account if you are looking for an Instagram money calculator.

The Instagram money calculator allows calculating the estimated earning of the social media influencer.

In other words, it will calculate the earning based on the engagement rate and the number of followers of the Instagram user. The only thing is to do is you have to put the username, press the check button, and calculate the Instagram influencer’s income.  

Can Instagram pay you?

Unlike YouTube, Instagram doesn’t have any partnership programs for creators. If you want to make money from your Instagram account you can for example:

– Collaborate with brands

– Sell a merchandise, online courses or access to valuable information

– Sell products and services with affiliate program. Also Read:

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What Influences your Instagram Money Income

There are several factors determining the price of your services as a creator:

Your audience size. Largely, the more Instagram followers you have, the higher your potential earnings are per post. Nevertheless, what matters to brands and advertisers is the quality of your audience.

Your content. It comes as no surprise that some content attracts higher levels of engagement, with users being more likely to interact with it. This is the case of influencers in Fashion, Style, Travel, Photography categories, for example. Largely in these categories you will find posts with the highest earnings potential, though not necessarily. At the same time, being a niche creator gives an opportunity to have high earnings since the competition is lower. Pay attention to the contents for Instagram.

The length of a campaign. The third factor that has an impact on the potential earnings of an Instagram post is the length of a given campaign. Some brands pay for posts to stay for a day, while others require creators to keep them in the feed for a week or a month. If a post stays for longer, it will be probably seen by a bigger number of users which increases your potential Instagram earnings. Also Read:

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How much should I get paid for an Instagram post?

In general the price for an Instagram sponsored posts depends on the number of followers, engagement rate and content quality. But in reality the pricing is much more complicated. The price is aldo influencers by the quality of a creator’s audience, their age, gender and location as well as contract’s add ons that brand might include.:

The income calculator for your Instagram account allows any creator to make a forecast of what payment to expect from brands. The tool brings more transparency in the market since it enables creators to know how to price their services. What’s more, as a creator you can use the estimated results while negotiating with brands.  

Instagram Money Calculator

How much money does 10k Instagram followers make?

The actual price for a sponsored post depends on the number of factors, including followers and engagement authenticity. For instance influencers who has about 10K followers usually get from $50 to $150 for a sponsored post and between $20 and $70 for a Story. To check the quality of your audience, use our Free Instagram Audiet tool.

How much money does 1 million Instagram followers make?

In general Instagram account with 1M followers can get between $1K and $5K per sponsored post and between $700 and $1500 per a Story. The actual price will depend on audience quality and engagement. To check how engaged is your audience, try free Instagram Engagement Calculator.

Instagram Money Calculator

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How to use Instagram Money Calculator?

Here are the steps to use Instagram money Calculator:

  1. Firstly, you need to visit website:
  2. secondly, you need to click on the Instagram Money Calculator option on the website.
  3. After visiting on Instagram Money Calculator, you need to enter the Username of Instagram account. (Make sure one thing the username you are entering is correct).
  4. Moreover press the ‘Check’ button.
  5. In addition you will find what you want.

Features of Instagram Money Calculator

The Instagram money calculator is designed to estimate the approximate earning of the Instagram influencers, bloggers, or opinion leaders.

Features of Instagram Money calculator That is to say:

  1. You will find the average likes of the user according to his recent posts.
  2. The Instagram money calculator provides you the details of the number of followers the user has.
  3. The estimate monthly and per post earning of the user.
  4. The engagement rate of the user(Based on recent activities of the user).
  5. And all other details of the user like Biography, Full name, Total number of Posts, Average comments.

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Types of value Calculated on Instagram

The types of values calculated most importantly by Instagram Money Calculator:

  1. Average Likes.
  2. Engagement Rate.
  3. Estimate Monthly Earning.
  4. Estimate Per Post Earning.
  5. Average Comments.
  7. Followings.
  8. Bio & more.


Best 3 Effective Instagram Money Calculator

1. Influencer marketing hub

Right on the official website of Influencermarketinghub, click the icon called Instagram calculator to get your Instagram account’s worth! It is a reliable website determined to provide you with influencer marketing, whether social media, email marketing, YouTube influencer marketing, or e-commerce.

Key Features

  • Uses various aspects to calculate potential earnings, including Instagram Fake Follower Checker, Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator, Instagram Follower Growth Tracker, etc.
  • Distinguishes between celebrity engagement and micro-influencer engagement via calculating the accurate ROI.
  • It contains useful articles on increasing attention via affiliate marketing manually, sponsored ads, etc.

your choice because:

  • Free influencer marketing tools
  • Accurate calculations
  • Use of various aspects

2. as an Instagram calculator IG money calculator provides services of Third-Party Analytics and Campaign Management. As a result, it helps analyze the Instagram account of most relevant persons by choosing their location, age, gender, and more. To use their Calculator, you must have a Creator or Business account subscription with them.

Key Features

  • It provides an estimate for Instagram post impressions, Instagram post reach, Instagram followers, Influencer’s engagement, and estimated price of sponsored posts.
  • Uses the relationship between impressions, reach, engagement rate, and follower’s size to calculate accurate information.
  • The presence of Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Studies on the main interface helps analyze things better.

your choice because:

  • Separate services for brands & agencies
  • Simple user interface

3. IgFace for calculating Instagram income

Let’s talk about Igface, a famous Instagram money calculator tool used by various brands, influencers, and top influencers.

You can contact them separately as influencer, agency, and advertiser for the services. Along with influencer marketing services, Igface also provides various kinds of social media inventory packages.

Key Features

  • Uses the stats such as the number of comments, likes, and followers to estimate your Instagram account’s potential earnings.
  • Enter the name of the Instagram creator account to know the real data over their estimated income.
  • It also calculates the engagement rate on a particular Insta account regarding their creative content and other factors.

your choice because:

  • Easy user interface
  • Also provides social media design services
  • Various influencer marketing tools
Instagram Money Calculator for influencers

Tips for earning money on Instagram

Earn through sponsored content

Instagram is the best way to manifold your earnings via sponsored content. Therefore for the purpose, select a niche, grow your followers, increase your engagement, and partner with brands to get handsome bucks for advertising services. Also Read:

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Be an entrepreneur to make money

Being an entrepreneur on Instagram means to sell their products.

However it is a realm of e-commerce and goes beyond marketing to create a product, produce relevant content, and increase engagement to sell your product.

Affiliate marketing on Instagram

Even though it has a dark negative side, affiliate marketing is another form of making money on Instagram, provided you refer to genuine promises and products for sale. Also Read:

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Drop-shipping to make money

You can sell dropshipped products while running your virtual store on Instagram. You have to make sure that niche and content are synced with each other to get more sales.

Sell Photos to earn money on IG

If you are a damn good photographer, there are chances you can sell your Instagram photos to big brands in the various online marketplace. For example one such marketplace to check for is known as Foap.


So, that’s on the top 6 best Instagram money calculators 2021 worth considering. Also, note that there’s no bad to use money calculators if you are serious and determined enough to make relevant content and money on Instagram.

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