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UFC 5 Announced By EA With a Full Reveal Coming Later

EA has made an official announcement, confirming that they are currently developing UFC 5, with a complete reveal scheduled for September. Insider Gaming previously uncovered the development of UFC 5 after the pause of a Fight Night reboot.

An internal email revealed that Fight Night was temporarily halted to prioritize the timely release and expected quality of UFC 5, meeting the expectations of the UFC audience.

The announcement made on Twitter directs individuals to the EA website, where they can register to receive further updates about the game.

Fans heavily criticized EA Sports UFC 4 for introducing in-game advertisements two weeks after its initial release, despite the game receiving generally positive reviews upon launch.

The game performed well in terms of downloads, ranking as the 16th most downloaded game of 2021 on PSN in North America. As of April 2023, it remained in the top 10 of the PS4 download charts in both the US and Europe.

In June, EA announced a company split and outlined its strategy to align studios into two organizations. These organizations, EA Entertainment and EA SPORTS, would report to the company directly.

The EA Sports UFC franchise focuses on mixed martial arts and features various fighters from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The games provide realistic MMA gameplay, allowing players to control fighters and compete in matches using a combination of striking, grappling, and submissions.

The franchise aims to provide an immersive experience, capturing the excitement and intensity of UFC events. It has evolved over the years with each new installment introducing updated graphics, gameplay mechanics, and roster of fighters.

The UFC 5 release date is still unclear, but it’s likely to be announced during the game’s full reveal in September.

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