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Video Testimonials : Why You Need It For Your Business?

Ways to Use Customer Testimonial Videos in Marketing

Being a digital marketer on Instagram or other social networks means you’re constantly pulled in different directions—you’re beckoned by blog posts, social media, PPC ads, forum posts, and a million other types of marketing.

Video Testimonials

You might not think that the video testimonials you come across on YouTube and social media are all that special. But they really do work, and there are sound psychological and sales principles behind why they do.

Let’s start with the basics of why you should be spending time creating video testimonials, and then get into some of the more difficult questions, like whether you should hire professionals or what to do if your customers don’t have great stories.

What is a Video Testimonial?

Testimonials are videos that use informal interviews, usually with a strong emotional appeal, to support positive features about a business’s services, product, or workplace.

Testimonials are credible because the person speaks in their own words. Establishing credibility in modern markets is increasingly important because there are more places to get online reviews of a business and more people are using these reviews to determine what they want to buy.

A video testimonial is like a personal recommendation to convince people to check out or try your business’s service.

Testimonials help build authenticity for your brand because they show a genuine experience.

The Facts About Testimonials

  • 77% of people who read reviews before they make an online purchase.
  • Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%.
  • 79% of online shoppers trust online reviews as much as friends and family.
  • 90% of respondents claimed that positive online reviews influence buying decisions
  • 85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a business.
  • Customer reviews create 74% increase in product conversion.


Video Testimonials VS Text Testimonials

If you are just using text testimonials on your website, you are failing to utilize one of your best marketing tools—satisfied customers—to their full potential. Video testimonials are far more engaging and convincing. They will keep visitors on your site longer and increase the chances that they will make a purchase. With an easy-to-use video testimonial service, your customers can easily submit them and you can show them off.



Why Should I Make this kind of Videos?

In short, because video content in this forms are fantastic marketing tools that convert like crazy!

It’s one thing to run an ad that emphasizes the features of your product or service. It’s another to let people see how that product or service improves real customers’ lives. In an age when consumers aren’t very trusting of companies, hearing from fellow consumers makes a big difference.

People don’t trust companies—they trust other people (and they trust online strangers as much as they trust their friends).

This trust goes a long way toward helping consumers make purchase decisions. It’s an example of social proof, the belief that causes people to imitate the behavior of others. So when you show one person that another found success with your company, the first person is likely to assume that they’ll experience success as well. Social proof is a major force when it comes to decision-making.

Moreover, Testimonials of all kinds leverage trust and social proof, and that makes them one of the best ways to convince potential customers that they should buy your product or service. Think about the last time you spent time researching a purchase decision; did you look at customer testimonials or user reviews? There’s a good chance that you did, and it’s largely because social proof is so important.

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Are Video Testimonials Expensive?

They certainly don’t have to be. Multinational corporations have the resources to spend thousands on their testimonials; they use professional equipment, hire video editors to add text and graphics and promote their content all over the internet.

But getting started with video testimonials doesn’t need to cost a fortune. While we recommend using the nicest equipment available, you could get started with a smartphone and free software.

Why Are Video Testimonials so Effective?

Build Brand Trust

It is well known that people trust “real people” more than they do a brand. By showing potential consumers an actual happy customer, your brand is gaining social proof. People will feel more comfortable trusting your brand because you are not the one talking about the brand, a customer is.

The more customers endorse your brand, the more people will see these positive testimonials, and the more credible your brand and its messages become because people are backing up what the brand is communicating.

Create Authenticity

By showing the person that is behind the testimonial, this makes the whole testimonial more trustworthy because you are able to see the expression on their face and their voice as they describe their experience with your brand. This also makes your brand look more transparent and sincere because you are featuring a real person and not just words on a page.

Execute Inexpensively

You do not need to spend big bucks either. Creating a high-quality video testimonial is relatively inexpensive. These videos require minimal equipment and set-up. The essential components of making a great testimonial are lighting and picture quality. With these, the video testimonial will look professional and polished, perfect for projecting a positive image of your brand. Also, compared to paid ads, video testimonials are quick and easy from start to finish. They generate a lot of impressions and ignite word-of-mouth marketing and social sharing.

Ways to Use Customer Testimonial Videos in Marketing

1. Video Testimonials on a Landing Page

There isn’t any better way to use a customer testimonial. Using it on a landing page can significantly boost conversions as it will be used as proof that your product works. Using videos on a landing page increases conversion rate by 86%.

There are multiple ways to use a customer testimonial video on your landing page:

  1. Use it to generate leads.
  2. Use it to persuade visitors to buy your product.
  3. Or, use it as a random testimonial.

What this means is that you can use customer testimonial videos at multiple stages of the sales funnel. You can use it for awareness and to develop an interest in your product (at the top of the funnel).

2. Testimonials on Social Media

Social media is used extensively. Almost half of the world’s population uses social media actively. This is the reason why small businesses and marketers are crazy about social media marketing. And this is why you should use customer testimonial videos on social media.

You can reach your target audience easily if you publish customer testimonials on the right social networks.

3. Create a Blog Post with your Testimonials

Blogging is the top priority of the marketers as blog posts drive organic traffic.

Why not create a blog post around customer testimonial videos?

You can use a case study as a blog post or you can create a blog post around testimonials – your choice.

Of course, you have to be creative here. You cannot just use the transcription of the testimonial as a blog post. Or, simply publishing video testimonial as a blog post won’t deliver value to the readers.

So, Here are a few ways to create a blog post around a customer testimonial video:

  1. Use video in a blog post to refer to a specific feature the customer has emphasized in the video. This will make your blog post trustworthy and credible.
  2. Create a post featuring the testimonial. Add more content, add value, and make it informative (instead of promotional) for the readers. Video testimonials are often considered promotional, write an informative post to reduce the promotional effect.
  3. Create a roundup post featuring several customer testimonial videos.
  4. Create mini case studies from video testimonials and publish these case studies as blog posts. You can insert the video within the case study.
  5. Use video testimonial links as CTAs. Better yet, create banners and insert them in your blog post and other parts of the website. Link banner ads to the testimonial videos.


4. Video Testimonials on your Website

Your website is one of the best places out there to showcase user video testimonials. It is the first place a potential customer will visit so you need to make sure you have evidence reviews and testimonials spread across your website to persuade first-time visitors.

Here are a few places on your website where you can use customer testimonial videos:

  1. Home page
  2. Landing page
  3. Sales page
  4. Testimonial page
  5. Sidebar

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In short, Video Testimonials can be an affordable and effective marketing tool to spread the word about the positive experiences people have with your business.

So, Whether it is a customer review, an employee’s story about your workplace culture, or you as the owner sharing the story of the why behind your business, a testimonial is a powerful way to build the credibility, genuineness, and reputation of your business.