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Assassin’s Creed Infinity New Games

Ubisoft has officially revealed Assassin’s Creed Infinity, a new platform and hub for Assassin’s Creed games.

It has also revealed the first two games that will be part of Infinity: one that will follow the life of a Shinobi in feudal Japan, and another helmed by Watch Dogs: Legion director Clint Hocking.

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What is Assassin’s Creed Infinity?

Assassin’s Creed Infinity has been described by the franchise’s executive producer, Marc-Alexis Cote, as “not a game, per se” but rather “the single entry point for our fans into the Assassin’s Creed franchise into the future.” The initiative will see a closer collaboration between Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Quebec as the pair work to guide and define the next installments of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Assassins Creed Infinity (Ac Infinity) a collaborative, cross-studio structure between Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Quebec…will define the overall future of Assassin’s Creed [including] an important upcoming, early-in-development project codenamed Assassin Creed Infinity .

Assassins Creed Infinity Official Reveal Trailer

ign : Revealed today as part of Ubisoft Forward’s Assassin’s Creed Showcase, vice president executive producer of Assassin’s Creed, Marc-Alexis Côté, explained that “Infinity is not a game, per-se. It’s going to be the single entry point for our fans into the Assassin’s Creed franchise into the future.

That hub will be a place where different games will exist, and that appears to start with Assassin’s Creed Codename Red.

Described by Côté as being the “next premium flagship title and the future of our open-world RPG games”, Codename Red is set in feudal Japan, a historical period frequently requested by fans. A very brief trailer showed off a Shinobi jumping onto a pitched roof and then unsheathing their hidden blade, but that’s all that has been shown so far.

Assassin’s Creed Infinity: everything we know so far

Assassin’s Creed Infinity promises big changes for Ubisoft’s series

Assassin’s Creed Infinity is the next big step for Ubisoft’s signature franchise. Historically, it’s never been afraid to evolve, like with jumping through time periods, or transitioning from a stealth action game to more of an RPG.

techradar : Following on from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Ubisoft’s next big project is Assassin’s Creed Infinity, which could represent a seismic shift for the franchise itself. Potentially, this could fundamentally change how the series works by taking a live service approach.

Revealed in a Bloomberg report that’s since been verified by Ubisoft, there’s a chance we might learn more at Gamescom 2022. With Ubisoft in attendance, chances are that this could appear during the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 presentation hosted by Geoff Keighley, though for now, that remains entirely speculative.

Still, Assassin’s Creed Infinity looks set to tie future entries in the franchise together. In what exact form, we don’t yet know, but is this cause for excitement or concern for AC fans? Here’s everything we know so far.

What games are included in Assassin’s Creed Infinity?

Ubisoft has confirmed that two games will be available in the Assassin’s Creed Infinity Hub in the coming years.

gamesradar : The first is Assassin’s Creed Codename Red, which is the Assassin’s Creed Japan game in development at Ubisoft Quebec under the creative direction of Jonathan Dumont – who served as creative director of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Immortals Fenyx Rising. The second is Assassin’s Creed Codename Hexe, a game said to explore Europe’s infamous witch trials from Ubisoft Montreal – with development led by Clint Hocking, the creative director of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Far Cry 2, and Watch Dogs Legion.

The recently announced Assassin’s Creed Mirage – a smaller-scale experience set to release in 2023, which has a broader focus on assassinations, parkour, and stealth like the early games in the series – is not thought to be a part of the Assassin’s Creed Infinity hub. Rather this game from Ubisoft Bordeaux will likely draw a line under the recent era of games, concluding the broader arc that ran through Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla which charted the formation of the Assassin and Templar Orders.

Assassin’s Creed Infinity Multiplayer

Assassin’s Creed Infinity may bring “standalone multiplayer experiences” to the series

Ubisoft is exploring ways to build “standalone multiplayer experiences” for Assassin’s Creed under the new franchise hub that is Assassin’s Creed Infinity.

gamesradar : “Infinity is going to be a hub that will unite all our different experiences and our players together in meaningful ways,” producer Marc-Alexis Côté explained in Ubisoft’s recent Assassin’s Creed showcase. Asked about the possibility of multiple players actually interacting through this hub, he confirmed that “we’re actually investigating how we will bring back standalone, multiplayer experiences into the Assassin’s Creed universe, all connected to the Infinity Hub.”

“Bring back” is the operative phrase here. Assassin’s Creed has become increasingly open-world and single-player focused in recent installments, but multiplayer used to be a major part of the series’ identity. Online modes added a lot of content and personality to the likes of Assassin’s Creed 3, Brotherhood, Revelations, and Black Flag, generally through different shades of stealthy PvP where you tried to outfox other assassins.

Assassin’s Creed Infinity Platform

Assassin’s Creed Infinity is a platform, not a new game, Ubisoft says

It’s a portal ‘into the Assassin’s Creed universe’ that includes multiplayer experiences

polygon : Assassin’s Creed Infinity “is not a game, per se,” according to Ubisoft executive producer Marc-Alexis Côté, but it will be a platform through which Assassin’s Creed fans can visit all the adventures spanning the past 15 years of the globe-trotting, historical sci-fi series.

Further, “We’re actually investigating how we will bring back standalone multiplayer experiences into the Assassin’s Creed universe,” via Infinity, Côté said during Saturday’s Ubisoft Forward showcase.

Otherwise, Ubisoft had no further details on its live service approach to the open-world RPG it launched in November 2007. Ubisoft first revealed Assassin’s Creed Infinity — which is a project code name and may not be its final title — in July 2021. The platform is being developed jointly by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Quebec.

Ubisoft Entertainment SA

Ubi Soft is a French video game company headquartered in Saint-Mandé with development studios across the world. Its video game franchises include Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, For Honor, Just Dance, Prince of Persia, Rabbids, Rayman, Tom Clancy’s, and Watch Dogs.

After Years Of Anticipation, Assassin’s Creed Is Finally Going To Japan

The Ubisoft Forward event revealed Assassin’s Creed Red, the next open world game in the series

kotaku : It’s finally happening: Assassin’s Creed is going to Japan. After a series of earlier reports and leaks, Ubisoft finally made the news official during Saturday’s 2022 gaming showcase.

It was just a short tease, but we got a quick animated glimpse of a ninja slinking through the shadows in feudal Japan. Called Project Red at the moment, Ubisoft confirmed the game will be the next major entry in the series’ latest open world RPG turn.

Development is being led by Ubisoft Quebec, the studio that previously helmed Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s also being directed by Jonathan Dumont, one of the many senior figures within Ubisoft to be accused of bullying and other toxic behavior during a workplace reckoning at the company in 2020.

The company has previously claimed that anyone accused of misconduct had been thoroughly investigated and sanctioned where appropriate.

Assassin’s Creed Infinity Umbrella

I do know that the two other big Assassin’s Creed games teased, Codename Red and Codename Hexe, were shown to be under the Infinity umbrella in some form, but it’s still not clear how they’ll function within it. Stay tuned for more; as yet almost all the future games and Infinity itself don’t even have a year release window. They’re just “on the horizon”. Somewhat Ominous.

Is Assassin’s Creed Infinity free?

Assassin’s Creed Infinity not going to be free to play and this game will have a lot of narrative elements in it, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said. The developers are trying to move many of their main games towards the free-to-play model, but Assassin’s Creed will not be one of them.