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What do fans say about the haircolor of Sunoo from ENHYPEN and his weight? What about his apologizing SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan?

ENHYPEN is sharing new concept photos and music video trailers for their upcoming album “BORDER: CARNIVAL” . ENHYPEN fans ENGENE are following the comeback process with enthusiasm. In the comeback concept photos, fans really liked Sunoo ‘s new hair color and style. Isn’t Sunoo particularly charismatic and different in the photo below?

How was ENHYPEN Sunoo’s New Hair Color?

The other photo of Sunoo , which shows a different vibe in each new photo, is a very distinctive light gray color as below.

In another teaser poster, his hair looks like he’s going to turn into brown or dark blonde. Recently, we have noticed that gray hair color has the advantage of being able to take on different colors at the same time or easily turn it into a different tone in each new activity. For example, BTS Jungkook has managed to look great in all sorts of ways with his blonde hair that has gone gray for a few months. This means that the same gray hair strategy is used in BTS ‘s sibling group ENHYPEN.

Fans Can’t Get Over ENHYPEN Sunoo’s New Hair Color

His style and hair color give off a different type of charisma! These photos give off a totally different vibe from his usual cute and adorable image. Such duality this boy has!

Sunoo trends on Twitter as fans take to social media to express their dissatisfaction with ENHYPEN members constantly talking about his weight

After their debut, ENHYPEN members have been in the spotlight more and more as their fandom is steadily growing in size, with more and more fans joining from across the world. All of the members’ moves, actions, and words have been scrutinized by fans as they follow the group in every activity.

Recently, ENHYPEN and member Sunoo trended on Twitter with fans joining in on a fervent discussion and express how dissatisfied they are with the members constantly mentioning Sunoo’s weight.

International fans have quickly filled the social media platform about their opinions on the matter. Many have pointed out that Sunoo seems to have lost confidence compared to when he first debuted. These fans believe this is due to the members constantly saying how Sunoo has gained weight and has consistently brought up the topic about the member’s weight.

There has been a divide in the fandom as some fans tweeted the instances when the members have joked about Sunoo’s cheeks or when they joked that he looks like Baymax. These fans have pointed out that Sunoo looks uncomfortable in the situations in which the members talk about his weight and deducted that Sunoo’s lack of confidence was caused by these jokes.

However, there are many other fans who have argued that there are many times when the members praised Sunoo for his talent and have encouraged to share positive messages about the group.

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Apologizes To SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, Here’s Why

On the latest episode of SSAP Possible: Melon Station, ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo sent a sweet apology to SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan over a minor misunderstanding that caused laughs for all.

During a live broadcast, a fan asked Sunoo if he knew the new slang phrase “Shingi-banggi Bboongbboong-banggi.” Thinking it was a random phrase created by younger kids, Sunoo was absolutely clueless and responded in a way that reflected it. He quickly learned that the phrase had been created by none other than Jeonghan.

‘Do you know Shingi-banggi Bboongbboong-banggi?’ What is that? Ah…the kids these days. I don’t understand.

Although Sunoo cutely followed up by saying how much he adored Jeonghan’s sense of humor in the live broadcast, he shared what he’d been thinking at the time. Sunoo admitted, “‘That must be some new thing,’ was all I thought. But I didn’t think it would come back and hit me like that.”

Despite it being an honest mistake, Sunoo apologized to Jeonghan and praised the catchy phrase for being clever and trendy.

First off, Jeonghan, I’m really sorry. I think it’s a great creation. It goes well with the current trends.

Sunoo started using the popular phrase as well, sending wishes for it to become even more popular.

And even I use it from time to time! I’ve been using it ever since. Shingi-banggi Bboongbboong-banggi. I hope it spreads more and more.

Sunoo didn’t have to worry too much. Jeonghan was thankful that so many idols have been enjoying the phrase, creating moments that were equally funny and awkward.

Sunoo from  ENHYPEN Reacts To aespa’s Winter Accidentally Taking Their Trophy Is Priceless

While the 2021 Asia Artist Awards gave idols a chance to reunite with their friends, it also created a funny moment between rookie groups ENHYPEN and aespa.

When Winter mixed up the groups’ trophies, Sunoo‘s reaction was the icing on the cake for the adorably awkward moment.

Ready to accept their awards, Aespa and ENHYPEN took the stage to claim their trophy. There was one funny problem.

Soon after picking one up, Winter realized it belonged to ENHYPEN—since each trophy is engraved with their group name. Although Winter quickly put it back in its proper spot and grabbed the correct one, Sunoo had seen it all.

With a shy smile, Winter didn’t waste any time picking up their trophy and speeding off. In fact, she left so quickly that Sunoo couldn’t help but notice.

Making the moment funnier, Sunoo reacted with such a funny face when picking up their trophy that fans were loving it.

From Winter’s adorable mix-up and how cutely she tried to fix it, to Sunoo’s priceless reactions, MYs and ENGENEs wanted even more of the unexpectedly funny interaction. Most of all, congratulations to ENHYPEN and aespa on their wins.

How did Sunoo get in Enhypen?

On June 1, 2020, Sunoo, along with trainees Jake, Sunghoon, Heeseung, K, and Daniel, via Twitter was revealed as an I-LAND contestant. … On September 18, 2020, he ranked 8th place, but he was chosen by the producers, becoming a part of the official lineup of ENHYPEN..

What is Sunoo position in Enhypen?

Sunoo: lead vocalist, dancer. Jake: vocalist, dancer, rapper. Jay: vocalist, dancer, main rapper.

What is Sunoo English name?

ming on Twitter: “ENGLISH NAMES UPDATED☠☠? Sunoo- William/hunter kim nicholas- nicholas wang geonu- Brandon lee yoonwon- aron kim daniel- daniel kim jake- jake shim/jacob jay- jay park jungwon- johnny yang heesung- ethan lee jaebeom- jonathan jung sunghoon- benjamin park” / Twitter.

Does sunoo speak Japanese?

He is fluent in both English and Korean, he can also speak Japanese (self-taught). Trained in SM entertainment before being recruited as BigHit Entertainment’s trainee in 2017. He was trained for 2 years and 11 months.

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