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Play Stack : The Best Block-Stacking Game

The Stack is a Addictive Game. In this game, you have to stack up a pile of blocks by as simple as Tapping. Build the tower as tall as you can to get a high score. Stack games are incredibly popular, so we’ve searched the internet.

Play STACK for Free

Stack up the blocks as high as you can! A flat block moves back and forth over a stack of blocks of the same size.

Stack: A very simple game done in a beautiful way. Sometimes you don’t need a 500 MB game with high-end graphics, 30-hour story and 500 collectible items. Sometimes you just need a game that you can fire up and play while waiting for the lecturer to arrive. Although I am not a fan of endless games that provide very little replay value, Stack, by Ketchapp, is so simple and such a joy to look at that I might have to make an exception.

Also you Can Download Stack :

Stack up the blocks as high as you can! Simple & Beautiful graphics designed Compete for the best score in the world Stack up the blocks as high as you can! Simple & Beautiful graphics designed Compete for the best score in the world.

How to Play stack on PC and Web Browser?

You can easily play Stack unblocked on virlan.

The player needs to tap the moving block right as it lines up with the stationary stack. As the stack grows, the blocks change colors, and a musical chime slowly increases in pitch with each successful stack.
If it’s not perfectly aligned, any overlapping portion falls off, and the top of the stack becomes smaller. A new moving block appears, now the same size as the top of the stack, and the tempo speeds up, which increases the challenge.
The goal is to build the stack as high as you can before your moving block misses the stack entirely. There’s no goal other than to have the highest stack possible and possibly out-stack other players. A one-time in-app purchase eliminates the banner and pop-up ads.

What should parents know about Stack Game?

Parents need to know that Stack is a simple game about piling up multicolored blocks as neatly as possible.
It’s free to play with ads, though an in-app purchase will turn off the ads; there’s no parent gate on either the purchase or the ads, and the menu icons aren’t labeled so kids might find themselves on iTunes or viewing the leaderboards. There also are no directions, which may be confusing for kids, and the timing required is tricky. At the time of review, there’s no privacy policy available.