Haunted School

Play Haunted School : Action Horror Game

Haunted School is an action horror game to enter the school, find the priest’s belongings and exorcise the girl.
Have fun with this new game Haunted School is an action game, terror in a peculiar school you will have to run through the corridors and escape! How far can you go in this terrifying horror game try to play it on kiz10.

How to Play Haunted School Crazy Games

Haunted School Game : After a long time suffering bullying, a student at a Catholic school ended up hanging herself in the bathroom.
It didn’t take long, and soon after her death, urban legends about the girl began. Some students from the school they had an idea, perhaps as a joke, of doing a ritual to summon the girl’s ghost.

You must go through abandoned corridors, activate the lights to be able to use the elevator and collect useful objects to survive this nightmare. How far will you be able to get alive? Don’t let a little scare stop you from advancing and pay attention to any suspicious movement you feel around you if you want to survive.


WASD or arrow keys = movement
E = pick-up item
R = reload
C = crouch
Left-click = sprint
LMB = shoot
G = drop item
1 / 2 = change slot
ESC = pause

Haunted School Gameplay Walkthrough :‌ Scary Horror game

Haunted School 2 : Android Gameplay

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