South of Midnight: A New Game from Compulsion Games Announced

South of Midnight is a new game from Compulsion Games, the developer behind We Happy Few and Contrast. The game was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, with a stunning trailer that introduced the main characters, the setting and the premise of the game.

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What is South of Midnight?

South of Midnight is a third-person action-adventure game set in a magic realist version of the American South. The game follows Hazel, a young woman who has the ability to see and interact with supernatural creatures that have spilled into the world. Hazel is on a mission to subdue these creatures and restore the balance between the natural and the unnatural.

The game features a stop-motion claymation art style that gives it a unique and charming look. The game also draws inspiration from Southern Gothic literature and movies, such as the works of William Faulkner and Night of the Hunter. The game explores themes of mystery, danger, wonder and magic in the rural areas of the South.

South of Midnight Announced

When and Where Can I Play South of Midnight?

South of Midnight will launch on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and Steam. The game will also be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on day one. There is no release date yet for South of Midnight, but Compulsion Games promises to share more details soon.

South of Midnight Announced

Why Should I Be Excited About South of Midnight?

South of Midnight is a game that offers a fresh and original take on the action-adventure genre. The game combines compelling gameplay, rich storytelling, gorgeous visuals and immersive sound design to create a memorable experience for players.

South of Midnight Announced

The game also showcases the talent and vision of Compulsion Games, one of the studios acquired by Xbox in 2018. Compulsion Games has a track record of creating games that are creative, quirky and atmospheric. South of Midnight is their most ambitious project yet, and one that will surely delight fans of their previous games and new players alike.

South of Midnight is a game that deserves your attention and anticipation. It is a game that will take you on a journey to a magical and mysterious world that is unlike anything you have seen before.

What is the gameplay of South of Midnight like?

South of Midnight is a third-person action-adventure game that involves exploring, fighting, and solving puzzles. Hazel can use her device to activate magic spells and interact with the environment and the creatures. She can also rely on her allies, such as Shakin’ Bones, the mysterious banjo player, to help her in her quest.