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Dominate Your Draft: A Guide to Fantasy Baseball Strategy for 2024

Fantasy baseball drafts are upon us, and the competition is fierce.

To build a championship-caliber team, you need a solid strategy that considers player rankings, league settings, and a dash of bold intuition.

Here’s your one-stop guide to conquering your fantasy baseball draft:

Know Your League Settings:

  • Categories (Roto) vs. Points:
    • Roto leagues reward well-rounded teams that excel in multiple categories ( batting average, home runs, stolen bases, etc.). Aim for balance and avoid punting (giving up on) categories entirely.
    • Points leagues assign a point value to each statistic. Here, focus on accumulating the most points overall, which might involve prioritizing certain stats.
  • Number of Teams:
    • In smaller leagues (8-10 teams), elite players are more crucial. In larger leagues (12+ teams), value picks become more important.

Draft Day Arsenal:

  • Mock Drafts:
    • Participate in mock drafts to test strategies, identify potential sleepers, and get a feel for the draft flow. Many fantasy baseball websites offer free mock drafts.
  • Draft Rankings:
    • Utilize rankings from reputable sources like Fantasy Pros, CBS Sports, and Pitcher List. These rankings consider projected stats, ADP (Average Draft Position), and player health. Don’t be afraid to deviate slightly if you have strong convictions about a player.
  • ADP as a Guide, Not a Bible:
    • ADP can help identify undervalued players, but don’t be afraid to reach for someone you believe in, especially if there’s a clear value gap between players.
  • Stay Flexible:
    • The draft is a fluid process. Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on who’s available and how the picks unfold.

Building Your Team:

  • Early Rounds (1-3): Hitting Pillars:
    • Here, target elite hitters with high batting averages, home run power, and RBI potential. Consider players like Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, or Aaron Judge.
  • Middle Rounds (4-8): Well-Rounded Offense & Early-Round Pitching:
    • Look for consistent hitters with a blend of batting average, on-base percentage, and power. Target starting pitchers with high strikeout potential and good win-loss projections. Pitching depth becomes more valuable in later rounds.
  • Late Rounds (9-15): Specialists & Waiver Wire Gems:
    • This is where you can snag players who excel in specific categories (stolen bases, saves) or young prospects with breakout potential. Remember, the waiver wire is your friend throughout the season.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy Pro Tips:

  • Don’t Overspend on Closers:
    • Closers are valuable, but their production can be volatile. Aim to grab a closer later in the draft, especially in points leagues.
  • Draft for Sustainability:
    • Consider a player’s injury history and age when making a pick. Younger players with high upside might be riskier but offer long-term value.
  • Embrace the Platoon Advantage:
    • In leagues with deep benches, consider drafting complementary platoon partners, allowing you to exploit matchups and maximize offensive production.

Fantasy baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay active on the waiver wire, make strategic trades, and enjoy the thrill of the competition. With a well-drafted team and a little bit of luck, you’ll be hoisting the fantasy championship trophy in no time!