Best Free Basketball Games

What is the Best Free Basketball Games to Play Online? You can also become an NBA player

Play free basketball games online and become a part of the most watched sports in the US.

You can also become an NBA player and play for such famous teams as Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers. Learn how to make a slam dunk and perform a jump shot. That’s all you need to become a street ball star.

Top 10 Best Online Basketball Games on Android and iOS

Ranking the top 10 best online games and offline games of basketball on Android and iOS

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world

It has tons of outstanding players, near-constant action, and some of the greatest moments in all sports. Unfortunately, such high praise isn’t transferable to mobile games.

Developers have only just recently started putting some effort into their basketball offerings. The segment is improving, albeit slowly. However, that isn’t to say that you’re completely out of luck.

There are some basketball games for mobile that stand out among the pack and we think this list covers just about all of them. Here are the best basketball games for Android.

Best online basketball games : Play Free

get ready for our collection of top 5 online basketball games and show off your shooting skills and crazy dunks in single and co-op modes.

What is the best free basketball game?

Get ready for our collection of hand-picked online basketball games. Take to the court and show off your shooting skills and awesome dunks!

Street Basketball Games

Sure, playing sell-out games as a world-class professional team is fun. But playing freestyle on the streets as a new kid can be way cooler. You can keep it real and shoot hoops on a graffiti-stained urban backdrop, where some of the pros first started proving their skills.

If you want to play urban basketball games, check out Basket Slam Dunk 2 to drop some slam dunks on the street. You also don’t have any legs, which makes things interesting.

Basketball Arcade also lets you practice your basketball skills on the street by taking free shots at the net.

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a two-player basketball game created by Madpuffers. The game allows you to play with your favorite team and players. The players’ list includes legends like LeBron Hames, James Harden, Stephen Curry, etc. You can play as many teams as you want to try both offensive and defensive skills. is another popular online basketball game on CrazyGames. You have to work together with your team to score the ball. The game uses the standard WASD as the moving button, and your left mouse button controls the player.

Tap-Tap Shots

If you like an endless basketball game, the Tap-Tap Shots is an awesome tapping game. You must attempt to score as many consecutive baskets as possible to beat your highest score. The game can be played on your smartphone as well as other internet-enabled devices.


BasketBros is a fun, fast-paced one on one basketball game with lots of action. You can pick from a variety of characters and let the play begin. The game offers some of the crazy dunks and allows you to step back 3. If the opponent is too annoying, maybe even try the punch out option.

Basketball Skills

Basketball Skills, as the name suggests, is a basketball arcade game. In this game, you must try to score baskets in all the different game modes available. You can play either arcade, time attack, and distance mode.

The best basketball games for Android

There are plenty of good basketball experiences on mobile. Here are the best basketball games for Android!

Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is a fun game to play to pass time. This game has lots of uniforms to customize and players to upgrade to. You should get this game because of the live tournaments where you can win big in-game prizes.

Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball is a two player basketball game where you hop around the court trying to score! You can either play against the NPC or against a friend. Try to grab the ball by jumping towards it, and release the key to shoot. You can even dunk when jumping close to the hoop and releasing the ball on time.

Dude Perfect 2

Dude Perfect 2 is an addictive basketball game. You can check it out here on The game is unblocked.

Ketchapp basketball games

Ketchapp Basketball is a fun sports game by developer Ketchapp! Throw the ball through the hoop, and make sure you never miss! You will get to play a few easy shots first, but once the hoop starts moving things will get tricky!
There are 4 modes to compete with your friends and globally. Can you become Ketchapp Basketball star?
Collect stars to unlock new balls. Improve your skills and become the master of the hoop.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN Fantasy Football is back for another season in the #1 fantasy sports app, alongside fantasy basketball, hockey, baseball, and our uber-fun prediction game, Streak. All ESPN games are completely free to play.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

NBA 2K Mobile is a free basketball game and just one of the many titles brought to you by 2K including NBA 2K22, NBA SuperCard, and the upcoming WWE 2K22! Requires an Internet connection and iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, Mini 4, iPod 7th gen or newer.

Street Basketball Association

Welcome to the”Street Basketball Association”. We will bring you the hottest basketball game experience. You can invite other players to a real-time online competition or rank up while playing various league, cups and events in spectacular arenas.


NBA Jam is a long-running basketball video game series based on the National Basketball Association. Initially developed as arcade games by Midway, the game found popularity with its photorealistic digitized graphics, over-the-top presentation and exaggerated style of two-on-two basketball play.

NBA Live Mobile

NBA LIVE MOBILE SEASON 6 IS HERE. Choose your path to greatness and build your NBA super team.

Draft your team and select your lineup. Basketball legends are yours for the choosing. Increase your basketball teams’ OVR throughout the season by completing sets and participating in LIVE Today and Limited Time Events. Play your way to the top and capture the spotlight to create your legacy, your way.

Dunk and dribble your way to victory in real-time tournament games and casual 3v3 basketball tournaments and matchups. Compete to win PvP matches in PVP Mode, NBA LIVE’s multiplayer sports game. Showdown games and matchups unlock exclusive rewards. Win games to earn arena and showdown masters and climb the ranks to prove that you’ve built one of the strongest teams to date.

