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How is Jake from enhypen in a relationship? What is his ideal type?

Let’s start when Jake like someone a lot, expect him to be completely devoted and committed to them. 

Enhypen Jake in a relationship

•Will be extremely loyal towards his partner and expects the same in return
•Jake has a thing for people who have a seductive and mysterious vibe about them
•Jake will be very intense in a relationship, can have tendencies to get attached and become obsessed with his partner
•He can have a hard time showing his deeper feelings towards others
•Once he starts to love his partner deeply, that’s when he becomes attached
•Jake definitely prefers deep relationships rather than a casual one, those aren’t for him
•He has a strong sexual intensity!!!
•It’s all in or nothing for him, there’s no in between so choose carefully when dealing with Jake
•He could have a difficult time finding someone who can handle his intensity better yet can match it.
•Expect him to have a jealous and possessive side in a relationship but it’s because he’s completely committed to someone. So he wants them all to himself
•But to certain people his love can be very overwhelming because of the traits he can carry


If we think he is a guy who likes girls, we could assume he’s into the type that:
Enjoys being close to her partner. Is not someone closed off. She needs to feel the connection too. She needs to know everything about her partner, and vice-versa. Even if she is the one reveling things little by little, and taking her time, she’s still doing it. She won’t closed off. She wants to be in this relationship.
She can be hard to read, but once you get to know her, you know she is a tender, sweet, gentle and kind human being. She is so fragile, even she doesn’t show this side of her that much. She is a reserve creature. She does not like to talk about all her secrets with people she doesn’t trust. She can be a very suspicious of people around her. She is very intuitive too, so she knows when you are being fake, so don’t. Please. Is just for the best, because she won’t hold back. She is blunt about those things, so don’t try to fool her, she knows. And is just worse when people try to deny their bullshit.
She is the friend to call for anything, she will come to your rescue anytime. She is committed in every single relationship she is in. There is nothing that can upset her the most that people not being faithful, or just someone you can’t count on. She is devoted person, with the biggest heart, but she won’t aloud you to walk all over her.
She is a girl who enjoys dressing up. She likes fashion, because she feels that you can express your individuality through the clothes. This is an art form too, you can create whatever you want, you can set the mood for yourself. If you are feeling blue, you can always put some nice clothes on, to cheer you up. If you need to feel confident…the same thing. This helps her to set the energy for the day.
She is a spiritual being as well, very in tune with certain practices that can connect with her higher self; That can help to keep the balance in her life. She needs those moments to be with her own energy and to take care of that, because she is a sensitive person, so she could be affected by people’s energy easily. And, we know is something that is not always good.
She will be able to help Jake when he feels down, or just in a hard moment of his life. She will be the person to help him figure it out, and to realize is not the end of the world too. She can help him to deal with the dense energies, and how to use this in his favor. How to transform this. To do the this inner work, and not to run from it. She could be a light worker too. She certainly had her moments of struggle, when she learned how to handle all the hard balls. So, she is not easily put out of balance; she is someone who can totally face the hard times in life.
She is a wise and mature person, with a lot of experience. She knows that the dark moments of life comes to teach something, and they always pass.

She is very in tune with her artistic side. So, she could use this as a way of therapy. She could be into painting, photograph, music, writing, just all art types of self expression.


He would be a really understanding boyfriend in terms of emotions. He would be that type of boyfriend who says that its okay to cry and be open about your feelings. He would be really loyal boyfriend unless his partner screws up.

Mind you Scorpios are known to have revengeful tendencies. He has very low tolerance for lies and any kind of games in a relationship. He might seem a little too overprotective/possessive to people who lack water/fire in their chart. He is a person who wants to give everything as well as share everything. Physical affection is really really important to him along with emotional attachment.

He is a really emotional person hence would sometimes bottle up his feelings if his partner has arguments. He is hella stubborn so would straight up expect an apology from his partner’s side. He is a really protective boyfriend and he might question on little things like coming home late, getting sick and etc.

He is an amazing boyfriend in terms of understanding feelings and might pick up on his partner’s moods really easily. He’ll be the one to ask how his partner’s emotion well-being is. (get me a jake) He won’t be the awkward type and would educate himself on his partner’s needs. However, he is a person with a very big sense of equality so he might expect his partner to do everything he does too which is not necessarily a bad thing but it can cause a lot of arguments if one or the other part doesn’t agree.

Okayy so there is this thing about Scorpios and going behind the trope forbidden romance so yeah he might get himself in some situations like that sometimes. So he might fall for people who are emotionally unavailable if the Scorpio placements are not developed. When mature, these placements are the real definition of “ride or die”.


He is Scorpio Stellium so emotional sensitivity x100. He likes people who are passionate while being emotionally sensitive and determined about their goals. (that is straight up Sunghoon lol so jakehoon supremacy) On terms of appearance wise, he might like people more on the curvy side.

He might prefer sexy than cute. He might be attracted towards people who don’t say much but say the right things at the right time. He might also be attracted to people who are what you call quiet extroverts or loud introverts.

He might be attracted towards people who have darker or sensual eyes. In terms of personality wise, being respectful is very important to him. He might also like it when the person rebels but only when it is lowkey and not in a attention seeking way.


Way too loud people. A person who is very outwardly expressive with their emotions. He also dislikes rash and ignorant people. Also people who can not establish boundaries. People who do not respect his privacy. People who publicize their relationships. People who disregard their emotions. LIES, even white lies are not tolerated according to him.

Is Jake from ENHYPEN pure Korean?

Both of his parents are Korean, but he was born and grew up in Australia. Since he spent his childhood in Australia, sometimes he is awkward in speaking Korean. He was a trainee in BigHit Entertainment from their global audition in Australia, he trained for 9 months prior to his participation in I-LAND.

Is Jake from ENHYPEN rich?

As you can see, Enhypen makes half of that. Are they rich? no. And yes Jake’s and Jay’s parents might highly be rich, but this doesn’t mean that Jay and Jake themselves are rich, you never know.

Is Jake ENHYPEN Korean or Australian?

Jake (제이크) is a Korean-Australian singer and rapper under Belift Lab. He is a member of the boy group ENHYPEN.

Is Jay from ENHYPEN mixed?

Jay Facts & TMI. Jay was born in Seattle, Washington, United States. … Both of his parents are Korean, he was born and lived in America until grade 4 of elementary school (he was 10 at that time). He is fluent in both English and Korean, he can also speak Japanese (self-taught).

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