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Fire Emblem Engage : Announcement Trailer – Nintendo

All items in the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition

The very first announcement in September’s jam-packed Nintendo Direct was Fire Emblem Engage, a brand-new Switch entry in the long-running turn-based strategy franchise.

The game looks to bring together many of the series’ previous games in the form of rings that allow the main character to summon the spirits of other Fire Emblem heroes in battle. It also seems to include some of the more recent entries’ community-building mechanics, like Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ explorable hub world.

The game doesn’t come out until Jan. 20, 2023, but Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems have already revealed a good bit about the game’s special edition. Known as the Divine Edition, this physical box set will include plenty of goodies for dedicated fans. As of this writing, the Divine Edition isn’t yet available for sale, but it’s likely that it will appear on the market soon.

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical role-playing game

Like most of the games in the Fire Emblem franchise, Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical role-playing game. Instead of only controlling one character, the player controls a whole group of them.

clutchpoints : Each character the player controls has a movement range and an attack range. The player and the opponent take turns in moving their units over a map with grid squares. Once their units are in the range of an enemy, they can then attack their opponent, and hopefully, defeat them.

Different unit types have different weapons that they can utilize. Judging from the trailer, it would seem that the Weapon Triangle from older Fire Emblem games will be implemented after its removal from Fire Emblem Three Houses.

The Weapon Triangle is basically this game’s version of Rock, Paper, Scissors (Sword beats Axe beats Spear beats Sword). Weapons with an advantage hit harder and have an accuracy boost, while those with a disadvantage lose damage and accuracy. Magic also has a similar system, however, there are no indications in the trailer if it will be the same as previous games.

The key feature that Fire Emblem Engage seems to be promoting is the ability for characters to use Emblems. Emblems are the personifications of previous Fire Emblem game characters, with the trailer showing Marth, Sigurd, and Celica. These Emblems, when equipped, grant the player additional abilities, damage, and more. Players may even Engage their Emblem, allowing them to merge with their Emblems and perform special attacks. Using these Emblems increases your bond with them.

Just like in Fire Emblem Three Houses, the player may explore their base of operations, and perform various small tasks to improve it.
Fire Emblem Engage story

The game takes place on the Continent of Elios, a land that was once at war with the Fell Dragon. Thanks to the use of Emblems, heroes from another world, they were able to seal the dragon.

A thousand years later, however, it seems that the seal on the dragon is weakening. You play as a Divine Dragon (gender can be chosen at the beginning of the game), one who fought in the war against the Fell Dragon. After sleeping for a thousand years, you find the land in need of help. Once more, you must fight against the Fell Dragon, and restore peace to the land with the help of the Emblems.


Everything Included in the Fire Emblem: Engage – Divine Edition

For Fire Emblem fans, the Fire Emblem: Engage – Divine Edition is an absolute must-buy.

gamerant : Along with the physical copy of the game, in its standard Nintendo Switch box, the Divine Edition also comes with a sleek steelbook case. The design on the steelbook itself is nothing overly unique, with it essentially being just an expanded version of the standard box art, but that art is fantastic and suits the look of a steelbook nicely.

Fire Emblem: Engage – Divine Edition also comes packed with a slew of other physical goodies. Fans can expect to find a miniature art book inside the Divine Edition, packed to the brim with fully-colored character designs and concept art from the game.

A set of art cards, each depicting an individual character from Fire Emblem: Engage is also included in this collector’s edition, as is a poster featuring the cast, washed in the game’s distinctive red and blue color scheme that seems to be prominent throughout the game’s marketing and design, whether that be in the protagonist’s hair or on the box art.

While the Fire Emblem: Engage – Divine Edition doesn’t offer anything collectors haven’t seen before, with art books, posters, and art cards being a standard for big AAA Nintendo releases, it offers some neat little collectibles for fans of the franchise. Right now, it’s unclear just how much this Divine Edition will cost, or when pre-orders will go live. It’s also unconfirmed exactly where fans will be able to pick up the collector’s edition.


Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo.

First produced and published for the Famicom in 1990, the series currently consists of sixteen core entries and four spinoffs. Gameplay revolves around the tactical movement of characters across grid-based environments, while incorporating a story and characters similar to traditional role-playing video games.

A notable aspect of gameplay is the permanent death of characters in battle, removing them from the rest of the game when they are defeated.

In newer games, from Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem onwards, players get to choose between Classic Mode, in which fallen characters remain dead, or Casual Mode, in which fallen characters are revived for the next battle.

The series title refers to the “Fire Emblem”, a recurring element in the series that is usually portrayed as a royal weapon or shield representing the power of war and dragons. The development of the first game began as a dōjin project by Shouzou Kaga and three other developers. Its success prompted the development of further games in the series.

Kaga headed the development of each entry until the release of Thracia 776, when he left Intelligent Systems and founded his game studio to develop Tear Ring Saga.