Top 10 Board Games to Play-2023

The Fascination of Board Games

The board game industry continues to innovate and produce amazing new titles every year. These 10 games top our list of the best board games to look for in 2023. They represent a spectrum of genres from strategy and adventure to party games, but they’re all united by their creative design and high-quality production.

Some key elements that make board games fun and engaging are:

• Strategic decision making – Most games involve choices where you need to plan several moves ahead and think about the consequences. This stimulates the mind and trains logical thinking.

• Social interaction – Board games are often played with friends and family, fostering communication and teamwork skills while spending quality time together.

• Learning through play – Many games teach new concepts in an enjoyable way, from basic mathematics to complex economic principles. Players learn without even realizing it.

• Creativity – Some games give players the option to come up with creative solutions, deploy innovative strategies, or combine resources in new ways. This facilitates out-of-the-box thinking.

• Escape from screens – In an increasingly digital world, board games offer an analogue form of entertainment that gets people face-to-face around a table. It’s a screen-free experience.

While any board game can provide these benefits, here are some popular options that stand out for their gameplay, components, or themes:

Best Board Games 2023

  1. Root
  2. Betrayal at House on the Hill
  3. Wingspan
  4. Team3 Pink/Green
  5. Unmatched
  6. Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest
  7. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
  8. Twilight Imperium: Fourth Editio
  9. Descent: Legends of the Dark
  10. Undaunted: Stalingrad


clockwork_cover root

Cole Wehrle sparks players’ ruthless ambitions as they recruit forces, conquer territories, and outmaneuver opponents toward victory. Players slice supply lines, scorch territories, and raid nests while plotting cunning strategies to break enemies’ morale.

Root engages players in an active struggle for domination of the great wood as factions viciously vie for control. The factions pursue their goals relentlessly through ingenious player interactions and tight mechanics as Cole Wehrle’s design brings the warring woodland spectacle raucously to life.

• The different factions in Root provide a unique experience for players depending on which one they choose. The goals and play styles of the factions are very different.

• This makes Root a difficult game to learn initially since you need multiple playthroughs to understand each faction. But it also makes the game very rewarding to win once you do grasp the different factions and strategies.

• Getting to know and understand how the different factions work is part of the fun and experience of playing Root over time. This includes the factions in the expansions.

• Playing Root is like reading an engaging book that you want to experience again and again. The more you play, the more you learn and invest in the game.

• The author highly recommends Root and encourages readers to start their Root journey to experience one of the best board games ever created.

In summary, the text emphasizes that the diverse faction-based gameplay in Root, though challenging to learn, makes it a rich and rewarding experience. Familiarity with the different factions over multiple playthroughs drives players to continue coming back for more.

2. Betrayal at House on the Hill: Third Edition

If you enjoy horror in all its forms, from bloody slashers to campy monsters, then the Betrayal at House on Hill series should be on your radar. The latest installment, the third edition published last year, takes this adventure game set in a haunted mansion to new heights.

Initially, players work together to explore the titular house built as tiles are drawn and placed. But discoveries may cause unpredictable betrayals as one player turns traitor in service of the house’s evil forces. What starts as a cooperative game transforms into a thrilling race against time to stop a sinister plot.

The third edition refines and expands the experience in meaningful ways:
• Additional story cards add context and flavor
• Rules updates promote better balance
• Newcomers benefit from a well-written rulebook

For horror fans,Betrayal at House on Hill: Third Edition delivers an improved journey of chills, mystery and sudden twists. Players encounter diverse characters on an adventure that hinges on teamwork…until someone – or something – threatens to tear them apart.

If you enjoy cooperative games that transform into competitive thrill rides, with a healthy dose of horror ambiance, then you’ll get a kick out of this upgraded experience. An improved adventure awaits in the haunted halls of the house on the hill.

3. Wingspan

  • Wingspan, designed by Elizabeth Hargrave, has quickly become one of the most successful board games released in recent years, selling over 1 million copies and launching its designer’s career.
  • The game combines engaging card-driven strategic gameplay with a pleasing nature theme where players attract birds to their habitats.
  • Players add cards to their habitats to perform actions and score points. They gain food to attract birds, lay eggs to increase bird populations, and draw new bird cards to play.
  • The realistic representation of the different birds in terms of diet, egg-laying habits, and wingspan makes building up card combinations even more satisfying.
  • The beautiful artwork depicting the bird species as well as the egg token pieces make the game an aesthetic pleasure to play.
  • With its novel theme, great gameplay, and visual appeal, Wingspan has quickly become a modern classic that is likely to stand the test of time as an all-time great board game.

