Word Wipe

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Word Wipe Game is a classic and quintessential free word spelling game that’s sure to keep you on your toes, challenge you and keep you sharp and dialed in!

How to Play Word Wipe

To play Word Wipe : search the board for words. Select the letters of the word to remove the tiles. When the tiles disappear, the letters from above fall into their place. You can create words using adjacent letters in any direction, similar to the game Boggle. The minimum word length is three characters.

The ultimate word find game. Time works against you as you form words to clear the board. Lucky for you, the letters can be linked in any direction! The bigger the word, the higher the score!

What is the secret to word wipe?

Drag your mouse over each consecutive letter until you spell your word, essentially wiping away the letter tiles. The tiles above the word that was wiped away will drop down, creating more opportunities to find words.

What are the bombs for in word wipe?

Reply for ask: The bonus bomb helps you delete the Word Wipe letters/alphabets. You simply drag the bombs over the alphabets/letters to delete some of the letters, thereby increasing your chance of clearing all of the letters or words.

Word Wipe Gameplay : Free to Play Word Game

In the vein of familiar word games like Bookworm and Letter Garden comes Word Wipe. Wipe letters to form words and remove them from the grid. Clear enough rows and columns to advance, but don”t forget to watch the clock. Of course, take advantage of the letter bombs for an explosive advantage.

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