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Dominate Your Draft: Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2024

The 2024 NFL season is on the horizon, and with it comes the thrill (and stress) of fantasy football drafts. This cheat sheet equips you with the essential information to assemble a championship-caliber team.

Know Your Scoring Settings:

Before diving in, understand your league’s scoring format. Popular options include:

  • PPR (Points Per Reception): Rewards points for receptions, favoring pass-catching running backs and wide receivers.
  • Half-PPR: Offers a middle ground between PPR and standard scoring.
  • Standard: Focuses on touchdowns, rushing yards, and receiving yards.

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Top Overall Rankings:

This list provides a general guideline for drafting the best players regardless of format:

  • RB Christian McCaffrey (SF): The ultimate dual-threat back, excelling in rushing and receiving.
  • WR CeeDee Lamb (DAL): A rising star with elite route-running and YAC (yards after catch) potential.
  • WR Tyreek Hill (MIA): A speed demon who stretches the field and scores touchdowns.
  • WR Justin Jefferson (MIN): A dominant possession receiver with a knack for finding the end zone.
  • WR Ja’Marr Chase (CIN): A big-play machine who can single-handedly win your matchup.
  • RB Breece Hall (NYJ): A talented rookie with a clear path to a heavy workload.
  • WR Amon Ra St. Brown (DET): A PPR monster with a high target share.

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Draft Strategy by Position:

Quarterback (QB):

  • Target: Top 10-12 range.
  • Strategy: Wait on drafting a QB unless you’re in a Superflex league (requires starting multiple QBs). Consistent, high-volume passers like Josh Allen (BUF) or Patrick Mahomes (KC) are solid options in later rounds.

Running Back (RB):

  • Target: First 2-3 rounds.
  • Strategy: Prioritize workhorse backs like Derrick Henry (BAL) or Jonathan Taylor (IND) early. Aim for a handcuff (backup RB on the same team) to your starter for added security.

Wide Receiver (WR):

  • Target: Rounds 2-6.
  • Strategy: Focus on a combination of elite route-runners (Davante Adams, LV) and deep threats (DK Metcalf, SEA) to create a well-rounded receiving corps.

Tight End (TE):

  • Target: Mid-to-late rounds.
  • Strategy: Tight ends are often inconsistent. Target a reliable option like Travis Kelce (KC) or Mark Andrews (BAL) earlier, or grab a high-upside rookie like Sam LaPorta (DET) later.

Defense/Special Teams (DST):

  • Target: Last few rounds.
  • Strategy: Stream defenses based on matchups. Prioritize teams with a strong pass rush and turnover potential.


  • Stay updated: Player injuries and training camp reports can drastically impact rankings.
  • ADP (Average Draft Position): Be aware of a player’s typical draft position to avoid reaching or missing out on value.
  • Draft for your team needs: Don’t be afraid to deviate from rankings if it fills a specific hole on your roster.
  • Mock drafts: Participate in mock drafts to test strategies and stay sharp.

Bonus Tips:

  • Handcuff strategies can be a game-changer if your starting RB gets injured.
  • Consider drafting a kicker with a proven track record and a consistent scoring environment.
  • Don’t be afraid to trade! Make deals to improve your team’s overall strength.

By utilizing this cheat sheet and conducting further research, you’ll be well on your way to drafting a winning fantasy football team in 2024. Good luck!

fantasy football cheat sheet playoffs

A fantasy football “cheat sheet” specifically for the playoffs looks a little different than a standard draft cheat sheet. Here’s why:

Standard Cheat Sheets vs. Playoff Cheat Sheets:

  • Draft Cheat Sheets: Focus on player rankings across a whole season, considering factors like overall talent, projected workload, and team situation.
  • Playoff Cheat Sheets: Shift focus to players with high potential for strong performances in the specific weeks of the playoffs. This means prioritizing players with:
    • Favorable matchups: Look for players facing weak defenses or teams in high-scoring shootouts.
    • Hot hands: Target players who’ve been on a tear lately and are riding a wave of momentum.
    • Volume: Running backs with a guaranteed workload or wide receivers with a high target share are more likely to produce consistent points.
    • Team context: Consider a player’s role within their offense. Is their team likely to be playing from behind and throwing more (good for WRs)? Are they facing elimination and potentially less focused on individual stats (avoid these players).


  • Stay updated: Player injuries and late-season performance can significantly impact their value in the playoffs.
  • Waiver Wire Gems: Look for breakout players or those thrust into a starting role due to injuries who could provide a boost in the playoffs.
  • Don’t be afraid to bench underperformers: Even high draft picks can be benched if they have a tough matchup or their team is out of contention.

By using these tips and the resources available, you can create a customized playoff cheat sheet that gives your fantasy team the edge it needs to claim the championship.