Play Stickman Ghost Online for free

Stickman Unblocked Game is an excellent exclusive game full of action

in Stickman Online Game you can play to be a stickman warrior who will face enemies and wants to dominate his home !!! Have fun with this action game, adventure, fighting between stickman ninja and much more.

Stickman Ghost Online is an exciting vertical stickman fighting game with a skillful character armed with a samurai sword to fight endless attackers.

Take on the role of a ghost warrior and use your blade to kill each and every one of the baddies stepping on your way. Try to withstand the attacks to clear all the levels of this free online game.


WASD to move

Spacebar to jump

Click to attack

On mobile devices use the on-screen buttons

Stickman Ghost is a perfect combination of a role-playing game, hack and slash action games, and stickman game.

This game contains a variety of weaponry such as swords, bows to become an archer, bowman. With the skills and equipment, the stickman will be transported to the world of the attractive stickman.

Stickman Ghost 2: Ninja Gameplay