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Stack Ball Fall 3D

In Stack Ball, players guide a ball through an obstacle course made of revolving helix platforms in 3D. The objective is to safely navigate the ball to the bottom while accumulating as many points as possible.

The ball bounces off and destroys colored platforms in its path. However, touching a black platform causes the ball to disintegrate, forcing the player to restart from the top. Players aim to maximize their speed and momentum to penetrate through as many platforms as possible before reaching the finish line. Along the way, they must carefully time their bounces and adjust their trajectory to avoid the black platforms which would result in losing a life. Though simple to grasp, mastering the precise movements needed to navigate through the complex platform arrays takes patience and practice.

How to Play Stack Ball

Aim for the Bottom
Your ultimate goal is to navigate your ball to the bottom of the helix platforms. Aim for the center as much as possible to maximize your momentum.

Build Speed
The faster your ball is moving, the more platforms it can smash through. Build up speed by going straight down the middle at first.

Time Your Bounces
Bounce your ball off colored platforms to change direction, but avoid black platforms. Time your bounces to adjust your trajectory.

Skip Blocks
If a cluster of black platforms is in your path, try to skip over them by building up enough speed from previous bounces.

Restart Quickly
If you do hit a black platform, don’t dwell on it. Quickly restart from the top to continue your descent. The faster you restart, the sooner you can build up speed again.

Improve with Practice
The more you play, the better you’ll get at timing your bounces, adjusting your trajectory, and getting into a rhythm. Just keep at it!