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What is BTS Military Service Exemption Act ? K-pop Idols’ Enlistments to the Military

bts military exemption

Will BTS be exempted from the military under the new amendment act?

The National Defense Commission will discuss BTS’ military service benefits to know if the members will be excused from serving the military.

K-pop Military Service

When BTS gained worldwide popularity, there was a continuing argument about their fate in the Korean music industry and their inevitable military enlistment.

In South Korea, all male citizens are required to serve the military for 18 months. Formerly, the age of joining was 28 years old, then it was adjusted to age 30 in December last year.

The ones who will be enlisted are required to spend two years before reaching the age of 30.

This regulation is obligatory for all men from South Korea, except for athletes and persons with disabilities.
K-pop Idols’ Enlistments to the Military

In the past years, K-pop idols were enlisted for mandatory military service. It was then noticed that if one group member is not present during the group’s activities because of the enlistment, their popularity somewhat decreases.

BTS’ Willingness to Enlist

The seven-member K-pop group boosted tourism in Korea. Because of them, there have been a lot of K-pop fans wanting to learn how to speak Korean all over the world.

There is also an increasing interest in the culture of Korea, and also interest in beauty, food, music, movies, and television globally.

BTS brought a total of five billion dollars annually to the economy of South Korea. With their overflowing success, the South Korean government enacted a bill last December 2020 that raised the age of joining the military from 28 then to 30 years old for K-Pop stars.

The bill was made before Jin’s birthday, BTS’ oldest member, who just turned 29 in 2020.

ARMYs are now speculating about BTS’ possible exemption from serving in the military. Many questions have been asked to the BTS members about their idea of being required to join the military service.

He stated that it would be an opportunity for them to serve their country and if he will be called to enlist, he will join without any questions or complaints.

BTS Military enlistment in Discussion

An association made for the growth of the industry of K-Pop, Korea Music Contents Association (MCON), has denied the modifications to the Military Service Act to exempt the Bangtan Boys from being enlisted.


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BTS Military Service Exemption Act, Bangtan special discussion explored

BTS Military Service Exemption Act is in discussion at the National Defense Commission.

The committee has initiated a serious discourse about the globally popular ‘cultural artists’ to consider if they can be exempted from the mandatory military enlistment through new amendments to the Military Service Act.

bts enlistment

For the unversed, earlier in December 2020, the South Korean parliament introduced a new bill that would allow the popstars to delay their enlistment till the age of 30 thanks to their incredible achievements.

To give more context, generally, all able-bodied South Korean males are required to serve in the country’s military for about 20 months. The required age for military enlistment is usually 18-28.

What is BTS Military Service Exemption Act ?

According to the Korean media reports, a subcommittee meeting of the National Defense Commission will commence from September 9, 2021, where some new amendments will be considered.

Currently, the military exemption is provided for athletes or other sports personalities who have represented and glorified the country’s name on a global scale.

However, Yoon Sang Hyun, a member of the National Assembly, argued in September last year that the exemption should extend to cultural artists as well.

Will BTS be exempted from the military under the new amendment act?

While BTS’ Military exemption is still in question, National Defense Commission will have a hearing on the amendments proposed by Yoon Sang Hyun.

Meanwhile, Korea Music Contents Association (MCON) has apparently denied the amendment request suggesting that the impact of pop culture and sports persona can not be equal.

Choi Kwangho, the secretary-general of the MCON Association, countered the claims of the amendment by questioning if winning award show trophies can be compared to winning medals for the country.


Will BTS do military service together?

BTS’ Military enlistment issue is discussed and debated endlessly in the social and political circles of South Korea for years now. … All the members enlisting in the military together and coming back a year or two later works very well.


bts military service 2022

Is BTS going to military in 2022?

Member Suga is second in line for military enlistment

Jin is already safe till the end of 2021 because of enrolment in an online graduate program, which legally allows a one-year delay. However, without another postponement granted by the government, he will have to join in 2022.

How many years does BTS have left?

BTS will remain under their label Big Hit Entertainment through 2026, it was announced Wednesday (Oct. 17). The seven members of BTS — RM, Jimin, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook and V — have renewed their contracts with Big Hit for another seven years, extending the current contracts that are set to expire next year.

Will BTS come back after military in 2028?

The singer and the centre of the group will be the last one to enlist as per the draft notice. He will be enlisting by the year 2026 and return by 2028. Disclaimer: BTS military enlistment dates are subject to their choice. They can enlist earlier if they wish to but earlier than the specified date, but not later.

How long is Korean military?

South Korea’s 18-month military service is among the world’s longest, following the two years served in Singapore and Thailand, plus the roughly three years required of Israeli men. North Korea is believed to have the longest conscription—a decade for men and seven years for women.

Can BTS not go to the military?

The South Korean government has said that the mandatory enlistment of BTS for military service will be delayed if they submit an application. 

In December last year, the South Korean parliament had passed a bill allowing all K-pop stars to delay their military service until the age of 30.


korea military service (Conscription in South Korea)

Conscription in South Korea has existed since 1957 and requires male citizens between the ages of 18 and 28 to perform compulsory military service. Women are not required to perform military service, but they may voluntarily join the military.