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What is the Best Free Online Word Game? + Popular Crossword Puzzles + Play Free Wordle

Word games are spoken, board, or video games often designed to test ability with language or to explore its properties.

Word games are generally used as a source of entertainment, but can additionally serve an educational purpose.

Play Free Online Wordle Game

Wordle is a web-based word game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle, and owned and published by The New York Times Company since 2022.

Types of Word Puzzles

Puzzle solving has an inherent appeal to ESL students and is an active way of learning or revising vocabulary. Students associate word puzzles with recreation and can be less daunting as review tools or even as a test.

By substituting a visual-spacial relationship between meaning and definition, puzzles engage more students with the materials and deepen their mastery of the English lexis. No wonder people have used word puzzles in the classrooms for many years!

Types of word puzzles for all ages including adults!

word puzzles I use in my class.

Some of them sound complicated than they really are so don’t faint. If my students were able to do these, so can you! You will find the step-by-step guide how to create these word puzzles on the links provided.

  • Double-Puzzle
  • Word Search
  • Crossword
  • Caesar Cipher
  • Cryptogram
  • Polybius Square

What is the best online word game?

Arkadium Word Wipe Game

Word Wipe Overview : Play the world’s best word-making game! Link random letters together to form words and clear as many rows as you can!

Word Wipe is a fast, fun, and feverish game with a simple concept — you join tiles of individual letters together into lines to create words.
Often copied by others but never bested, Word Wipe is a classic and quintessential free Arkadium word spelling game that’s sure to keep you on your toes, challenge you and keep you sharp and dialed in!

Free Online Daily Crossword Puzzle

Daily Crossword : The best free online crossword is brand new, every day. No pencil or eraser required!

Want a fun puzzle to help you unwind and exercise your brain? Stay sharp with a free daily crossword!

Crossword puzzles keep your mind fresh and improve your vocabulary. Not only that, but they are incredibly entertaining and engaging too! Arkadium’s game is perfect for regular problem solvers and crossword newbies. Best of all, it’s totally free to play.
Do you consider yourself a puzzle master? Do you spend your Sundays (or even every day) playing crossword puzzles in the newspaper? Then you’re in the right place!

Take a look at our Daily Crossword Puzzle — a classic crossword that delivers new puzzles and exciting challenges every day.

Outspell Spelling Game

Are you a word-lover? If so, you’re in the right place! Outspell is a free online spelling game that will keep you entertained for hours! Similar to Scrabble, in Outspell you build words and score points based on the values of letter tiles. But, Outspell has lots of fun twists that we know you’ll love!

Free Daily Word Search Puzzle

Keep your eye and your mind sharp with our free online daily word puzzle! Come back everyday and see whether your word search skills improve!
How to Play Daily Word Search? First start by choosing which Daily Word Search puzzle you would like to play.

Stan Newman’s Easy Crossword

If you aspire to be a word puzzle master, Stan Newman’s Easy Crossword is a great starting point! Easy Crossword is edited by Stan Newman, the renowned puzzle creator. These crosswords are a premium collection of daily, easy-to-win puzzles — perfect for a relaxing mental escape. Stan Newman’s Easy Crossword is one of the best around and it’s free to play. There’s no need to worry about difficulty, this crossword puzzle is easy in name but just as rewarding to complete.
Want a fun puzzle to play? Try Stan Newman’s Easy Crossword! Easy crossword puzzles are a great brain training tool for problem-solving rookies. They introduce you to the fascinating world of word puzzles and help sharpen the mind for tougher challenges.

Scramble Words Game

Scramble Words is a Scramble-like game that’s sure to become your new favorite!

The goal of this free online game is to unscramble the list of letters found at the bottom of the screen, using either your keyboard or mouse to spell out any word you can create. But, keep in mind that scoring—which is the ultimate goal of the game—is based on the length of the words you spell, the difficulty of the letters used (Z’s and X’s are worth more than more popular letters like A’s or B’s), and how quickly you find and spell each word. Increase the difficulty and you’ll be rewarded handsomely!

Thomas Joseph Crossword

Thomas Joseph Crossword is an engaging and challenging word puzzle with an attractive, colorful grid and a simple type-to-fill-in format complete with erasing capabilities. This addictive, habit-forming crossword puzzle never disappoints.

What is the best free word game

Play word games online for free

So far, 2022 is the year of Wordle, the word puzzle sensation where you get six guesses to figure out a new five-letter word each day. The original Wordle game is free and easy to use on any mobile or desktop browser, but there’s a limit of just one puzzle per day.

Word Master

First up in our list of Wordle-inspired games is Word Master, which is the same idea as Wordle, but without the one-puzzle-per-day limit. You can Wordle over and over to your heart’s content.


