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10 Tips to Conquer Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

The world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) beckons, and you’re ready to take on the challenge!

But where do you start? Don’t worry, this guide will equip you with the essential tips to navigate your FPL journey and emerge victorious (or at least have a ton of fun).

1. Build a Well-Rounded Squad for Gameweek 1:

Laying a solid foundation for your team is vital for FPL success. Resist the urge to splurge on all the premium attackers. While they are tempting, a balanced squad with reliable options across the pitch is more likely to deliver consistent points.

Here’s how to strike the right balance:

  • Goalkeepers: Start with a goalkeeper from a team with a good defensive record and a favorable opening fixture. You can consider rotating goalkeepers throughout the season to maximize clean sheet potential, but prioritize stability for the first few gameweeks.
  • Defenders: Don’t underestimate the value of defenders. Invest in defenders from teams with strong backlines and a knack for keeping clean sheets. Look for full-backs who are attacking threats as well, as they have the potential for additional points through goals and assists.
  • Midfielders: Midfielders are often the creative hub of the team and tend to be major point scorers in FPL. Aim for a mix of attacking midfielders known for their goals and assists, and central midfielders who rack up points through tackles, interceptions, and key passes.
  • Forwards: This is where you can take a slight gamble on a premium striker with a proven goalscoring record. However, don’t neglect a backup forward who offers good value for money. Remember, squad rotation is a reality, so having options upfront is important.

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2. Fixture Frenzy:

The Premier League schedule is your best friend when it comes to maximizing your points potential.

Analyze the upcoming fixtures for all the teams, and prioritize players who have favorable matchups against weaker opponents in the coming gameweeks.

There will be times when a player you like might be in fantastic form, but their upcoming schedule is brutal. In these cases, it’s best to look for an in-form player with a more favorable fixture list.

Online fixture planners are a fantastic tool to help you visualize the upcoming schedule and strategically plan your transfers.

Here’s a more advanced strategy to consider:

Double Gameweeks occur when certain teams play two matches in a single gameweek. These are golden opportunities to exploit by utilizing your chips and strategically transferring in players from teams with double gameweeks.

Conversely, there are also Blank Gameweeks where some teams don’t play due to cup commitments or international breaks.

Try to avoid having too many players from teams with blank gameweeks, as they won’t be able to score points for you.

3. Patience is a Virtue in FPL:

The allure of FPL lies in its constant roster tinkering and player management. However, it’s crucial to exercise patience with your team, especially early in the season.

Avoid knee-jerk reactions based on a single bad performance. Players can go through spells of inconsistency, and transferring them out too soon could leave you scrambling for replacements.

Here are some reasons to be patient with your players:

  • Form is temporary, class is permanent: A player’s current form might be underwhelming, but their underlying talent and ability shouldn’t be discounted. Trust that a proven player will bounce back, especially if their fixture schedule improves.
  • Rotation is real: Managers rotate their squads throughout the season, so a player you fancy might be benched in a particular gameweek. Don’t hit the panic button if your benched player doesn’t score. They might be back in the starting eleven the next week and deliver a haul of points.
  • The points potential is there: Look beyond a single gameweek and assess the upcoming fixtures. If your player has a string of favorable matchups coming up, it might be wise to stick with them and reap the rewards later.

Of course, patience doesn’t mean blind faith. If a player is consistently performing poorly and their future fixtures don’t inspire confidence, then a transfer might be necessary. But remember, a well-timed transfer is more beneficial than a rash decision made out of frustration.

4. Keep it Simple, Captain:

The captain’s armband in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) holds immense power, doubling the points your chosen player scores. Picking the right captain can make the difference between a dream week and a disappointing one.

Here’s a guide to navigate this crucial decision:

Prioritize Form and Fixture:

  • In-form Players: Look for players who have been scoring goals, assisting teammates, or keeping clean sheets consistently. Their hot streak increases the chance of replicating it with captain’s points.
  • Favorable Fixture: Analyze the upcoming opponent. A striker facing a weak defense or a midfielder with a history of scoring against a particular team are prime captain candidates.

Early Season vs. Later Stages:

  • Early On: Consistency is Key: In the first few gameweeks, focus on players with a proven track record of scoring consistently. Their reliability offers a safer bet compared to riskier options.
  • Later Stages: Differential Captain: As the season progresses, consider “differential” captains. These are players with good form and a juicy fixture but with a lower ownership percentage. A high-scoring differential captain can give you a significant advantage over rivals who pick the more popular choices.

5. Stats and the Eye Test:

In Fantasy Premier League (FPL), the debate between “Stats” and the “Eye Test” revolves around the methods used to choose players for your team. Here’s a breakdown of both approaches:


  • Relies on data and statistics to identify players.
  • Websites and FPL tools provide a wealth of statistics, including shots on target, key passes, expected goals (xG), clean sheets, etc.
  • Stats can reveal hidden trends and identify undervalued players who might be exceeding expectations.
  • Offers a more objective and consistent way to compare players across different positions.

Eye Test:

  • Relies on watching actual football matches and judging players based on what you see.
  • Factors in a player’s form, playing style, tactical fit within their team, and overall impact on the game beyond just stats.
  • “Eye test” supporters believe some qualities, like leadership or creativity, aren’t fully captured by statistics.
  • Allows you to identify players who might be due for a breakout based on your observations of their recent performances.

The Ideal Approach:

Most successful FPL managers use a combination of both stats and the eye test.

  • Stats provide a solid foundation: They help identify players in good form and with favorable fixtures.
  • The eye test adds a layer of nuance: It allows you to assess a player’s suitability for your team’s strategy and identify potential breakout candidates.

6. Address Fires First:

Got a player with a red flag (injury)? Prioritize transfers to address those critical gaps in your squad before focusing on upgrades. A strong starting eleven is paramount.

7. Wait for the Wisdom:

Press conferences are a goldmine of information. Managers often reveal team news and potential lineups. Hold off on transfers until after these briefings to make informed decisions.

8. Analysis Paralysis? Don’t Overthink It!

Don’t get caught up in endless transfer deliberations. Research, analyze, but trust your gut instinct and make the transfer. Excessive overthinking can lead to missed opportunities.

9. Enjoy the Ride!

FPL is a game, so have fun with it! The thrill of a well-executed transfer, the agony of a missed penalty – it’s all part of the experience. Share the highs and lows with friends and join the vibrant FPL community.

10. Bonus Tip: Embrace the Resources!

The FPL world is teeming with valuable resources. Utilize FPL websites and apps for player stats, fixture analysis, and expert opinions. There’s a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips to elevate your game.

With these tips in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to FPL glory. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged by initial setbacks. Keep learning, keep strategizing, and most importantly, enjoy the beautiful game through the lens of FPL!