Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is an idle/management game where you run a supermarket for monkeys. It’s available online at Virlan Games and as a mobile app on Google Play.


– Plant crops on your farm and harvest them to stock your mart shelves. Customers will buy items.
– Stand at the cash register to collect money from sales.
– Expand your business by unlocking new aisles and hiring assistants using earnings.
– Buy appliances to process raw crops into prepared foods.


– Cute pixel art style with animated monkey characters
– Simple controls that don’t require pressing buttons
– Clear menus and icons for upgrading and customization


– Unlock new hats and costumes for your shopkeeper monkey
– Expand to 3 different mart branches across locations


– Constant sense of growing your business empire
– New mart updates add more products like muffins and ice cream


– Free to play but mobile version contains ads
– No in-app purchases needed to progress


– 4.3 star average rating on Google Play from over 950 reviews
– Both positive comments about relaxed gameplay and complaints about random mobile ads

Monkey Mart Review

I’ve been enjoying playing Monkey Mart for a while now on both mobile and browser. It’s a fun idle/simulation game where you run a supermarket for monkeys.

In the game, you plant various crops like banana, corn and wheat on your farm. You then harvest the fully grown crops and stock the shelves of your mart. Customers (other animal characters) will come to buy the items. You can stand at the register to collect money.

As you earn more cash, you can expand your mart by unlocking new aisles and hiring assistant monkeys to help maintain things. You can also buy appliances to make prepared foods from your harvests. There are options like yogurt maker, peanut butter maker and chocolate maker.

Over time you can build up to 3 different marts/branches across various locations. It’s satisfying to see your little Monkey Mart empire grow. The game provides a soothing yet engaging experience.

Some pros are the cute pixel graphics, relaxing gameplay loop and constant sense of progression. However, the mobile version does sometimes shower you with ads which interrupt gameplay. Also there isn’t a social element like interacting with friends.