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Miley Cyrus and her taste in fashion: What kind of style does she prefer?

Miley Cyrus‘ style has certainly evolved over the years, going from her country roots and Hannah Montana days to the rebellious risk taker we know and love today. She has long since said goodbye cowboy boots and hats (and, gah! — skirts over footless tights?), trading them in for a badass rock and roll vibe […]

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Does Dylan Minnette know the rules of dressing? he has girlfriend? Are the Wallows a good band?

“Scream” star Dylan Minnette responded on Twitter to fans “demolishing” him for “underdressing” on the red carpet. ‘Scream’ star Dylan Minnette had a bad style on the red carpet Dylan Minnette, the actor, best known for his lead role in “13 Reasons Why” and his alternative rock band Wallows, has a role in the upcoming […]

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Why is Fendi so Popular? What is the Best Brand for Fashion?

Fendi is a fashion label that is pretty much synonymous with luxury. Fendi can easily lay claim to some of the most iconic and recognizable handbags in the world. From the brand’s Peekaboo style to its nostalgic ’90s Baguette, it’s fair to say that when it comes to investment bags, you can always rely on […]