Sebastian Vettel is potentially eyeing a return to F1

Damon Hill would not sign Sebastian Vettel if he was currently a team principal in F1, believing the four-time title winner’s best days are now behind him.

Although Vettel retired at the end of the 22 to spend more time with his family, a potential return has been mooted for the 36-year-old following a recent media tour to promote an energy drink in which he has invested.

Vettel to Mercedes? Sebastian Vettel thinking about F1 return

Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz are all candidates for Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes seat

Toto Wolff gives away his top candidate to replace Lewis Hamilton for F1 2025 season

The likes of Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz are all candidates for Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes seat, but Toto Wolff seems to be focussed upon getting Andrea Kimi Antonelli ready for an F1 bow

Toto Wolff is prepared to let top Formula 1 stars sign for rival teams as he focuses on his clear top candidate to replace Lewis Hamilton – a teenager.

Andrea Kimi Antonelli is only 17 but Mercedes are stepping up their efforts to get him ready for an F1 bow as soon as next year.

Sebastian Vettel has admitted he would consider coming out of retirement, while the likes of Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz are also strong candidates for Hamilton’s seat.

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An F1 world champion doesn’t think Mercedes should sign Sebastian Vettel

Ahead of this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, Toto Wolff conceded Vettel is “someone you can never discount” as Mercedes weigh up their options.

But Hill says he wouldn’t “take a chance” on whether Vettel can rediscover his best form, after enduring a difficult couple of final seasons prior to his retirement.

“He burned very brightly for an intense period. Then, something happened,” Hill told Sky F1.

“It petered out. It bumped along. I never saw that form, of the youthful Vettel that was dominant.

“He was great at the beginning of his career. Then, when it got difficult at Ferrari, it became a labour.

“Would you, as a team boss, take a chance on him rediscovering his form? I wouldn’t, frankly.”

I hope they will find someone great

The only thing that really matters to me is that the team hires someone who is honest and in tune with the team and where it is headed, added Hamilton.

He does not forget to acknowledge the work of his teammate in the German team. They already have George and he is perfect, so finding a good option next to him, I’m sure they have so many good options.

I think it’s always great to give the opportunity to stand out to up-and-coming drivers so the idea of a young driver coming to replace me is exciting.

No hard feelings towards Hamilton who wishes the best for the team that saw him grow.

“I hope they will find someone compassionate, capable of working with great people and who continues to uplift them.

There are so many great people in this team. There are some who are good drivers but maybe not the best within the team, I don’t know because I am not with them all.