In summary, Wingspan’s combination of interesting strategy, faithful representation of its bird theme, and gorgeous presentation have made it a breakthrough hit and positioned it to become a modern classic in the board game world. The engaging and satisfying gameplay, paired with the visual and thematic elements, create an experience that has captivated players.

4. Team3 Pink/Green

  • Team3 is a dexterity board game series that challenges players to recreate blueprints using blocks while facing various communication obstacles.
  • One player can see the blueprints but cannot speak. They must communicate nonverbally to a second player who can speak.
  • The speaking player then provides instructions for the third blindfolded player who constructs the design using touch.
  • If instructions are clear and precise, the blindfolded player should be able to rebuild the blueprint within the time limit.
  • However, miscommunication between players often results in chaos and failed attempts, adding to the humor and fun of the scenario.
  • The hilarity of players struggling to instruct or understand each other while desperately trying to complete the challenge is a big part of what makes Team3 so enjoyable.
  • Despite the messiness and chaos, Team3 provides an undeniably fun exercise in cooperating, communicating and problem-solving under constraints – showing that limitations can breed creativity.

In summary, Team3 presents an engaging but comical challenge that tests players’ ability to communicate and coordinate while facing various physical and sensory obstacles. The intentional constraints and probability of miscommunication add an element of unpredictability that generates humor and lighthearted enjoyment, showing that messy fun can be had within structured limitations.

5. Unmatched


  • The concept of Unmatched is for well-known characters from public domain and licensed IP to fight each other in battle.
  • Players each control a character (King Arthur, Medusa, etc) on a simple board, fighting to the death using cards, abilities and allies.
  • Each character’s deck is designed around a different playstyle to approach uniquely. For example:
  • King Arthur has fewer defense cards but can boost attacks
  • Medusa is a ranged attacker with ally cards to absorb damage
  • This character variety makes Unmatched an endless series where each new introduction offers a different experience.
  • The concept ties beautifully into pitting beloved pop culture characters against each other in battle. Characters not only look as imagined but also play as imagined.

In summary, Unmatched’s concept of having famous characters duel each other in battle is brought to life through:

  • Simple but effective gameplay where characters fight to the death using cards and abilities
  • Unique deck designs and playstyles for each character that capture their essence and imagined capabilities
  • Endless variety and replayability as new characters are introduced with different experiences
  • A realization of fans’ imaginings of how characters look and play, fueling the joy of seeing pop culture icons battle each other on the tabletop

6. Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest


An Improved Pirate Experience Awaits in Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest

Fans of Libertalia will be pleased to know its compelling gameplay mechanics and pirate theme persist in Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest. This revamped version reimagines the experience in meaningful ways:

  • Players compete as rival pirate gangs of anthropomorphic animals, seeking the best loot from voyages.
  • Though the gangs cooperate against naval forces, they are willing to undermine each other for advantage.
  • Rounds span multiple days, each offering different loot opportunities.
  • Players secretly select cards determining loot acquisition and abilities that disrupt opponents’ plans.
  • Higher-ranking cards choose loot first but provide no guarantee of the best rewards.
  • The cutthroat, backstabbing nature – combined with new art, components and modes – creates an intense experience suited for cutthroat-loving groups.

In summary, Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest improves upon the original by:

  • Retaining the competing-for-loot gameplay while reimagining the pirate gangs concept
  • Relying on stealth card selection that determines both loot acquisition and disruption of opponents
  • Providing ample opportunities for betraying allies through loot-stealing card abilities
  • Offering a complete visual and mechanical overhaul that enhances the game experience
  • Delivering an experience best enjoyed by groups that embrace the contention within teams as part of the fun.

Libertalia fans will appreciate this revamp that honors what worked in the original while infusing the experience with fresh gameplay ideas, components and art – all in service of an even more thrilling pirate adventure.

7. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

sherlok holmz

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective brilliantly transforms the experience of solving mysteries into an interactive game. Players actively investigate clues, interrogate suspects, and pit their wits against the world’s greatest detective – Sherlock Holmes.

This game puts you right in the middle of a Victorian murder mystery in London. The map, case files and newspaper clippings give you clues to solve the case. It combines choose your own adventure stories, escape rooms and a bit of pretend roleplay into an awesome board game.

Over the years, they’ve released different boxes with new mysteries. As you solve clues and read the story, the case develops. You have to figure out whodunit before Sherlock Holmes reveals the answer. Then you have to defend your conclusion when Holmes grills you.

The older boxes are still good, but I’d skip the Jack the Ripper one. Each box is a separate mystery so you can play them in any order.

Whether or not you actually solve the mystery, Consulting Detective is super fun and will probably make you realize just how crappy your detecting skills are compared to Sherlock’s. The game has even been nicknamed “Sherlock Holmes: Insulting Detective.”

