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TikTok + Audius ? TikTok partners with music streamer Audius on TikTok Sounds

Audius Price Jumps 50% Becomes First Music Streaming Platform to Partner with TikTok

TikTok Mixes It Up With Ethereum, Taps Audius as First Music Streaming Partner

Artists can now easily share their tunes from the decentralized music service into the social video juggernaut.

  • Audius, a decentralized blockchain-based streaming music service, has partnered with social video app TikTok.
  • Artists on Audius can now share their songs to TikTok for users to include in videos.

The popular social media short video platform TikTok has partnered with Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH)-backed music streaming app Audius.

According to Rolling Stone, music creators who use the Audius app can now publish their music under the “TikTok Sounds” section.

“Any artist can take a song they already have on Audius and just export it over to TikTok in one click,” Forrest Browning, Audius’ co-founder and chief product officer, told Rolling Stone.

The list of artists on the platform already includes Skrillex, deadmau5, and Weezer, among others.

Music creators are not paid directly by Audius based on streams. Instead, they are given the infrastructure needed to monetize their work. Artists are also rewarded for contributing to the platform with Audius (CRYPTO: AUDIO)’s native token.

The music streaming platform was launched in 2019 on the Ethereum-based POA network and later moved to Solana (CRYPTO: SOL).

TikTok partners with crypto-powered music streaming platform Audius

According to Audius co-founder and chief product officer Forrest Browning, roughly 95% of users “have no idea that blockchain is even involved.”
Music-sharing protocol Audius became one of the first streaming platforms to partner with TikTok, allowing users to directly share tracks to the popular app.

In a Monday announcement, Audius said it had partnered with TikTok in the creation of a new feature called TikTok Sounds. According to a Rolling Stone interview with Audius co-founder and chief product officer Forrest Browning, the integration will allow users to export songs created with the protocol to TikTok with one click, in an effort to streamline the process.

Though Audius claims it seeks to leverage blockchain technology to reward content creators as well as increase transparency on payouts to artists, the integration with TikTok seems to be more about the music rather than pushing messages about cryptocurrency or decentralized finance. According to Browning, roughly 95% of Audius users “have no idea that blockchain is even involved.”

Approaching 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok reported in July that 75% of its users based in the United States discover new artists through the app. Audius now has roughly 5 million monthly active users after an October launch, with many of its governance tokens allocated to creators based on the number of streams they generate. TikTok does not currently allow users to receive performance royalties from streaming music but instead offers opportunities for exposure and engagement with fans.

TikTok Sounds is meant to streamline the process of adding original songs to TikTok.

Audius is one of the third-party apps to integrate with TikTok’s Sound Kit, first announced in May, according to TikTok.

Forrest Browning, an Audius co-founder and chief product officer, told Rolling Stone that the current process to get music onto TikTok isn’t efficient. Audius didn’t immediately respond to CNET’s request for comment.

As of last fall, TikTok has 732 million users logging an average of 89 minutes per day on the app, according to a report from Music Business Worldwide. In July, TikTok released a study showing 75% of its US users discover new artists on the platform.

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Audius Price Jumps 50% Becomes First Music Streaming Platform to Partner with TikTok

Audius has to offer:

Upload unlimited music without paying anything to Audius for doing so.
They provide in-depth statistics and advanced metrics that allow the artist great control and understanding of their music.
Exclusive content tailored by you for your audience that can be unlocked and/or purchased with AUDIO.
Audius offers the highest royalties to artists over any other streaming platform.