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Is Jay the most charismatic member of ENHYPEN? What does make him attractive?

In a recent post on the online community forum Pann, one netizen talked about how they went crazy because of ENHYPEN Jay’s visuals after seeing him on ‘2022 Weverse Con’. Is Jay really different?

ENHYPEN’s Jay makes everyone fall in love with him with his charismatic visual and sharp jawline

The post received a lot of attention from K-Netizens in a short time. Netizens have started praising Jay’s visual, unique charisma and sharp jawline by sharing pictures of him.

Also, some netizens who are not ENGENE said that they became interested in ENHYPEN after seeing Jay at ‘2022 Weverse Con’. Jay also managed to impress with his charisma-filled stage presence, especially in the “Blockbuster” performance.

Here are some of the netizen comments:

– So handsome.

– I had no intention of being too immersed in being a fan of ENHYPEN, but because of him…There’s something about him that really drives people crazy.

– I’m a fan of another group, but I like him.

– His side profile is just legendary.

– His nose and jawline are insane.
– Jay has a strong and charismatic appearanceㅎㅎㅎ. He also takes care of his members. I hope your next album will be a big hit Jongseong-ah!

ENHYPEN’s Jay performed with black lipstick and fans went crazy

ENHYPEN made a fantastic comeback with their new album and title track “Blessed-Cursed” just a few days ago. While all members are getting attention individually with their charisma in the performance video, Jay’s black lipstick caused fans to go crazy.

Black lipstick is a look which only a few people can pull off, but Jay has pulled off this look, and it suits him well.

Some comments also said that Jay looks like a webtoon character with his high nose, sharp jawline, and black lipstick.

Not everyone may like black lipstick, but no one can deny that Jay shines and stands out on stage in every way with his unique visual and talent.

Jay’s Before and After Debut

Jay from ENHYPEN possibly had a nose job done. Some sources also found out that his nose in the past wasn’t as pointy as it is now. However, people might not notice the differences. Jay’s nose looks very natural and matches his facial features. Do you think Jay’s nose in the past and his current nose have the same appearance or not?

ENHYPEN’s Jay & His Never-Ending Embarrassing Moments: The Real

Every K-Pop stan has their favorite OTPs (One True Pairings), but Jay x Jay might be the most entertaining one in ENHYPEN. During his time on I-LAND, Jay had many embarrassing moments that made fans love him even more. Here are 10+ of them!

1. When Jungkook dissed him in front of the whole world. In Episode 7, BTS addressed the trainees’ concerns in a Q&A session. Jay’s concern was, of course, about how to be less embarrassing.

So, what did Jungkook say? “This question is gonna be one of your embarrassing moments too.”

2. When his mom dissed him in front of the whole world. Jay’s mom became viewers’ new favorite person after a hilarious phone call. Thanks to his test scores and ranking, Jay won the change to call a loved one as a perk. When he called his mom, she immediately asked him if he’d dropped out.

Then she said, “You didn’t do anything weird out of trauma, did you? You already have so many embarrassing moments. There’s no trainee with so many embarrassing moments.”

3. When he slithered across the floor. Note: This happened after Jay’s mom told him to stop being embarrassing.

4. When he became a weepy meme. I-LAND was an emotional roller coaster with plenty of sad moments, but Jay’s teary reaction ended up becoming meme material!

When the I-LANDers saw it on the big screen, they burst out laughing, and so did Jay.

5. When he did whatever this is. So, this is what a Jay fish looks like out of water!

6. Ghosts? Big nope! Jay is not a fan of ghosts, especially the one that haunted I-LAND. He was so freaked out that he asked Sunghoon to shower with him……then attempted to exorcise the ghost by dancing.

The other embaressing moments

7. Resentment. Anger. Shame. During one heartbreaking scene, Jay volunteered for parts but was rejected over and over again. In an interview segment, he summed up his frustration with three words: resentment, anger, and shame.

At the time, it wasn’t funny, but “resentment, anger, shame” ended up being his motto. He even worked it into his greeting for the producers. “I’ll lighten up the mood with my resentment, anger, and shame. I am the brand new RAS leader, Jay!”

8. His extra special warm-ups. Step 1: Engage every single muscle in your face. Step 2: Make siren noises. Step 3: Realize that this moment will be on the internet forever.

9. When practiced BTS’s “DNA” Jay lip-synced and acted out “DNA” like he in front of a mirror alone in his room, not in a training studio for everyone to see.

10. Astronomers have discovered a new black hole. Guess where it is. Is this a human idol-to-be or an alien testing its new disguise? We may never know.

11. He can’t let his guard down. Ever.

Is Jay from ENHYPEN full Korean?

Jay was born in Seattle, Washington, United States. His family consists of mother and father. … Both of his parents are Korean, he was born and lived in America until grade 4 of elementary school (he was 10 at that time). He is fluent in both English and Korean, he can also speak Japanese (self-taught).

What happened to Jay ENHYPEN?

ENHYPEN members Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake and Sunghoon have been diagnosed as positive for the COVID-19 infection while undergoing self-quarantine. … He was found positive for COVID-19 on the morning of Monday, August 30.

Is Jay from ENHYPEN rich?

As you can see, Enhypen makes half of that. Are they rich? no. And yes Jake’s and Jay’s parents might highly be rich, but this doesn’t mean that Jay and Jake themselves are rich, you never know.

Is ENHYPEN Jay Japanese?

Park Jong-seong (Hangul: 박종성, Japanese: パク・ジョンソン), more well known by his stage name Jay (Hangul: 제이, Japanese: ジェイ), is a member of the South Korean boy group ENHYPEN. He was born on April, 20, 2002.

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