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The 10 most popular TikTok clips in the UK . Who is Viral TikTok superstar Mia the cat !

The most popular UK TiKTok videos of 2021 revealed The viral TikTok superstar – Mia the cat! In a year that saw sea shanties and viral dances keep us entertained, it was a stealthy cat called Mia that claimed the top spot for TikTok’s most watched video of 2021. Viewed over 185 million times, the […]


What exactly is diabetes type 2 ? What are the main causes of diabetes?

Understanding the factors that cause type 2 diabetes is critical to improving the grim statistics. Type 2 diabetes affects one in every three people! MILLIONS of people in the UK suffer from type 2 diabetes, which is expected to rise in prevalence over the next decade. Understanding the factors that cause type 2 diabetes is […]


پرطرفدار ترین بازی های ویدیویی

به دنبال بهترین بازی های ویدیویی برای بازی بر روی رایانه شخصی، PS5، PS4، Xbox Series X/S/One و سوییچ هستید؟ محبوب‌ترین بازی‌های ویدیویی شامل تیراندازی اول شخص، نبرد رویال‌های چندنفره، MOBA، بازی‌های مبارزه‌ای، RPG و بازی‌های ویدیویی با ورق کلکسیونی بود. رتبه بندی محبوب ترین بازی های ویدیویی این لیست از بازی‌های ویدیویی پربازدید در […]


सबसे लोकप्रिय वीडियो गेम

PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One और स्विच पर खेलने के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ वीडियो गेम की तलाश है? सबसे लोकप्रिय वीडियो गेम में प्रथम-व्यक्ति निशानेबाज, मल्टीप्लेयर बैटल रॉयल, MOBA, फाइटिंग गेम्स, आरपीजी और संग्रहणीय कार्ड वीडियो गेम शामिल थे। सबसे लोकप्रिय वीडियो गेम की रैंकिंग। क्लासिक गेम और नए गेम दोनों के साथ, अभी सबसे […]


أشهر ألعاب الفيديو

هل تبحث عن أفضل ألعاب الفيديو للعب على الكمبيوتر الشخصي و PS5 و PS4 و Xbox Series X / S / One و Switch؟ تضمنت ألعاب الفيديو الأكثر شيوعًا ألعاب إطلاق النار من منظور الشخص الأول ، و Battle Royes متعددة اللاعبين ، و MOBA ، وألعاب القتال ، و RPGs ، وألعاب الفيديو القابلة […]

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Audi and Porsche would join separate racing teams in Formula 1 2026

Why An Audi Or Porsche Formula 1 Entry Is More Likely Than Ever Before Audi and Porsche have decided to join Formula 1, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess has announced. The brands were able to convince VW that the move will "bring in more money than it will cost." — Front Office Sports (@FOS) May […]

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Did Russia own Ukraine? Who controls Crimea today? Where is Kyiv?

Ukraine was a country in Eastern Europe. This country is bordered by Russia to the east; In the north with Belarus; To the west by Poland, Slovakia and Hungary; It was bordered to the southwest by Romania and Moldova, to the south by the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov, with Kiev as its […]

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Why did Russia invade Ukraine? The largest military offensive since World War II

When did Russia start invading Ukraine? On February 24, 2022, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine. The attack comes after a long-running mobilization of troops on the Ukrainian-Russian border, Russia’s recognition of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in the days before the invasion, and the entry of Russian troops into the Donbas region […]

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Discovery of the new HIV Variant: A more Infectious and Severe Virus awaits us

New research from the University of Oxford finds a new variant of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, that is potentially more infectious and could more seriously affect the immune system. So far, 109 people, most of whom live in the Netherlands, have the variant. More aggressive HIV strain that leads to AIDS twice as […]

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What does Endemic Phase Mean? What is the difference between an Epidemic and a Pandemic?

What Is a Pandemic? A pandemic is an epidemic of an infectious disease that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents or worldwide, affecting a substantial number of individuals. A widespread endemic disease with a stable number of infected individuals is not a pandemic. Widespread endemic diseases with a stable number of […]

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