What are the most popular Basketball Games?

Basketball Games are free action sports games in which players have to shoot a ball into the hoop.

you can play super fun basketball shooting games anytime you want.

  • Basketball Games
  • Basket slam
  • Sports minibattles
  • Basket Random
  • Jump Dunk 3D
  • Idle Basketball
  • March Madness
  • Basket Swooshes
  • Basketball Simulator
  • Basketball Slam Dunk
  • Basketball Stars
  • GlowIt
  • Basketball 2018
  • Bouncy Dunk
  • Basketball Physics
  • Dunk Line
  • Dunk Ball
  • Dunk Shot
  • Street Ball Jam

‘Run across the field and bounce the ball in the best games from this category. Play online basketball games against the computer or challenge your best friend in the 2 player mode. Learn how to perform a 3 point shootout and win every match.

Players should run across the court, dribble and don’t let their opponents take the ball away. You can also simply pass the ball to a teammate in our online basketball games for free. Become a professional athlete or just a college basketball player and try to score as many points as possible. If a shot misses the hoop, it bounces back onto the court. If an opponent grabs it after a failed shot, that is called a rebound.

Shooting a basketball well isn’t all it takes, though. It doesn’t matter if you want to play street basketball or become a professional athlete for the NBA, on our website you will find free online basketball games for every taste. There is no shortcut on the way to a championship. Only playing one basketball game after another. If you want to turn dunks, hoops and shots into a sports career, you can’t take the easy way in.

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a 2-player basketball game created by Madpuffers. You can play solo or with a friend as a variety of legendary basketball players. Shoot b-ball with the likes of LeBron James, James Harden, and Stephen Curry in Basketball Stars!


Dunk on your friends and beat them! BasketBros is a fast-paced basketball game, just like Basketball Stars. In this game, you choose one of the characters to compete in one on one basketball. Steal the ball by karate-chopping your opponent, or just beat them by dunking all over them!

Tap-Tap Shots

Tap-tap shots is an awesome endless basketball tapping game in which you must attempt to score as many consecutive baskets as possible. You are presented with a basketball, and a series of different height nets to shoot at – you must simply click your left mouse button to make the basketball move. Each shot requires more than one click and you must time your clicks perfectly to push the ball into the net.

Basketball Legends 2020

Basketball Legends 2020 is a 2-player basketball game created by MadPuffers. This game lets you play as all famous basketball players of the past years, including James Harden, Luka Doncic, and of course LeBron James. Choose your team and compete in a tournament against either a computer or another player. Perform dunks and score 3 pointers to win the game. The game is the 2020 edition and sequel to the popular game Basketball Stars.

Basketball Skills

Basketball Skills is the basketball arcade game in which you must try to score baskets in all the different game modes available. You can play either arcade, time attack, and distance mode. Arcade mode gives you 10 balls to use; you must continue to score baskets although it becomes harder each time you score.

Basket Champs

Basket Champs is a fun basketball game! Pick your favorite team and compete in the tournament by scoring more points than your opponents.

Basket Slam Dunk 2

Try to dunk the ball in the return of Basket Slam Dunk! Set your jump power, then try to dunk the ball. Keep dunking until you miss then it is game over. A variety of different game modes, compete for high scores in Arcade mode. Challenge a friend or play against players online in multiplayer mode.

Epic Basketball

Shoot some hoops! Sink the balls into the basket, unlock new characters and abilities as you attempt to get the highest score possible. Pay attention to time bonus hoops to help you increase your chances of topping the Lagged leaderboards in this fun online basketball game by Shared Dreams Studios.

Basket Random

The random series continues with Basket Random! Basketball is here with its most funny and random way. In Basket Random game, try to score a basket by using only one key with different variations from each other! Changing fields, changing players and changing balls do not surprise you! You can be the best of them all. You can play Basket Random game either against CPU or against a friend in 2 player gaming mode! The one who reaches 5 score first, wins the game. Have Fun!

Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot is a burning hot arcade game that anybody can enjoy! Shoot the hoops, unlock new balls, become the next basketball star!

Head Basketball

Enjoy this simple basketball game with characters that have unique ability shots!

College basketball video games in the United States

  • Coach K College Basketball
  • College Hoops 2K6
  • College Hoops 2K7
  • College Hoops 2K8
  • College Slam
  • Courtside College Basketball
  • Dick Vitale’s “Awesome, Baby!” College Hoops
  • ESPN College Hoops 2K5
  • ESPN College Hoops
  • Fox Sports College Hoops ’99
  • NCAA Basketball series
  • NCAA Basketball (video game)
  • NCAA Basketball: Road to the Final Four
  • NCAA College Basketball 2K3
  • NCAA Final Four Basketball
What is the most realistic basketball game?

Perhaps the most realistic of all basketball games, NBA Live is another long-running series from EA Sports that seems to have ended with NBA Live 19, in 2018.

Is NBA a EA game?

NBA Live is a series of basketball video games published by EA Sports.

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