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Play 1v1 LOL unblocked in web browser : Third Person Shooter Game like PUBG and Fortnite

1v1 lol is similar to Fortnite but simple and played in your web browser.

Play 1v1 LOL

LOL unblocked is a third-person shooter and construction game.

The mission in this game is to eliminate the opponents and become the last survivor. You can also place platforms to aid your battle. If you enjoy battle royale games like Fortnite then you will enjoy this intense third-person shooter title. Play the whole screen for the best feeling.

  • LMB to shoot/build.
  • WASD to move.
  • Space bar to jump.
  • Shift to crouch.
  • Z, X, C, V, or Y to switch building platforms.
  • F, 1, or 2 to switch weapons.
  • R to rotate stair/reload.
  • G to make door on platforms.
  • E to open doors.

Discover 1v1, the online building simulator & third person shooting game

1v1.lol is a competitive online third-person shooter where you build your way around the map tactically.

You can build platforms, ramps, and walls to aid your defenses and gain an advantage. The main game mode is 1v1 battle royale, where the winner is the last player standing.

1v1. LOL is a free mobile game

that combines building and third-person shooter elements into a single title. It’s on you to eliminate your opponents and remain the last person standing amidst the intense battle royale action, constructing hideouts while outshooting the impending enemies.

1v1.LOL – Third Person Shooter

Fight to survive in this epic multiplayer Battle Royale construction war where only the last player standing still wins and achieves the great and coveted master victory.

Find a 1v1 match against a random player in 3 seconds, without bots, only real players! The 24 hours of the day 🙂

1v1.LOL – Online Building Shooting Simulatorfor Android

Free Android battle royale game

1v1.LOL is a free mobile game that combines building and third-person shooter elements into a single title. It’s on you to eliminate your opponents and remain the last person standing amidst the intense battle royale action, constructing hideouts while outshooting the impending enemies.
Build and fight

1v1.LOL stands out from other shooting games like PUBG by letting you build a shelter to protect yourself from enemy invasions.

It borrows heavily from Fortnite when it comes to these mechanics. Place roof and floor panels, erect walls and add stairs to confuse and beat the competitors.

The online building element becomes much more adrenaline-pumping in combination with heavy shooting action.

The on-screen buttons make the gameplay straightforward. Pick the setup that feels the most natural to accurately control your weapons and trigger the explosions quicker than the other players.

Can I play 1v1 lol?

There is a Battle Royale mode in 1v1. lol which allows up to 10 players. There are other modes that let you play against more than 1 player too.


Is 1v1 lol Fortnite?

1v1.LOL is an action online game where you can shoot and build up platforms.

The game is similar in theme to Fortnite. The game offers you multiple mods, so you can either play battle royale, where the last man standing wins, or a quick 1v1 action. There, you will be trying to build up your defenses and kill your opponent.

There will be 3 weapons and a multitude of platforms available. You can play with a friend, but you’ll need to register. The building of the platforms can be a bit difficult at the start, but you’ll surely get used to it.

What does 1v1 mean in Roblox?

This refers to a 1-on-1 Roblox game in which two players face off against each other.

1v1.LOL – Online Shooting Game

Fight to survive in this epic multiplayer Battle Royale construction war where only the last player standing still wins and achieves the great and coveted master victory.

Who is the best 1v1 champion in League of Legends?

When you’re at odds with other players, you indeed wonder who has the better Champion for specific situations. You’re looking at each other, seeking ways to engage and win the fight. But, there are Champions in League of Legends that strive in one particular aspect – duels.

They are built to fight 1v1, to duel, and battle to the death. Mobility and power are their core abilities, and they will rarely rely on anything but their basic attacks. Some, of course, have kits that are purposed for complementing their dueling capabilities.

the Best 1v1 Champions in League of Legends

Truth be told, these are some of my favorite Champions to play, and most are on my go-to roster for Ranked matches. But some of you might be unfamiliar with them and won’t know how to choose.


Tryndamere is a champion in League of Legends

Tryndamere gains Fury for each attack, critical strike, and killing blow he makes. Fury passively increases his Critical Strike Chance and can be consumed with his Bloodlust spell.


Once a swordmaster in the warhosts of Noxus, Riven is an expatriate in a land she previously tried to conquer. She rose through the ranks on the strength of her conviction and brutal efficiency, and was rewarded with a legendary runic blade and a warband of her own.