In summary, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective brilliantly activates the fun of solving mysteries by challenging players to actively investigate clues, build theories, and defend their conclusions against the world’s greatest detective. The various boxes offer a wealth of standalone but thematically connected interactive mysteries for players to enjoy.

8. Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition

twilight imperil

Twilight Imperium 4E promises an epic board gaming experience, but its reputation for lengthy sessions intimidates some players. Others see in Twilight Imperium 4E one of the most engrossing experiences tabletop gaming can deliver.

Players lead one of 17 civilizations (more in expansions) vying for dominance in a fictional interstellar empire. Multiple victory paths allow different strategies: peaceful or violent.

Each game of Twilight Imperium 4E unfolds differently as players build the galaxy, claim planets, outwit opponents, and complete objectives – some public, others secret.

To succeed, players must skillfully marshal resources and strategic thinking, constantly wary of rivals’ next moves.

Twilight Imperium 4E aggressively delivers:

  • A challenging, strategic contest
    exploits and galaxy building
  • Epic scope with numerous races and victory options
  • Deep gameplay with resource management and secret objectives
  • A unique, immersive science fiction setting

Twilight Imperium 4E promises an exhaustive board gaming marathon that will test and captivate players willing to make the commitment. For those seeking an extraordinarily challenging and all-consuming interstellar power struggle, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition delivers.

9. Descent: Legends of the Dark

descent legends of the dark

Descent: Legends of the Dark Ambitiously Reinvents the Dungeon Crawler GenreDescent: Legends of the Dark represents an ambitious reboot of the beloved Descent dungeon crawler series, introducing an innovative companion app to guide players through its epic fantasy adventure.

The game takes a cinematic, sweeping approach to the classic fantasy quest, featuring 3D environments across multiple vertical levels and a fully-featured companion app that tracks players’ story-shaping decisions during the 30+ hour campaign. The app also brings enemies to life with dynamic behavior that responds to characters’ actions.

Familiar dice-based combat gets a fresh twist through the use of double-sided cards that can be flipped to unlock new options during fights. Characters can take on fatigue to perform more powerful abilities.

Between dungeon crawls, players can retire to a local town to upgrade their equipment using both physical cards and digital effects from the app. They can also embark on side quests that flesh out characters’ backstories while granting gear.

Descent: Legends of the Dark’s seamless blending of physical gameplay and ambitious digital features delivers a slick, satisfying package. The game is billed as the first act of a planned trilogy, signaling the makers’ ambition for the Terrinoth fantasy universe.

In summary, Descent: Legends of the Dark represents an impressive reboot that builds on classic dungeon crawler foundations while innovating through its companion app and 3D environments. The blend of physical and digital gameplay delivers a cinematic, sweeping fantasy experience with potential for future growth, signaling a new era for the Descent series.

10. Undaunted: Stalingrad


Undaunted: Stalingrad Brings the Crucial Battle to Life in a Compelling Way

Though still a young series, Undaunted has made an impact by bringing important World War II battles to the tabletop in an accessible way.

Undaunted: Stalingrad recreates the pivotal Battle of Stalingrad, allowing players to command either the German or Soviet armies and pursue victory conditions using card-driven mechanics.

Players deploy units represented by cards in their army decks, gradually acquiring different types suited for different combat strategies.

Undaunted: Stalingrad offers the most cohesive campaign in the series so far. A overarching storyline unfolds across a series of scenarios, with outcomes shaping later scenarios.

If complex WWII wargames have intimidated you, Undaunted: Stalingrad provides a streamlined yet compelling experience that brings the true stakes of the Battle of Stalingrad to life.

In summary, Undaunted: Stalingrad:

  • Captures the drama of the crucial Battle of Stalingrad in an engaging two-player card game
  • Allows players to command either the German or Soviet armies and pursue victory through cards representing units
  • Features units suited for different strategies that are acquired throughout the scenario-driven campaign
  • Offers an easy to learn but cohesive experience that brings the scale and stakes of the battle to the tabletop
  • Provides an accessible entry point for those interested in World War II games, demonstrating how streamlining mechanics enhances the historical experience rather than detracting from it

Undaunted:Stalingrad skillfully distills the complexity of the Battle of Stalingrad into a tense two-player card game that captures the drama and importance of this pivotal conflict through an engaging and easy to learn system.


This article lists the best board games of 2023 based on popularity, critical acclaim, innovation, and design. Included are cooperative, strategy, family, and party games that offer a deep experience with impressive mechanics, components, and theme. The selections balance crowd-pleasers with more niche titles, showcasing the diversity and creative strengths within the board game hobby. The perfect starting point for anyone looking to expand their board game collection in the new year.

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