Letterle is inspired by Wordle and has a tongue-in-cheek twist: what if you were just guessing a single letter? For a fun twist, try to guess only wrong letters for as long as possible.

Words With Friends

The all-time Magilla Gorilla of word games is Scrabble, and clone Words With Friends is now in its nth iteration of being just different enough to avoid a lawsuit. Play the massively popular grid game by downloading the app (available for both Android and iOS devices).

Scrabble GO

Speaking of Scrabble, the classic word game now has an official app (available for both Android and iOS devices) that also includes a lot of side quests and new modes of play to keep things interesting. Add friends to play against or choose random opponents.

Babble Royale

Babble Royale is one of the most interesting things to emerge in the word games space in a while. It’s a form of battle Scrabble where you’re dropped into a board with a number of other players, and instead of shooting or fighting, you defeat them by hooking your words into theirs. You can download the game for free for Mac or PC machines on Steam.


Wordle has mechanics inspired by games like the classic board game Mastermind, and you can play a version of that here for free. In Mastermind, you guess a sequence of colored balls and receive the same kind of feedback as in Wordle.


Alphabear and Alphabear 2 are cute mobile games where you find and spell words as a way to help boost your collection of adorable bears. In turn, the bears boost your stats and help raise your scores as you progress through the levels. You can download the app for Android or iOS devices.


Bookworm is an iconic web game from about two decades ago, but the original is still great. Spell words using adjacent tiles, but be wary of the red burning tiles—if they reach the bottom of the grid, you lose. You can play it for free online here.


Bananagrams is a tabletop game, but you can play this version online on a desktop or laptop computer. Using a set of tiles you have in your hand, you must spell valid intersecting words.

The New York Times’ Spelling Bee

The New York Times’ Spelling Bee game is one of the previous years’ social media sensations, with its own customized bee hashtag and all. In the game, you have a hexagonal grid of seven letters and must spell as many words as possible, aspiring to “Genius” rank. The pinnacle is each day’s pangram, meaning a word that uses all seven letters.

The 8 Best Free Word Game Apps to Play on Android and iPhone


Wordscapes is a game that combines creating words with a crossword puzzle. You just swipe to connect the letters to create words that fit into the crossword. Keep in mind that not all possible words are correct. They must fit into the crossword puzzle for you to progress.

Words Crush: Hidden Themes

Another letter-connecting word game with a balanced challenge is Words Crush: Hidden Themes. You are presented with letters to connect that create words for the theme. But, the trick is that when you swipe through them, the remaining letters fall. So, be careful to connect them correctly when you have more than one of the same letter.


Maybe when you play a word game, you like to mix pictures with it. If so, take a look at Pictoword. This out-of-the-ordinary word challenge tests your solving skills. You will see two pictures that combine to create a word. For example, one picture might be a key and the other a chalkboard. Fill in the number of letters shown to create one word based on the images.


Another cool word game that uses pictures is Wordalot. Very different from Pictoword, Wordalot is a crossword puzzle. Your clues for each word exist within the displayed picture. So, you must open up your observational skills toolbox for this one, because it can be challenging.

Word Cookies

With an upbeat theme and jolly music, Word Cookies will have you baking up words to solve its puzzles. You will see spots that show how many words you can create and the number of letters in each. Then, drag though the letters at the bottom to create the correct words that fit.

WordWhizzle Search

WordWhizzle Search is similar in gameplay to Word Cookies, but contains a whopping number of levels at over 2,700. You see a theme displayed at the top and spots for words at the bottom. Swipe through the letters to create the words that both match the theme and fit the spots.


Languinis is a matching word puzzle game that features a funky story to go along with it. Match three or more tiles to reveal letters. Then, use those letters to create words and meet the level objectives. Your ultimate goal is to free the little Languinis.

AlphaBetty Saga

If you like to stick with story-based word games, AlphaBetty Saga is a very entertaining option. It’s developed by King, the creators of Candy Crush Saga. This one takes you into a mouse world with Betty and Professor Alpha. Connect touching letters to create the highest scoring words you can and complete the level goals.

Can I play old word games?

Well, you can finally play the game’s entire archive thanks to the aptly titled Wordle Archive website. The free daily word game Wordle blew up in popularity at the start of 2022 despite not having an app and only allowing players to tackle one puzzle per day.

Is there any free word games?

Codeword is one of the best online word games you can play for free with no download. Words interconnect on a grid, and the numbers in each crossword space correspond to a specific letter. For example, every “2” in the puzzle might be the letter “E.” The puzzle uses all 26 letters at least once.

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