Will Social Casinos Shape the Future of Online Gaming Tech?

The concept of sweepstakes has existed in America since the 1960s. If you’re old enough to remember or a fan of retro television shows, you might come across an advertisement for participating in a survey or some kind of raffle to win sweepstakes prizes like a new car or an appliance. But what exactly are social casinos, and how did they enter the iGaming equation?

The answer is through my travels playing at online casinos since their inception. While the first wave of online casinos opened the door to iGaming in the mid-90s, they weren’t something to cry home about. It wasn’t until broadband and cable internet became mainstream that online casinos really became a force to be reckoned with.

When Delaware became the first US state to sanction online casinos in 2012, the birth of American iGaming was born. However, only seven states support regulated online casinos. So, what are the rest of the states supposed to do? Turn to social casinos, which is something that I have firsthand experience with.

Pros of Social Casinos for Online Tech

  • Social Casinos are Well-Designed and Fast

If you’re a regular at online casinos, you no doubt have become spoiled as I have at the engineering and attention to detail on the site design and how easily you can navigate. Sweepstakes casinos more than hold their own in this regard. They unleash the beast, if you will, about unlocking the full power of HTML5 technology to bring you the best in slot and table games on the same level that you will find elsewhere.

  • Social Casinos Are Highly Secure 

While sweepstakes casinos are officially regulated by state gaming divisions, they still share their commitment to providing a safe and reliable game environment. With cyberthieves stopping at nothing to cause harmful and crippling data hacks, social casinos like McLuck, remain on their toes to maintain the latest cybersecurity measures to keep them out of your private and financial business.

  • Social Casinos Are Rich with Bonuses

It doesn’t matter what type of casino you are in; you need competitive bonuses and promotions to draw new members to sign up and for long-timers to continue coming back. Social casinos continue to break the mold and revolutionize the online casino experience by having two ways to interact with their casino games.

The first way is through bonuses full of gold coins. The gold coins are how players can play their favorite games for free. Gold coins are easy to get, starting with the welcome package. Most social casino welcome packages feature hundreds, if not thousands, of gold coins to get new members on the winning path. I can tell you personally how easy they are to get just by logging into your account or posting on their official social media pages. Social gaming got its name mainly from this, where you can play with your favorites over a game of blackjack or poker without going into your wallet or possibly in debt.

Sweep coins are for those who want to walk away with something cash-related. Please note that I said cash-related because the hook for them to work legally in states is that they can’t let you cash out for money. Don’t worry. Those gift cards you get in the mail are pretty nice, too.

Challenges of Social Casinos for Online Tech

  • Not as Game-Diverse

While social casinos work hard to mimic and provide the same caliber of games you would find at a traditional online casino, there’s a noticeable drop-off in the games. Some social casinos don’t even offer table games. Still, the new ones coming online pride themselves on adding new games frequently and sometimes weekly.