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What is the Best city-building Game? + New Simulation Video Game 2022 + Play Online

list of most anticipated city building, Simulation video game, and management games of 2022.

20 games coming in 2022 that are well worth being excited for if you’re into city building, sim, and management games.

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30 New Upcoming PC CITY-BUILDING Games in 2022 & 2023

+ Best Survival Simulation City-builders!

Don’t you hate it when you buy the latest city-building game and it sucks? The disappointment is immeasurable, but really 90% of all games turn out terrible. Maybe if we see all of the games with potential maybe we can pick a winner. Welcome to my 30 Upcoming PC City-building Games in 2022 and 2023 list!

What is the best city-building game?

From classics like SimCity to the latest and greatest city building games, these are the best of the best.

City life isn’t always a walk in the park (unless you’re actually walking through a park, that is). It’s noisy, crowded, and commutes can be frustrating. If only there was a way to design the perfect city to end all your urban woes…

Luckily, game designers feel your pain and for years they have provided us with an outlet to play God and construct our very own utopias. Why brave the real streets when you can just build your own to go anywhere your heart desires?

Best City Building Games

We’ve constructed our very own list of the Best City Building Games of All Time so that you can find the ideal way to create a world of your very own.

Cities XL

Genre(s) City-building game, massively multiplayer online game. Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer. Cities XL (originally Cities Unlimited) is a city-building video game developed by Monte Cristo as a sequel to their earlier title City Life.


Townscaper is an indie city builder video game. It was released for PC and Mac on the Steam platform in June 2020 by developer Oskar Stålberg. A port to the Nintendo Switch was released in August 2021, alongside which the Steam version left early access. The mobile version was released in October 2021.


SimCity is an open-ended city-building video game series originally designed by Will Wright. The first game in the series, SimCity, was published by Maxis in 1989 and sparked the creation of several sequels and many other spin-off “Sim” titles, including 2000’s The Sims, which itself became a best-selling computer game and franchise.

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a unique combination of multiple successful genres: Survival: The need to survive, feed and ensure survival through hunting, farming and cultivation of the land. Simulation: Create tools and weapons, construct and extend houses, stables and all manner of buildings as you grow an empire.


A complex saga of humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy all living under the rule of the Galactic Empire. Dr Hari Seldon and his loyal followers attempt to preserve their culture as the galaxy collapses around them.

Valhalla Hills

Summary: Valhalla Hills is a humorous new civilization-building strategy game from Daedalic Entertainment.

Urban Empire

Urban Empire is a ‘City Ruler’, pioneering a new breed of strategy game that combines city builder features with political scheming and adds profound social and historical events into the mix, creating a whole new gameplay experience.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is a city building simulation video game initially developed by the Bulgarian studio Haemimont Games, and later by Abstraction Games, and published by Paradox Interactive. It was released on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 15, 2018.

Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a city-building strategy video game developed by Mothership Entertainment and published by Team17. The Beta was released on September 8, 2016 on Microsoft Windows. The main storyline revolves around the human colonisation of an alien planet, in which a new colony must be built in order to survive.

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom is a city-building game with real-time strategy elements, developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. Released for Microsoft Windows and macOS in March 2010, it is the seventh game in The Settlers series.


Banished is a city-building video game developed by Shining Rock Software. It was released for Microsoft Windows on February 18, 2014. The game focuses on careful resource management and survival as an isolated and growing society. Its gameplay can be compared with economic theory on sustainability and optimization.


Planetbase is a space simulation and strategy video game developed by Madruga Works which was released on October 16, 2015 for Microsoft Windows, and January 8, 2016 for OS X. The game involves establishing a human colony on a distant planet and building an outpost to survive on the planet.


Frostpunk is a city-building survival videogame developed and published by 11 bit studios. Players take on the role of a leader in an alternate-history late 19th century, in which they must build and maintain a city during a worldwide volcanic winter, managing resources, making choices on how to survive, and exploring the area outside their city for survivors, resources, or other useful items. The game features several scenarios to undertake, each with their own stories and different challenges.

Anno 2070

Anno 2070 is a city-building and economic simulation game, with real-time strategy elements. It is the 5th game of the Anno series. It was released on 17 November 2011, and was co-developed by the German studios Related Designs and Blue Byte, and published by Ubisoft.

Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is a construction, management and political simulation game in the Tropico series, developed by Limbic Entertainment, published by Kalypso Media, and announced at E3 2017.

Caesar 3

Caesar III is a city-building game released on September 30, 1998, for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, developed by Impressions Games and published by Sierra On-Line. It is the third installment of the Caesar series of games and is part of Sierra’s City Building series.


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Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a 2015 city-building game developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. The game is a single-player open-ended city-building simulation. Players engage in urban planning by controlling zoning, road placement, taxation, public services, and public transportation of an area.

The best PC simulation games

What are the best simulation games on PC? From the all-time greats that are still worth playing; the sims with modding communities who breathe eternal life into them; the facsimiles of an aspect of reality so niche you can barely fathom their existence.

what is Simulation video game

A simulation video game describes a diverse super-category of video games, generally designed to closely simulate real world activities.

A simulation game attempts to copy various activities from real life in the form of a game for various purposes such as training, analysis, prediction, or simply entertainment. Usually there are no strictly defined goals in the game, with the player instead allowed to control a character or environment freely. Well-known examples are war games, business games, and role play simulation.

From three basic types of strategic, planning, and learning exercises: games, simulations, and case studies, a number of hybrids may be considered, including simulation games that are used as case studies.

Comparisons of the merits of simulation games versus other teaching techniques have been carried out by many researchers and a number of comprehensive reviews have been published.

List of Sim video games

This is a list of Sim games, their expansion packs, and compilations. Most games were developed by Maxis and published either by Maxis (pre-1997 acquisition by Electronic Arts) or by Electronic Arts (post-1997). EA has marketed and recruited companies such as Bullfrog Productions, Firaxis Games, and Tilted Mill Entertainment to develop several games under the Sim brand.

The best simulation games on PC are:

  • War Thunder
  • World of Warships
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • Railway Empire
  • Train Sim World
  • Farming Simulator 19
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • F1 2020
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific
  • Dirt Rally
  • X Plane 10 Global
  • Insurgency: Sandstorm
  • IL 2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
  • ARMA 3

The best city-building games on PC 2022

Looking for the best city-building games on PC in 2022?
  • Tropico 6
  • Aven Colony
  • Frostpunk
  • Surviving Mars
  • SimCity 4
  • Cities: Skylines
  • Anno 1800
  • Surviving the Aftermath

Top 8 Free City Building Games for Windows PC

City-builders are an interesting genre of games: You get god-like control over the growth and expansion of urban space and the ability to manage resources on a scale you’d probably never handle in real life (unless, of course, you were actually elected mayor of someplace).

Have a look here at our curated list of the top 8 free city-building games on PC. You’ll be sure to have fun building up your virtual cities, looking after citizens, and even dealing with natural disasters.

  • Cities Skylines
  • Megapolis
  • City Mania
  • Virtual City Playground
  • Pixel Worlds
  • Township
  • Worlds Builder
  • SimCity 4
What are building games called?

Construction and management simulation (CMS), sometimes also called management sim or building sim, is a subgenre of simulation game in which players build, expand or manage fictional communities or projects with limited resources.

Are there any games like SimCity?

Playing God. Developing the most powerful civilization. Area management and complex transport networks. While in real life, not everyone can afford to build a city of their own, in games similar to SimCity it is possible.

What do you call games where you build cities?

From classics like SimCity to the latest and greatest city building games, these are the best of the best.

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