Goodgame Empire

Play Goodgame Empire Online : free-to-play MMO Strategy Game

Goodgame Empire : Play MMO strategy Game, Build a Empire and Fight.

Goodgame Empire is an impressive and graphically rich online strategy game from Europe, which let’s you build your own Middle Ages kingdom in the browser.

Goodgame Empire is a free-to-play and pay-to-win

You can construct buildings, produce resources, research improvements, and even set out to destroy, or ally with those around you. On paper it sounds alright, but the free-to-play nature really ruins the game in the end.

Starting with a single castle, you’ll gradually progress your civilization across the world to create a thriving empire. It’s free-to-play in your web browser, no download required, so get started and join an alliance today!

How to Become Rich in Goodgame Empire!

Advice for New Players of Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire : Build a powerful empire and fight epic battles against millions of players!

As king and lord, you have been called upon to build a mighty fortress and control the fate of your kingdom in this award-winning medieval adventure MMO strategy game.

How to Build an Empire on Goodgame Empire

In the beginning, you start with a castle. From there, there are over 60 buildings for you to construct, with multiple upgrade levels for both buildings and units.

How to  Fight in Battles on Goodgame Empire

In Medieval times, you can’t have friends without enemies. This is a time of empires fighting for dominance, and you’ll be expected to partake in battle.

Goodgame Empire could easily have been a good time sink for players if it balanced out the construction time, dropped the ruby system, and opted to make money on cosmetics alone.

Can you play Goodgame Empire on mobile?

How do you get upgrade tokens in Goodgame Empire?

The Upgrade Token is a currency that can be used to upgrade and/or construct relic buildings such as :

  • Relic Greenhouse
  • Relic Conservatory
  • Relic Woodcutter
  • Relic Quarry
  • Military Academy
  • Armory
  • Relicus
  • Barracks at level 6 and above
  • Encampment at level 8 and above
  • Military District
  • Trade District
  • Inner District
  • All new buildings and new levels came along with July update 2021

you can be obtained from events such as The Outer Realms, Kingdom’s League, Samurai Invasion vendors, The Storm Islands and sometimes from Nobility Contest.

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