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Twitch Changing Name Following Plagiarism Accusations ! Streamlabs changes its name after backlash from Twitch stars and open source software maker

Popular Twitch Software Changing Name Following Plagiarism Accusations

OBS, Lightstream, and others have accused Streamlabs of copying their brands without consent

the Twitter account for the livestreaming software Lightstream accused rival streaming software maker Streamlabs of stealing marketing copy from its website.

After Lightstream tweeted about how Streamlabs’ website text was modeled on its own, other companies began to corroborate with their own negative experiences with Streamlabs.

Among those were the makers of OBS, a widely used streaming application which accused Streamlabs of using the name “OBS” in a release of its own, Streamlabs OBS, without permission. Earlier today, Streamlabs announced that it would be removing the “OBS” from “Streamlabs OBS” (SLOBS).

Streamlabs OBS is a cloud-based livestreaming software built off of the open-source OBS code. While the base software is free, it also offers paid services. It has partnered with big names in the streaming space, including Twitch and the popular streamer Pokimane. According to OBS, an open-source streaming software project, Streamlabs reached out to ask if they could use the name OBS.

OBS says that after asking Streamlabs not to do so, the company promptly filed a trademark for Streamlabs OBS. As a result, many people began to confuse Streamlabs OBS and the original OBS. Some in the gaming community even had no idea that the companies had no affiliation with each other.

Many streamers and members of the gaming community have called for users to switch over from Streamlabs to other streaming services like OBS. However, Several Streamlabs users have also pointed out that the Streamlabs software uses interface designs that make it harder (or more recently, seemingly impossible) for users to cancel their paid services.

Streamlabs changes its name after backlash from Twitch stars and open source software maker

One of the most popular streaming software makers is in hot water after being called out by top Twitch personalities and the open source project that served as a backbone for the company’s success.

Streamlabs, formerly Streamlabs OBS, changed its name Wednesday after backlash spread on Twitter against the company over alleged sketchy business practices.

The OBS Project, short for Open Broadcaster Software, provided the open source technical framework for Streamlabs. But in spite of Streamlabs’ decision to include “OBS” in its name, the company and the open source project were apparently never on good terms.

According to a tweet from the OBS Project, the open source group previously asked Streamlabs not to include “OBS” in its name at launch. Streamlabs ignored the request, a choice that likely led many of the software’s users to assume the two products were closely affiliated. To make matters even more confusing, Logitech actually owns Streamlabs, after buying the company for $89 million back in 2019.

On Tuesday, Streamlabs launched a new console Twitch streaming tool called Streamlabs Studio for Xbox. Lightstream, a rival livestreaming software maker, stirred up the current controversy on Twitter when its CEO pointed out the striking similarities between Streamlabs’ webpage for the console streaming tool and its own, right down to the word-for-word identical user testimonials. Capture card maker Elgato also chimed in on Twitter, suggesting that the company had its own experience with Streamlabs copying a product.

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Twitch is an American video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of esports competitions.

In addition, it offers music broadcasts, creative content, and more recently, “in real life” streams. It is operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of, Inc.

It was introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform Content on the site can be viewed either live or via video on demand.


Streamlabs will drop ‘OBS’ name after getting called out by open-source app

Pokimane threatened to stop using the platform if it doesn’t change its name

Popular streamers quickly caught onto the drama. Pokimane, one of the most well-known personalities on Twitch, threatened to stop representing and using the platform if Streamlabs doesn’t resolve the issue.

Streamlabs later responded to the accusations in a tweet, stating that it will take immediate action to remove “OBS” from its product name. It also notes that “Streamlabs OBS is built on top of the OBS open-source platform” and that its own platform is also open-source. To me, this just seems like Streamlabs’ weak justification for using the name.

Streamlabs was likely faced with no choice but to change its name, especially when a Twitch streamer with over 8 million followers threatens to stop representing the service. The entire drama does make you wonder if Streamlabs intentionally put OBS in its name to attract people to its service. After all, basically everyone in the world of streaming knows OBS.

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