However, on the Ionian front, Riven’s faith in her homeland was tested and ultimately broken. Having severed all ties to the empire, she now seeks to find her place in a shattered world, even as rumors abound that Noxus itself has been reforged…

Master Yi

Master Yi teleports across the battlefield with blinding speed, dealing physical damage to multiple units in his path, while simultaneously becoming untargetable. Alpha Strike can critically strike and deals bonus physical damage to monsters. Basic attacks reduce Alpha Strike’s cooldown.


An Ionia Crest Ionian of deep resolve, Yasuo is an agile swordsman who wields the air itself against his enemies. As a proud young man, he was falsely accused of murdering his master—unable to prove his innocence, he was forced to slay his own brother in self-defense.

In time, his master’s true killer was revealed, and his brother mysteriously returned from death, yet Yasuo still could not forgive himself for all he had done. Now, he wanders the world with only the wind to guide his blade.


Twice slain and thrice born, Mordekaiser is a brutal warlord from a foregone epoch who uses his necromantic sorcery to bind souls into an eternity of servitude.

Few now remain who remember his earlier conquests, or know the true extent of his powers—but there are some ancient souls that do, and they fear the day when he may return to claim dominion over both the living and the dead.


The most feared duelist in all Valoran, Fiora is as renowned for her brusque manner and cunning mind as she is for the speed of her bluesteel rapier.

Born to House Laurent in the kingdom of Demacia, Fiora took control of the family from her father in the wake of a scandal that nearly destroyed them. House Laurent’s reputation was sundered, but Fiora bends her every effort to restore her family’s honor and return them to their rightful place among the great and good of Demacia.


Unmatched in both his skill with unique armaments and his biting sarcasm, Jax is the last known weapons master of Icathia. After his homeland was laid low by its own hubris in unleashing the Void, Jax and his kind vowed to protect what little remained.

As magic now rises in the world, this slumbering threat stirs once more, and Jax roams Valoran, wielding the last light of Icathia and testing all warriors he meets to see if any are strong enough to stand beside him…

1v1s are fun

And they’ll quickly become some of your favorite fights in League of Legends if you opt for any of the Champions listed above. But keep in mind not to go for 1v1s and overextend too often. Team participation is key for winning the game, so go for it if you have a solid isolated target. Watch out for any prowling enemies nearby, as it is easy to get ganked by a group of opponents later in the game.

How to 1v1 in Fortnite with Friends

Fortnite is one of the most popular games out there. Ever wondered why it got this colossal popularity boost? That is solely due to its Battle Royale mode that is played by thousands of players every day. Battling 99 other players to survive on your own or with a squad or pair is thoroughly exciting. It sounds fun, but you may also be wondering how you can have a 1v1 fight in Fortnite as well, right?

To play 1v1 in ‘Playground,’ enter the game first.

Once you are in, open the ‘options’ menu. There would be a “Team Select” button at the very bottom of the screen. Now have your friend set up his team and name it to Team 2 or any other name. Join the game as separate teams. In ‘Creative’ mode, you can join the 1v1 game using a code using the ‘Island code’ option.

How to play 1v1 lol in a party with friends

If somebody can’t play Fortnite for whatever reason, 1v1 lol is a great browser-based alternative.

Users only need to visit the 1v1 lol website to start playing, which makes it super easy to quickly team up with other players over the internet. As the old saying goes, everything is better with friends.

Here’s how to play 1v1 lol with friends in an online party:
  1. Visit the 1v1 lol website.
  2. Click the “Party” button.
  3. Choose the “Create Party” option.
  4. Select the preferred game settings, then click “Create Party” again.
  5. Click the button that says “URL” to the left of the “Party ID” text.
  6. Paste and share the URL link with players that want to join the party.
  7. If a person clicks the link, they will automatically be added to the party.
  8. When all players in the party click the “Ready” button, the match will begin.

After following the above steps, users can enjoy building with and battling against friends in 1v1 lol. While playing in an online party, it’s even possible to change character color from the pause menu.

Is 1v1 lol Crossplay?

For those of you who didn’t know, 1v1. LOL has cross-platform capabilities. To play on PC visit the official 1v1 website. If you have an emulator like Memu Play installed, you can play on PC with that instead.

Is 1v1 LOL on Nintendo switch?

Fortnite Battle Royale became one of the most popular video games in the world over the past couple of years. Players can play with each other on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile devices thanks to the title’s cross-platform capabilities.